Chapter 245 - Compensation

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The first time they bared themselves to each other.

Skin on skin.

Shen Zhining wasn’t awake yet, but his little brother was very much awake.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s face flushed as she retreated a little, awakening Shen Zhining.

He didn’t open his eyes but his hand on her back subconsciously applied pressure, pulling her retreating body tighter into his embrace.

Sheng Jiaoyang froze. She couldn’t help but try to recall how exactly they reached this stage.
This is too much to ‘bare’.

“Awake?” Shen Zhining’s slightly dry voice tickled her ears.

The tip of Sheng Jiaoyang’s ear turned red. Her heart was pumping so fast that it felt like it wanted to escape her chest. She could remember almost everything about last night, except for a short period of time when her memories were vague. But the rest, including him kissing her, undressing her, helping to relieve her…

It felt as though the tingling sensations in her body last night hadn’t completely dissipated. Now that the memories had been brought up, she started to feel an electrifying feeling coursing through her body once more.

A light peck landed on her lips.

“You gave me a hard time last night.” His lips slightly parted, his warm breath warming up her lips.

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked, her eyes darting around, averting his gaze.

The areas where their skin touched felt as though they had been set on fire, a burning sensation started to seep into her body.

“It’s too late to be shy now.” He rubbed his lips against hers, the hand on her back moving slowly.

Sheng Jiaoyang was like a boiled shrimp, completely flushed. Her hands were placed on his chest; she didn’t know how to react.

Yet, he continued to tease her, “Can you feel it? My little brother likes you very much. He wants you…”

“Zhining!” Sheng Jiaoyang’s embarrassment was going off the charts as she understood the overtone in Shen Zhining’s words.

Is this still the Shen Zhining that she knew?

No, he had already changed.

Watching her flushed face, lust crept up Shen Zhining’s eyes. The touch of her supple skin against his hands ignited his heart and his little brother was swelling in pain.

Really want to… do her here!

However, Shen Zhining was one who attached importance to rites. We shouldn’t experience our beautiful and precious first time in someone else’s house.

Sheng Jiaoyang was unaware of Shen Zhining’s inner monologue. Her body intuitively felt his heat, his stirring, restlessness and strong lust.

At this point, she felt that she wouldn’t be able to escape.

Thump, thump, thump His heartbeats felt deafening as they reverberated in her ears. Suddenly, a low breathing sound was added to the mixture. Shen Zhining’s tolerating countenance entered Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes.

Her mind played back the memories of last night. At that point, her mind was clearly already consumed by the sensations in her body. At that point, he clearly could’ve…

“Last night, why didn’t you…" Sheng Jiaoyang bit down on her lips, she was suddenly at a loss for words to express herself.

His eyes were still darkened and reflected her blushing face. He whispered, “I wanted to give you the best.”

“Including our first time.”

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t know if she should be touched or embarrassed by his sappy words.

“Under those circumstances yesterday, I was afraid that I couldn’t restrain myself and hurt you,” Shen Zhining continued. This was the first thing he considered.

Sheng Jiaoyang was startled. No wonder he endured all the hardship and yet didn’t take that step.

They say that men are creatures that think with their lower anatomy. But when a man can restrain himself for fear of hurting you, that’s enough to know your place and importance in his heart.

Sheng Jiaoyang was extremely touched. She forgot about her shyness and impulsively reached up to kiss him on his lips.

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Shen Zhining almost couldn’t restrain himself. He took the initiative and easily pried her lips open, barging into her secret garden and frolicked within. At the same time, he held onto her hand and brought it southwards…

Shen Jiaoyang froze momentarily, her eyes stared wide open, but she gave in almost instantly. She held in her shame that was going off the charts and allowed him to do as he wished with her hand.

It’s just him helping me yesterday, and me helping him today… nothing more.

The temperature in the room seemed to be boiling. When her hands were almost sore, he finally released.

Strangely, though Sheng Jiaoyang knew what the wet substance was, she didn’t find it gross. Rather, she just felt her face turning red. His low pants sounded extremely hot as they travelled into her ears.

Sheng Jiaoyang swallowed her saliva and said somewhat unnaturally, “I… want to go take a shower.”

“Together?” His lust-filled voice replied.

Feeling his revitalizing little brother against her, she winced and hurriedly said, “No, no need.”

He placed his forehead against her and chuckled. “Alright, then you go and have a shower first.”

Sheng Jiaoyang hurriedly got out of his embrace but froze as she suddenly recalled that she was stark naked. But immediately after, she remembered that Zhining had already seen all of her and there was nothing to worry about. Though she still felt a little shy, she hesitated no further, got off the bed and made a dash for the bathroom.

Shen Zhining did not retract his gaze until the bathroom door was closed.

He exhaled a long breath of air, suppressing the heat within him and muttered under his breath, “No rush, you will be able to have a taste soon.”

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang was looking at the large bathtub in a daze.

Her moans, the touch of his calloused finger, and that instant euphoria rippling through her senses still lingered in this room.

It wasn't until the chill hit her that she came around and blushed as she went under the showerhead.

“Creak,” the door sounded.

Jarrett, who was hesitating if he should knock, froze. When he saw Shen Zhining dressed in a bathrobe and appeared to be in a good mood, his eyes brightened up and flashed a knowing smile. “Shen, you should really thank me.”

Shen Zhining shot a glance at Jarrett and replied, “Yeah, thanks to your whole family.”

"…” Jarrett blinked. Something feels amiss somewhere.

“How was the follow-up last night?” Shen Zhining questioned.

Jarrett answered, “ I have kicked the three women out and will never invite them again in the future. On top of that, their families are compensating with some gifts in apology to your little sweetheart.”

Shen Zhining narrowed his eyes, “Alright, you don't need to worry about what happens next; I'll handle the rest.”

“What happens next?” Jarrett reiterated the few words, “You…”

“They have hurt the person I love. Nothing can make up for that,” Shen Zhining sneered and shot a glance at Jarrett.

Seeing Shen Zhining’s glance shot his way, Jarrett could feel his tiny heart tremble.

“Amen, I pity those three ignorant and brainless fools,” Jarrett gestured a cross in front of him and had on a sympathetic expression. Though he pitied them, he didn’t see anything wrong with Shen Zhining’s plan. Of course, you must get revenge when your own people have been bullied. Otherwise, how else can you vent out the anger bottled up inside?

As for the gifts, of course, we will take it too.

Why would you reject benefits that fell right on your doorsteps?

“Arrange a room for me. I want to take a shower and have a change of clothes,” Shen Zhining said bluntly.

Jarrett peeked into the room and winked, “Are you giving up such a great opportunity to shower together?”

“Do I need your reminder?” Shen Zhining’s lips curled.

Jarrett choked on his saliva and brought Shen Zhining to another room. He stole glances at Shen Zhining as they walked and thought to himself. He has abstained from sex and can actually hold it in after having a taste? Could he really have sexual apathy disorder?

Sheng Jiaoyang finished showering and came out in a bathrobe. She was stunned momentarily when she saw that there was no one in the room.

But when she recalled the faint conversation that she heard previously, she knew that Shen Zhining must have left the room.

As she stood by the bed, looking at the mess, she blushed again.

She looked down at herself. Since she was wearing nothing beneath the bathrobe, she could not leave the room. But she didn’t want to touch the bed either. For a moment, she was conflicted on what to do.

Luckily, there was a knock on the door.

Initially, she thought Shen Zhining had returned, so she hurriedly went to open the door. However, it turned out to be a maid instead. Her eyes naturally fell on the clothes in the maid’s hands.

"Here are your clothes, Miss. Also, the gentlemen are waiting for you in the dining hall downstairs,” the maid said in heavily accented English.

“Oh, alright, thanks.” Sheng Jiaoyang accepted the clothes.

Closing the door, she unfolded the dress. It was a very beautiful dress. A set of lingerie had also been folded within.

After changing into her clothes, Sheng Jiaoyang exited the room. She walked down the corridor, turned two corners and headed downstairs.

In the dining hall, Shen Zhining and Jarrett sat facing each other. Jarrett sat facing the staircase and was the first to see Sheng Jiaoyang approaching them.

“Shen, your sweetheart is here.”

Shen Zhining didn’t need Jarrett’s reminder as he had already heard the footsteps behind him. He got up and looked at her, his eyes scanning her all-around before he pulled aside the seat beside him and invited her to sit down.

Jarrett’s eyes turned in their sockets when he saw Sheng Jiaoyang seemed to be in a good condition and was able to walk normally. He felt that this girl must be gifted.


He knew the power of that kind of stuff. Those who have used it before will know that after the battle, the couple is bound to be weak for a few days. Moreover, women have a weaker body constitution and usually won’t be able to get off the bed the next day. But most people enjoy the fiery and passionate process and aren’t too concerned about the consequences. Hence, such stuff is common occurrence.

But, there’s another possibility - the man is not giving his all.

Jarrett shot an ambiguous glance at Shen Zhining. This guy has never been close to women and even under such circumstances, he still couldn’t do his own woman until she can’t get off the bed. Jarrett couldn’t help but feel deeply suspicious.

“Ahem, Sister-in-law, erm, eat more. I am really sorry about last night. It’s my fault for not watching out for you.” Jarrett rid his mind of all the weird thoughts and said to Sheng Jiaoyang with a serious look.

“It’s not you to blame. You couldn’t have possibly known beforehand that someone would resort to such a stupid ruse,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied indifferently.

The smile on Jarrett’s face became more genuine when he heard her reasonable response. "I just heard from Shen that you like to paint. Would you give me the honour to hold a painting exhibition for you?”

Sheng Jiaoyang froze momentarily and looked at Sheng Zhining. “I don’t have that many paintings at the moment.”

“There is no rush. Anytime will do. You can take your time to create.”

Sheng Jiaoyang understood that Jarrett wanted to use the exhibition to make it up to her, hence she didn’t reject his good intentions.

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