Chapter 243 - Relief

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“Zhining, I don’t feel good~”

Her soft and sweet whimpering and her wriggling body was overflowing with temptation, like a silent invitation to others to have a taste.

Looking at the ‘delicacy’ before him, Shen Zhining’s eyes darkened and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down. He forced in a restrained voice, “Jiaojiao, wait for a little while, the doctor is coming soon.”

Sheng Jiaoyang had never done the deed with anyone before. Though she acted like she had seen a fair share of men, in actuality, she was very pure and innocent. Even her first kiss, it was only given out after she became Xu Jiaojiao. She had been very cautious in the past and had never fallen for such a dirty trick. Hence, she had also never experienced such sensations as though there were a million ants biting her or being consumed by fire.

She looked towards the direction of the voice and saw that Shen Zhining was only sitting by the beside. He sat there composed and indifferent. Being clear-headed one second and confused the next prevented her from thinking straight. She just felt unhappy instinctively and aggrievedly cried out to him, “Zhining~”

Her soft whimpers traveled into Shen Zhining’s ears and he almost lost control of himself. He took a deep breath before stretching up his other hand to lightly caress her face and comforted her, “Be good, wait for the doctor.”

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t thought of helping her to ease her suffering, but he wasn’t sure if there were other components in the drugs and whether it would leave any sequelae. So he had to wait for the doctor and let the professional make the judgment on how to negate the drug’s effects.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt even more aggrieved. She was uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. Yet, the person she trusted the most was doing nothing next to her. She wilfully shook off his hands in her arms and bit down on her lips. Then she furrowed her brows and lifted her upper body to scan the surroundings. Her gaze lingered momentarily on the bathroom’s door before she climbed out of the bed with great difficulty. Her legs gave way only after two steps.

Shen Zhining caught her in time.

“Where are you going?” He frowned.

“You don’t love me! I don’t need your concern!”

Hearing her wilful words, Shen Zhining found it funny but was helpless. He hugged her tightly, stroked her back gently and soothed, “Be good. I cannot take this into my own hands. It won’t be good if it left any sequelae.” Seeing Sheng Jiaoyang’s uncomfortable state, Shen Zhining felt anxious. The more he felt that way, the more he didn’t dare to act rashly.

Sheng Jiaoyang whimpered and squirmed restlessly in his arms.

“Ahem.” A cough came from the doorway, trying to let the occupants of the room know of his existence.

Shen Zhining looked over and saw Jarrett’s family doctor standing at the doorway with a medicine box on his shoulder. Shen Zhining frowned and barked, “How much longer are you going to stand in the doorway, come in!”

The doctor came in hurriedly.

Checking Sheng Jiaoyang’s condition and then checking the powdery substance at the bottom of the wine glass, the doctor let out a sigh of relief and said to Zhining, who was staring at him covetously by the side, “This is a…”

“Just tell me the solution,” Shen Zhining interrupted. He wasn't in the mood to hear what the drug was. He only wanted to know how to help Sheng Jiaoyang negate its effects.

“Erm… the simplest and fastest way is to give her relief,” said the doctor after being stunned momentarily.

“That’s all? No sequelae?” Shen Zhining stared at the doctor sharply.

The doctor felt his scalp turn numb as he explained under great pressure, “This drug is a stimulant that is commonly used by youngsters. In addition to aphrodisiac components, there is a little bit of hallucinogen within. Everything would be okay once the drug effects have been relieved. Sequelae wise, she will be weak for several days depending on the severity of the process and her body condition.”

“Get out!” Shen Zhining started to chase him out.

The doctor carried the medicine box and patiently continued before he left, “Her response would be larger since it is the first time that she had consumed something like this. If you want the drug effects to be relieved quickly, you can let her drink more water and sweat more. Help her if you don’t want her to suffer through this.”

As for how Shen Zhining could help, the doctor only gave him a ‘you know what I mean’ look and left with his medicine box on his shoulder.

Thinking of the doctor’s advice, Shen Zhining immediately turned up the temperature in the room.

At this point, Sheng Jiaoyang was already unbearably hot and could clearly feel the change in her surrounding temperature. She tugged at her clothes, feeling that they were suffocating her and she couldn’t breathe. But her dress was a rearward piece with the zipper at the back. No matter how she tugged, she couldn’t get the dress off her.

She almost wanted to cry.

Due to the heat, the overwhelming sensations in her body was close to consuming all her sanity. Luckily, she still remembered that she could depend on Shen Zhining. She grabbed onto him and rubbed herself against him. She rubbed against different spots until she could no longer feel any coolness. She then started to whimper like a little animal that couldn’t find food.

At the same time, Shen Zhining, who was similarly hot and bothered now, hesitated briefly before he struggled to push Sheng Jiaoyang away to get a cup of water.

When he came back with the water, Sheng Jiaoyang was no longer on the bed. His expression turned solemn. He couldn’t deny the anxiety he felt at that moment.

He only heaved an internal sigh of relief when he heard the sound of flowing water from the bathroom. He placed the cup of water down and headed towards the bathroom door. The door wasn’t closed so it was easy to see what was going on inside.

Sheng Jiaoyang was currently curled up in a ball. She sat on the ground with her arms clasped around her knees under the showerhead. The pouring water drenched her completely; she looked especially pitiful.

“Jiaojiao!” Seeing the scene before him, Shen Zhining felt as if his heart was being clenched.

At this moment, Sheng Jiaoyang was a little more clear-headed. She lifted her head when she heard Shen Zhining call her name. The water flowed down from the top of her head along the sides of her face and her make-up was completely ruined. If others were to see her, they would definitely be shocked.

This was definitely the most embarrassing scene Sheng Jiaoyang had experienced to date.

“Zhining?” Her contact lens seemed to have fallen out and she couldn’t see the person before her.

“It’s me.” Shen Zhining could feel that his throat was a little dry. He immediately went over to turn off the shower and took a large towel to wrap Sheng Jiaoyang from head to toe.

“I feel uncomfortable,” her muffled voice came from under the towel.

“You will feel better soon,” Shen Zhining carried her in his arms and headed out of the bathroom. When he walked past the huge bathtub, he halted temporarily and pulled out one hand to turn on the hot water tap.

The moment they stepped into the room, they were surrounded by the hot air once again.

Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t tolerate it and squirmed, almost falling out of Shen Zhining’s arms.

Shen Zhining wasn’t concerned if he would wet the bed linens and placed Sheng Jiaoyang on the bed directly. Lifting her upper body up, he took the cup of water that he had placed at the bedside table to feed it to her. However, this time, Sheng Jiaoyang was not as calm as before and her waving hands almost spilled the water.

Yet, if she didn’t drink more water, the drug effects would be concentrated and she would feel even worse.

Shen Zhining only looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, who was going into a state of daze again, briefly before he took a mouthful of warm water. He leaned down and placed his lips on hers, feeding the water to her without hesitation.

Upon tasting the water, she passionately offered herself. If Shen Zhining hadn’t retreated in time, her tongue would have entered his territory.

However, when Shen Zhining was only half done feeding Sheng Jiaoyang the second mouthful, the latter had passionately deepened the kiss. Some of the remaining liquid had escaped and flowed down the corner of Shen Zhining’s lips while he swallowed the remaining.

She was like an explorer discovering new things. She tugged at his lips and bit on it without having the courage to venture further. At the same time, it was as though she couldn’t venture further so she started tugging harder. His lips almost tore from her biting.

Under such circumstances, if Shen Zhining could still hold it in, then he must surely have a sexual apathy disorder.

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He placed the cup back on the bedside table and his other hand cupped the back of her head. He welcomed her tiny tongue, leading her into his territory for a round of frolicking at times and entering her nest and passionately lingering within at times.

His other hand slipped to her back and felt for the zipper. ‘Zip’, came the soft sound of the zipper as it slid open and revealed the back of her dress.

Even with just one hand, Shen Zhining took off Sheng Jiaoyang’s wet dress without any difficulty. Her body, minus the parts covered by underwear, was exposed, offering an unobstructed view of her svelte figure.

Without waiting for Shen Zhining to remove the rest of her clothes, Shen Jiaoyang placed her body against him and started grinding and rubbing.

If Sheng Jiaoyang had any prior experience, they would already be at the deed now. However, she had eaten pork but had never seen how a pig ran. She didn’t know how a pig was like when it ran.

Hence, Shen Zhining would have to suffer.

Under other times, other circumstances, would he still be so patient?

He definitely wouldn’t!

However, right now, Sheng Jiaoyang’s actions were done out of primal instincts and not out of her consciousness.

In Shen Zhining’s heart, she was too important. He couldn’t allow himself to treat her at will.

The more he cared, the more careful he was.

To Sheng Jiaoyang, Shen Zhining’s kisses, the caress of his hands were like adding flames to the fire. It made her feel worse. Like looking at an oasis in a desert to quench her thirst, her soft hands ran all over him, as though they were in search of something on him that could get her out of this state.

Shen Zhining let out a groan. He took both her flailing hands and placed them together before he leaned in and pushed her down onto the bed. Though her hands were held firmly in his grasp, they didn’t want to behave and attempted to explore a particular part of his body that they came into contact with just now.

Shen Zhining’s eyes were spewing with burning desire but he could only restrain himself.

Despite being caught and held together, Sheng Jiaoyang’s hands were trying to move southwards. Shen Zhining then simply clasped her hands over her head.

With a swift movement of his fingers, Sheng Jiaoyang’s soaked bra had been unfastened.

The beautiful sight before Shen Zhining attacked his vision.

Shen Zhining closed his eyes briefly in an attempt to fight back his desire that was close to being unshackled. His right hand came to Sheng Jiaoyang’s slim waist as he caressed it back and forth. Just as she wriggled and tried to avoid, his fingers hooked and tugged onto the last piece of clothing and it was off.

Shen Zhining bent down and kissed her softly. His sliding hand slid across her fair and silky skin in circles and headed southwards.

When his fingertips lingered at the entrance, there was a look of forbearance on his face.

Suddenly, Sheng Jiaoyang let out a moan.

Her inadvertent moan was extremely alluring and almost made Shen Zhining lose himself.

Without any other choice, Shen Zhining could only shut her mouth with his to block off all her subconscious moans.

His fingers didn’t stop as he continued to help her relieve the burning flames in her body.

When the volcano erupted, Sheng Jiaoyang gasped for air. Her half-opened eyes were glimmering with tears, her face flushed. Her upturned chin all the way to her neckline was tense and covered in a shade of rosy red.

The fingers on her hands that were clasped above her head curled and grasped at the air as though they wanted to grab at something but were unable to grab anything.

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