Chapter 258 - The Weather Wasn’t Bad

Warning: Slight mature content ahead.

Hickeys were scattered all over her sleek and fair back. Her delicate skin was covered with a faint layer of pink as if there was a layer of blush over it.

She buried her face in the sheets, only revealing her very red ears.

Even after she said she was ready, Shen Zhining didn’t rush. He was engrossed in exploring her back like he was polishing a piece of fine jade, gentle stroking her skin here and there. Every place his warm lips touched seemed to ignite a fire on Sheng Jiaoyang’s body.

It was like a chemical reaction as even her bones began to tingle.

His slow touches were like torture. It was like a lingering death. The only difference was that death was an acute suffering while his touches were pleasurable.

“Can you hurry up?!”

Sheng Jiaoyang was stunned that she shouted out loud. She couldn’t believe the lustful and needy voice was really hers.

Afterwards, she felt her back turn cool. Could it be that he got up?

Faint sounds rang by her ear.

She turned over but before she could get a clear look, a black shadow pushed her down and the faint taste of red wine filled her mouth. Her hands were clasped together but when she felt Shen Zhining’s skin, she subconsciously stroked it and caused him to stiffen for a moment.

The next moment, his kiss became fanatical as if he wanted to devour her.

Although it wasn’t their first time being intimate together, this was the first time she had touched his body so delicately. Under a thin layer of skin, his waist was packed with strong and powerful muscles.

Their breathing grew rougher and rougher as their hearts pounded and echoed in their ears.

His hands weren’t idle either, reaching behind her neck to unzip the dress.

As the dress slipped off, her beautiful collarbones were first revealed, followed by half of her hidden valleys.

Her eyes were watery and face flushed red; her crimson, bitten lips appeared especially alluring.

Shen Zhining’s eyes were dark. He wanted to completely devour her. He raised his hand, and was just about to pull away the cloth to see the whole ravine when Sheng Jiaoyang stopped him.

“Turn, turn off the lights.” Her voice was so lascivious she could hardly recognize herself.

Shen Zhining almost couldn’t repress the fire in his eyes as he flicked off the main lights, leaving only the bedside lights on. The dim halo of light cast on her body only adding to her allure.

Without pausing, he slipped the top part of her dress off.

It was the first time he saw the whole view and it was a huge visual attack.

Even if another woman with a better figure was lying here, he wouldn’t feel anything and would even regard them as filth on the ground. However, Sheng Jiaoyang was different. Although her snowy valleys weren’t big and she didn’t have a curvy figure, she was perfect in his eyes. Nobody could be more beautiful and seductive than her.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt hot under his gaze. She raised her hand, originally wanting to shyly block him; but in the end, she just covered her eyes like she was deceiving herself. That way, she could feel less embarrassed. But by sealing her vision, it only increased the sensitivity of her other senses- especially her hearing and sense of touch.

His hand now registered even clearer in her mind.

Soon after, his warm breath sprayed on her skin and created a tingling sensation wherever it touched.

His tongue licked gently, causing her body to tremble. She couldn’t help but release a soft sound of delight.

Her moan made Shen Zhining desperately wish he could just gobble her up. It was only through his unordinary willpower that he could maintain his tempo.

With such beautiful sweetness, he naturally had to sample it bit by bit to avoid wasting this meal he had craved for such a long time.

“Stop… playing… around…” she urged disjointedly between gasps.

“As you wish,” he answered, his voice hoarse.

Her body suddenly felt cool. Sheng Jiaoyang peeked through her hands and saw his naked figure…

In an instant, she turned into a red shrimp, feeling as if she was about to have a nosebleed.

His figure really wasn’t bad… cough! She was shocked by her own dirty mind.

While she was letting her imagination run wild, her dress along with her panties were taken off.

She only awoke from her daydream when she felt her foot being grabbed. Her heart was about to jump to her throat.

She nervously drew her knees in.

Under the dim light, he supported himself over her and locked eyes with her. Eyes filled with lust, he spoke deeply, “Remember, this is our first time.”

“It’s my first time, but you? Doesn’t seem like it.” She moved her hand, looking at him skeptically.

Shen Zhining narrowed his eyes, a dark light flickering by as he lowered his body.

“Ah…” She cried out, frowning softly at the bloating sort of pain. She bit her hand, not allowing her cry to come out.

It hurts!

She thought of her video chat with Mei Niu the other day, when they were discussing her plan.

At that time, Mei Niu’s face was filled with mockery. “You’d better prepare well~ the first time isn’t that great.”

“What does the first time feel like?” she asked curiously.

Mei Niu raised a brow, a strange smile had appeared on her face as she commented meaningfully, “Well that depends on your partner’s size.”

When she asked Mei Niu what she meant about size, the latter didn’t reply and just laughed. Now she understood.

“It hurts!” She couldn’t hold it back anymore as a cry squeezed through her teeth.

Shen Zhining had only gone half way in and was about to go a bit further when her face paled.

Fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

He lowered his body and moved her hand away, kissing her before licking her bitten lips. He comforted her with his hand as he encouraged her, “Relax a little, you’ll have to get through this.”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “Then how about we do it two years later, I think the sheath’s too small and won’t fit the sword.”

If it was another time and he heard her say that, Shen Zhining would definitely burst out laughing. However, he couldn’t right now.

He also wasn’t feeling good being only half way in. If he has to wait another two years…no way!

The arrow was already on the bowstring, it could no longer be controlled.

He moved his hand around her waist to help her relax. “Even if we wait two years, the sheath wouldn’t get bigger and the sword wouldn’t get smaller.”

“But it really hurts…”

“After it hurts a bit, it’ll be fine.” He paused, moving his lips to her ear, “Relax, I’ll make it better.”

Hearing this, Sheng Jiaoyang felt as if her body ignited. However, Shen Zhining didn’t give her time to feel embarrassed when a bolt of pain struck within her, filling her and making her feel bloated.

He broke in.

Her whole body arched and she couldn’t help but want to cry out. But just as she was about to, her lips were blocked by his, curved in a smile.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s hands flailed behind his back as her fingernails marked his smooth skin.

Under the room’s dim lighting, lustful hormones filled the air. On the big black bed, the two pale bodies intertwined.

When it was time to break the final layer of defence, apart from pain, there was another type of fulfilling, lustful feeling, creating a hard to describe pleasure.

Sheng Jiaoyang laid her head on the pillow, paralyzed. Her entire mind was blank.

As their moans grew softer, he gently patted her face and kissed her. “Better?”

“No, only you’re pleased.” She pouted, denouncing him.

Shen Zhining obviously couldn’t say anything now. He still hadn’t released. If he told her that, he would probably scare his darling to death.

He could only placate her, “The first time’s a little unpleasant.” Next time will be better. He silently swallowed the rest of his words.

How is this just a little! Sheng Jiaoyang glared at him angrily.

Suddenly, her face changed as she pushed him. “Pull, pull out.” Buried deep inside her, his toy seemed to have grown bigger and she didn’t want to experience the pain again.

Shen Zhining’s eyes were dark, but when he saw her fear, he could only endure it and pull out.

And as he did, the things inside naturally flowed out as well.

Sheng Jiaoyang bit her lip, feeling both shy and suddenly aware of her mistake. She forgot to make preparations.

“Tomorrow morning, call Lily to prepare some birth control for me,” she hastily said.

“There’s other birth control methods than medicine.”

“Huh?” Sheng Jiaoyang’s face was doubtful.

Shen Zhining didn’t say anymore and turned to go to the bathroom. The tap was already open, filling the tub with warm water.

He effortlessly picked her 50kg self up and walked into the bathtub.

“I can wash myself.” Sheng Jiaoyang reached out to push him.

He sucked on her ear, her earring long had long vanished in some corner. “I’m worried you might not be able to reach, so it’s still better to let me help you.”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s whole face turned red. Who knew if it was because of the steam or because of his dirty words.

“You even said it’s your first time! You were so experienced, what are you acting so pure for?” She grabbed his hand which had slipped onto her leg.

“For your happiness, I can only teach myself.” Shen Zhining calmly replied.

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brows. Very well, he once again refreshed her impression of him. He’s just a shameless scoundrel!

“Baby.” His magnetic voice sounded in her ear. Her heart thumped before his voice rang out again.

“Move your hand, I’ll help you clean it out.”

Clean out what? The next moment, Sheng Jiaoyang realized as her face flushed red and tingled with shame.

Meanwhile, his hand was already moving down.

Her back instantly turned tense.

After a while, she awkwardly asked, “Done?”

“Done.” He retrieved his hand.

Sheng Jiaoyang released a sigh of relief.


The next moment, without saying anything, he picked her up, straightened his body, and entered again.

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