Chapter 239 - Huge Turn of the Tides

Many parties were tired of Xu Jiaojiao and had been wanting to crush her under their feet so that she could never salvage her reputation and be on headlines again. However, at this moment, they were hit by a silence bomb.

Xu Jiaojiao was trending again. She's on the trending topics list again!

At a certain filming site, a resting female actress suddenly broke out a swear word, scaring those around her.

Her assistant immediately reminded her to be mindful of her image.

"Yaying, why are you so shocked? What did you see?" someone asked.

"Look at Weibo," Han Yaying spat the three words through her gritted teeth.

Overwhelmed by curiosity, everyone clicked onto the microblogging platform and were stunned. Following after were shrieks of exclamations.

"What the!" "Dang!" "Incredible!"

Finally, someone said, "Xu Jiaojiao is turning the tides."

Another added, "In fact, she had already turned the tides the moment that video was published."

Trending Top Search: Owe Xu Jiaojiao An Apology

This trending top search was leading way ahead of the second trending topic.

Clicking into the trending top search, the top post was the newest update by a user named ‘Tech-savvy Orbit’. She had just over two hundred thousand followers but there were tens of millions of comments under this particular post.

The turn of events was unthinkable but it really happened.

In her latest Weibo update, Tech-savvy Orbit wrote, "Don't ask where I got this video from. Regardless as a fan or a person with a conscience, I just wanted to clear Jiaojiao's name. We owe Jiaojiao an apology."

A video accompanied the update. Looking at the screencap of the video, it was the video of Xu Jiaojiao pushing her pregnant classmate.

Clearly, within the video, there was the truth which could clear Xu Jiaojiao of her name.

"I'm sorry, Xu Jiaojiao," flooded the comments below, though there were occasional comments that expressed their suspicions.

But the original video was concrete, solid evidence that could not be challenged.

Things would develop in the opposite direction when they became extreme.

The higher up you go, the greater the fall. Hence, the ‘fake video’ caused Jiaojiao to fall from an extreme height.

And now, her popularity shot up at the same rate after the real video was circulated. Even a rocket couldn't compare to the speed of her increasing fan count.

Everyone in that particular film was stunned, including Cen Jin and Gu Zhou, who were in the process of auditioning for a new female lead.

Gu Zhou didn't stay firm to his stand and ultimately agreed to Cen Jin's proposal to choose a new leading actress.

After seeing the performances of the actresses who came for the audition, Cen Jin sighed and said to Gu Zhou, "Two of them are alright, but with such a talented predecessor, they just didn't feel right."

Cen Jin was a very picky person in every aspect. Gu Zhou knew the type of person Cen Jin was and understood him because they were similar.

"You were the one who wanted to change the leading actress," scoffed Gu Zhou.

"Gu Zhou, can you be more serious? This is a movie that you invested in. You can wait and cry if we can't find a good leading actress!"

"Ahem, Director, Teacher Gu…" a meek voice sounded.

Gu Zhou looked in the voice's direction - it was Cen Jin's assistant.

"What do you want to say? Do you have someone to recommend?" Cen Jin was somewhat surprised to see his usually quiet assistant speaking up and hence asked.

Cen Jin's assistant smiled shyly and said, "Director, we don't have to change to leading actress anymore."

"What?" Cen Jin and Gu Zhou exclaimed.

"Our leading actress has turned the tides around!" Cen Jin's assistant exclaimed a little excitedly.

There was silence.

A moment later, Cen Jin lifted his hand to feel his assistant's forehead, "Are you having a fever to the point that you are delirious?"

"N-n-no," Cen Jin's assistant started to stutter when he was nervous.

"Don't rush, speak slowly." Gu Zhou comforted in a gentle tone.

Cen Jin's assistant took a deep breath and said happily, "It's Jiaojiao. Jiaojiao's name has been cleared. She didn't push the pregnant woman. The pregnant woman fell down herself and wronged Jiaojiao."

Previously, when Jiaojiao was free and saw Cen Jin's assistant, she would always talk to him. She didn't put on any airs and was direct and affable. As such, Cen Jin's assistant had been reduced to a fan who'd often check on Xu Jiaojiao's news on Weibo. Today, he happened to be secretly swiping away at his phone when the two bigshots were having a conversation and happened to be the first person in the crew to know of the news of Jiaojiao's name being cleared.

"Really?" Cen Jin's eyes brightened up.

Cen Jin's assistant immediately handed his phone over. Gu Zhou leaned in to look at the handphone screen with Cen Jin.

A while later, Cen Jin shouted, "Xiao Dao, get the actresses to go home. They don't have to wait for the results anymore."

A head popped in at the door, "Director, who's selected?"

"We are not changing the leading actress anymore."


"No more. Dismiss them and send them home," Cen Jin waved in disdain.

Gu Zhou had mixed feelings as he looked at the phone screen. Of course, he was happy that they didn't have to change the leading actress anymore. But at the same time, he felt apologetic. Just like what was written on Weibo: We owe Jiaojiao an apology.

He should apologise for not speaking up for her when she was embroiled in such a scandal just because he wanted to be worldly-wise and save himself. And also because he did have the thought to have someone else to replace her, or he wouldn't be sitting here.

In the inpatient ward of a plastic surgery hospital, a doctor was removing the gauze and changing the dressing for a young girl.

"There is no inflammation. You are recovering well these days," the doctor complimented after examining the wound.

"Yeah, I'm in a very good mood these days," the girl tightened the corners of her mouth to suppress her smile.

"That’s great! I hope you continue feeling that way," the doctor said with a smile.

The doctor had handed her a mirror and the girl looked at her countenance which was slowly changing into someone else's. As long as that person was miserable enough, her good mood would last forever.

"However, you'd still have to pay attention these few days and not let the wound burst open. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the second fix will leave scars," warned the doctor.

"Alright, thank you, Doctor."

After changing her dressing, the doctor left the room. Then someone came in with an insulated lunch box.

"Shiyun, I just saw your doctor outside. He said you are recovering well," the woman said as she placed the lunch box on the bedside table and opened it.

The woman was Liang Xiaohui, and the girl sitting on the bed was Sheng Shiyun.

"Yeah, the doctor told me too."

Having set the table, Sheng Shiyun swiped on her phone screen with her left hand as she held the soup spoon in her right. These days, she had formed a habit. She must go online while eating and see how others scolded Jiaojiao. That way, the food tasted even better.

Suddenly, she cried angrily and swept the insulated lunch box off the table and onto the floor. The soup was spilt all over the blanket.

"Shiyun, what did you see?"

"Ahhhhhh— Why? Why?!" Sheng Shiyun's voice was streaked with irreconcilability.

That person has clearly fallen to the bottom and there was no way for her to turn the tides. The whole world was scolding her for her poor character, and even the higher ups have given a warning notice, how come everything has changed after one day?

"Shiyun, calm down, what did you see?" Liang Xiaohui raised her voice and shouted.

Sheng Shiyun suddenly cupped her chin in pain. Liang Xiaohui was terrified and hurriedly called for the doctor.

As the truth unfolded, various group apologies appeared online.

Once again, Er Jiao Fan Club was flooded with fans. But the core committee of the club was made up of the die-hard fans who didn't leave back then. These die-hard fans stayed through when the whole nation was criticising Xu Jiaojiao. Their dedication was deserving of praise.

After the video of truth was released, many posts of truth followed after.

Someone who claimed to be Xu Jiaojiao's high school classmate exposed something that surprised everyone.

According to the tip-off, Xu Jiaojiao was a bookworm in high school. She did nothing but read books and work on problem sums every day. She had never hung out with her classmates and was a boring person with very few friends. Sometime after, a couple of rich playboys who had nothing better to do decided to toy with her. (Why did the whistleblower know about it? Because it wasn't exactly a secret, but the old Xu Jiaojiao was oblivious to everything else and was hence kept in the dark.)

No matter how nerdy the bookworm looked, she was still a girl at her prime. With a rich and somewhat good-looking opposite sex pursuing her, it was inevitable that she would fall for him.

The fact that the whistleblower's post was so organized, coupled with the fact that it matched up with a few details from this ‘pushing’ controversy, many people believed the tip-off after reading it. In actual fact, it was already extremely close to the truth.

But all in all, Jiaojiao had completely reversed the negative impression everyone had of her. In everyone's heart, she had turned from the overbearing villain to the wronged and disadvantaged.

Looking back at the video, everyone realised that Xu Jiaojiao was neither arrogant nor rash and stayed calm despite being wronged. She was only eighteen but comparing her with her peers, it was like heaven and earth. When dealing with things that came her way, Xu Jiaojiao’s calm temperament could put many to shame.

Qu Wen's previous Weibo update with photos of herself at the gala was brought up again. Previously, when Jiaojiao's name was smeared, everyone felt that Qu Wen had depth in her character when they saw this particular post. Now, they still felt that there was content in this post but the content was stained with jealousy.

Instantly, Qu Wen's Weibo became a disastrous area of fierce criticism. Many felt that Qu Wen was just jealous that Xu Jiaojiao got a good boyfriend and envious that Xu Jiaojiao still had good resources under bad circumstances.

Many others followed the trending post and watched the video of the fashion show Xu Jiaojiao walked. One by one, they were conquered by her disposition on the runway.

Nevertheless, the foreigners who were on the other side of the ‘Great Firewall’ were extremely surprised to see that so many Chinese netizens had climbed the wall to watch the video. There were Chinese and English comments, mixed with various other languages in the comment section. It seemed more lively and bustling than before.

The abnormality naturally caught Director Miller's attention. He somewhat understood the situation and got someone to translate the many Chinese comments that seemed to be appearing out of nowhere.

[Woah! Jiaojiao's aura at the end was like the disposition of a queen, awesome!]

[I love my Jiao to death!]

[Xu Jiaojiao, sorry. And Xu Jiaojiao, I love you!]

[A goddess once sat before me but I didn't cherish her. Now, I only wish to say to my goddess, I'm relieved you are living well.]

[Jiaojiao, I want to bear you monkeys!!] (Seemed like some nonsensical stuff was jumbled in)

Director Miller was puzzled.

This wasn't right! Where's the negative press that is surrounding her? What about her low popularity? And the hatred of the whole nation?

He could only see a horde of brainless fans who clambered over the Great Firewall in an attempt to conquer the comments section.

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