Chapter 242 - Burning Flames, Fiery Passion

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't panic when she heard Adeline's words. She wasn't an inexperienced innocent child, and it wasn't like she had never experienced something like this before. She just didn't expect that they would be so unrestrained at someone else's party.

"Thanks for the welcome gift," Sheng Jiaoyang said calmly.

The three women looked at each other and were speechless. They could see the surprise in each others' eyes. No one had expected that Sheng Jiaoyang would be that calm.

Daisy parted her lips, wanting to say that this whole matter had nothing to do with her. However, as she was the one who brought Sheng Jiaoyang over; and with a bad intention at that, she felt that any explanation would be fruitless and decided to keep her mouth shut.

Sheng Jiaoyang held onto the stem of her wine glass. Before anyone could react, she turned and left. She carried the hem of her skirt and ran in quick steps towards Shen Zhining. Like a bird returning to its nest, she ran headfirst into Shen Zhining's embrace.

If she hadn't come with Shen Zhining, she would definitely deal with something like this differently. But now, she didn't have to care about anything and only had...

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