Chapter 259 - New Chairman

“Hello, President Li!” The receptionists were amazed. The president actually came down to the lobby and was even waiting for someone.

Li Yu nodded. He wasn’t originally going to say anything but then suddenly opened his mouth, “Remember the person you’re about to see. Next time he’s here, you must be respectful and take the initiative to greet him.”

“Alright, President Li,” the receptionists nodded.

Li Yu walked with the secretary to the door and stood there, waiting respectfully.

“President Li, who’s coming today?” After waiting for a while, the secretary couldn’t help but ask.

“The big boss.” Li Yu turned and relaxed his limbs a little.

Surprise flashed through the secretary’s face before turning into excitement. Wow, she’s never seen the big boss before. Now she could finally see the big boss for real.

“President Li, should I tell the others to prepare?” Since the big boss is going to come to patrol the company, then wouldn’t they have to make sure everybody would be respectful?

“There’s no need, he doesn’t like that.”

Alright, so he’s a lowkey big boss.

Suddenly, the sound of stopping wheels could be heard as three cars parked in front of the entrance.

Two people got off the leading car along with the one from the car behind. An elite looking man holding a file folder also stepped out from the last car. The first three were clearly bodyguards as they lined up in front of the middle car. One then stepped up to open the door.

A long leg stepped out first before a tall and young, eminent looking man stepped out of the car.

Li Yu walked up with a smile. However, just as he was about to welcome them, he stopped.

His boss didn’t even glance at him as he turned and supported the door open with one hand and reached in with the other. A thin, fair hand grasped his and with a gentle tug, a tall girl stepped out. She was dressed in a white, off shoulder top with a pair of black, wide legged pants.

“Oh, it’s Xu Jiaojiao!” the secretary said in surprise.

Li Yu noticed her even earlier than the secretary. Xu Jiaojiao probably came with the boss’ support after some pillow talk.

“Hey President Li, sorry for personally troubling you to come down to greet us.”

Sheng Jiaoyang pulled Shen Zhining’s hand and greeted the embarrassed Li Yu.

Li Yu secretly took a deep breath before squeezing out a smile. “Boss, did you want to tour the company or go to the office?”

“Let’s go to your office.” Shen Zhining glanced at him indifferently. In other’s eyes, he seemed extremely mysterious.

Li Yu was secretly anxious as he signalled his secretary with his eyes before taking the initiative to lead the way.

The receptionists saw President Li leading the grandiose group and hurriedly stood up, only relaxing when they entered the elevator.

“Look at how imposing they are, they definitely must be somebody powerful.”

“Didn’t you see Xu Jiaojiao? The one President Li’s receiving should be her boyfriend.”

“Why would her boyfriend be here? President Li seems very cautious.”

“Earlier, President Li said to treat the person who arrives with extra respect. Was he referring to Xu Jiaojiao or her boyfriend?”

“Are you stupid, it’s definitely that man. If Xu Jiaojiao was the respected one, wouldn’t we already know?”

“You’re the stupid one!”

The two receptionists almost began a quarrel.

When they arrived at the top floor, the bodyguards kept the door open as the group walked to Li Yu’s office.

The administrative assistants saw the group through the glass of their offices and glanced at each other.

“Who just came in?”

“I saw President Li personally greeting them.”

“It looks like President Li is guiding them? Who’s the man behind him?”

“Could it be a superstar?”

“Even our Prince Charming Gu doesn’t get such treatment, and he’s one of the shareholders!”

Usually, nothing lively occurred on this floor, so the administrative assistants were inevitably curious about the current situation.

After Li Yu opened the office doors, he signalled the secretary who promptly called people to make tea.

“Boss, please sit.” Li Yu said respectfully, standing by the guest couch.

How could he not be respectful? From the looks of it, Boss came to support Xu Jiaojiao. If he showed any sort of attitude, he would be in big trouble.

Shen Zhining and Sheng Jiaoyang sat down together at the far end of the couch.

“Boss, might I ask what brought you here today?” Since his boss even brought the rarely seen Lawyer Yin, Li Yu knew the matter was most likely serious.

Shen Zhining glanced at Lawyer Yin. Lawyer Yin understood and took out a document from a folder and handed it to Li Yu.

Li Yu’s face was pained as he accepted it, thinking it was a resignation order for him. Although he was clearly smiling, it looked worse than crying.

“Boss, I know I can be a bit rash when I speak, but my whole heart is dedicated to the company. I…. huh?” Li Yu suddenly quieted as he stared blankly at the title: “Share Transfer Agreement”. So it actually isn’t a resignation order?

“From today on, Entertainment International’s chairman will be Jiaojiao. I only came here to tell you this and to prepare a chairman’s office for her,” Shen Zhining said calmly.

Boss, you really are willful…

Li Yu turned to stare at the smiling Sheng Jiaoyang and felt the start of a new era of feminism. As he thought about what lied ahead, his heart chilled.

Help! What should I do when my beauty-loving boss is being super willful?

And furthermore, I have offended the beauty and she is now the chairman, what to do?

“Jiaojiao, oh, my bad, Chairman, do you have any orders for me?” Li Yu stood there respectfully, his expression earnest.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled slightly, “Same as before.”

Li Yu sighed in relief before hearing a ‘But’ and instantly became nervous again.

“In the future, I’m deciding on my own matters. You can discuss them with me but I have the final say.”

“Of course.” Who would dare to make decisions for the chairman?

“Furthermore, Sis Ping and Zeng Huan don’t need to follow your orders anymore. They’ll only serve me.”

Li Yu felt his heart go cold but quickly agreed. Initially, he wanted Xu Ping to manage a few more newcomers.

The secretary and another assistant came back with tea and saw the current scene.

Xu Jiaojiao and her boyfriend were sitting on the sofa. Xu Jiaojiao was boldly declaring that her manager would only follow her orders while their President Li actually stood next to them, agreeing extremely deferentially. The visual impact of this scene made the two blink and rub their eyes in shock.

The celebrity under President Li was sitting, while the president himself was standing. Furthermore, he was being ordered by the celebrity, when he should be the one making decisions…cough, cough!

“Alright, we only passed by to say this. Don’t make this public for now, just continue as usual.” Sheng Jiaoyang stood up and patted Li Yu’s arm like a master petting its pet.

“You don’t have to send me off.”

They left in a grandiose manner with the bodyguards and lawyer before even drinking the tea.

“President Li?” the secretary cautiously called.

Li Yu sighed. He took the teapot the secretary was carrying and directly poured the hot tea into his mouth.

“President Li?” The secretary and assistant glanced at each other, shocked.

Li Yu looked at his two subordinates and suddenly blurted, “In the future, it’ll be the world of you women.”

To reach such power, men had to work themselves to death while women only needed to conquer the man to effortlessly obtain it.

Powerful, truly powerful!

“President Li, what did you mean?” the secretary asked cautiously.

President Li just waved his hand, “Call Xu Ping up.”

When Xu Ping came up, she had already been prepared to resign. Yet who would’ve thought that as soon as she entered, President Li would ask her to take a seat and even personally poured her some tea.

Xu Ping was truly shocked.

“President Li?” Xu Ping didn’t understand what President Li’s intentions were.

“As Xu, cough, cough, her manager, how could you be out of the loop? Sigh, Xu Ping, haven’t I always treated you well? Not only did I bring you out of a hell pit, I even gave you such easy work.

Xu Ping’s face was perplexed, “President Li’s always treated me well, of course I am aware. But why is President Li suddenly bringing this up?”

Li Yu poured some more tea into Xu Ping’s cup and beamed, “I just want you to say a few nice words for me in front of the chairman next time.”

“Huh?” Xu Ping was stupefied, “Chairman?”

Li Yu raised a brow, “Don't tell me that you didn't know that Jiaojiao is Entertainment International’s new chairman?”

“What?” Xu Ping was stunned.

Li Yu chuckled and sighed, “I really can’t look down on you women.” Especially Xu Jiaojiao!

“President Li, I just found out from you.”

“Alright, forget about the two newbies I assigned to you yesterday. In the future, you can just serve our chairman.”

“You can go now. If you need any resources, just let me know.”

Xu Ping stood up and took two steps towards the exit before stopping. She turned around to confirm. “President Li, you aren’t pranking me, right? Jiaojiao is really the new chairman?”

“That’s right, if you don’t believe me, you can just ask her yourself,” Li Yu replied powerlessly.

Xu Ping walked away happily. The first thing she did when she returned to her office was to throw away the new work studio plans. They no longer had any use.

In the car, Sheng Jiaoyang smiled at Shen Zhining. “Li Yu’s face was hilarious.”

“If he doesn’t follow your orders, just fire him.” Having already gone into pampering mode, Shen Zhining said.

“Alright~ We had different standpoints before, but he actually didn’t do anything that crossed the line. Furthermore, now that I’m his boss, he definitely won’t dare to disrespect me. I should be glad to have such an employee so dedicated to the company. The company’s interest is connected to mine. I spent so much money buying all those shares from you.” Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression was indifferent.

Shen Zhining smiled, “You didn’t need to buy it.”

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at him, “Of course I did, I can’t let people say I’m being kept by you.”

“I don’t mind.” Shen Zhining hugged her and gave her a kiss.

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