Chapter 234 - Warning

In Liang Shuangyi's plan, even if Xu Jiaojiao was proven to be innocent, she would still force the latter to apologize so that she could upload the apology video along with the video where ‘Xu Jiaojiao pushed her’ onto the Internet.

Once the videos were online, no matter how powerful Xu Jiaojiao's management company was, they wouldn't be able to turn the tables around as no one would like a malevolent person who was cruel towards a weak, pregnant lady. Moreover, the authorities wouldn't give the spotlight to someone with such a negative influence. Xu Jiaojiao would no longer be able to promote actively in front of the public’s eyes and her activities would be banned by the government authorities.

As for her, she would be able to completely get rid of the one she held a deep hatred for, Xu Jiaojiao, without even sparing the slightest effort.

At the thought that Xu Jiaojiao would become a street rat at the mercy of everyone's lambasting, Liang Shuangyi let out a chuckle. Indeed, those Internet Water Armies that she had hired previously were all useless rubbish. They had been posting hate comments about Xu Jiaojiao but it hardly put a dent to her popularity. In fact, her popularity had even gone up with time following the release of her new works and her appearances on variety shows. Ultimately, Liang Shuangyi must rely on herself to get rid of Xu Jiaojiao once and for all. If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have wasted money to hire those useless bums.

"Doctor, is my baby alright?" Liang Shuangyi asked the doctor before her, the latter scrutinizing the printed ultra scan photos.

"It's pretty fine. The fetus development is normal. But you would have to slightly control your diet moving on. You must have many meals but eat less during each meal. Or else, the fetus will grow too fast and you would have trouble having a natural delivery," the doctor explained.

"Alright," Liang Shuangyi caressed her tummy in extreme elation. Feeling the fetal movement coming from within, her mood got even better. This child was her lucky charm. Due to his arrival, she was able to be with the one whom she loved and could even use this opportunity to get rid of a thorn in her flesh.

As she had to put on an act, Liang Shuangyi still came out in a wheelchair but found that Xu Jiaojiao was not around.

"Xu Jiaojiao actually had the guts to run away!" Liang Shuangyi was extremely furious.

"Shuangyi…" Shu Ya called out to her softly.

Liang Shuangyi didn't manage to notice Shu Ya's expression. She was still occupied by the fact that Xu Jiaojiao actually really dared to leave.

"Alright, you, come home with me," Mrs Wei wore a stern expression on her face.

Liang Shuangyi finally noticed Mrs Wei's peculiarity. When she went for the ultra scan just now, her mother-in-law was clearly concerned about her, but now, the latter not only didn't ask about the baby's condition and even put on a stern look as though Liang Shuangyi was the one in the wrong.

"Mother, the doctor said that the baby is fine," Liang Shuangyi thought that her mother-in-law had misunderstood that something had happened to the fetus and hurriedly explained.

In return, Mrs Wei only replied with an affirmative, but her attitude was a drastic contrast from before.

One must know, in the last six months, Liang Shuangyi's mother-in-law had treated her as though she was a precious jewel ever since knowing that she was pregnant with Wei Yang's child. She was caring and attentive to her needs and even helped with Wei Yang's and her with wedding preparations. When Liang Shuangyi was going out to meet her friends, she even arranged a personal driver to send her there.

Mrs Wei disregarded the stunned expression on Liang Shuangyi's face and turned to Shu Ya, speaking in a warning tone, "Remember, you must delete it. If it circulates on the Internet, I won't spare you under any consideration. You are Shuangyi's friend, you surely want her to live a good life, don't you?"

Shu Ya nodded promptly.

"Good girl, where are you going? I will get the driver to give you a lift," Mrs Wei's expression softened.

Shu Ya waved her hands incessantly, "It's alright, I will flag a taxi back."

"Alright then, we shall be on our way then," Mrs Wei turned towards Liang Shuangyi, "Since you are fine, then stand up and walk over on your own."

With that, Mrs Wei walked out of the hospital without looking back.

Liang Shuangyi still wanted to speak a few words with Shu Ya to at least gain a better understanding of the situation, but the two bodyguards had ‘invited’ her out.

Shu Ya watched as they left and let out a long-held breath. Wei Yang's mother is too terrifying! Her stance changes even faster than someone flipping a book!

She scanned her surroundings, ready to leave. As for the video on her phone, she could delete it in the car later. She had already abandoned the thought of sending the video out since Wei Yang's mother's reaction was so huge just now. The man standing beside Xu Jiaojiao was certainly with some influence.

"I don't care about both of your grudges towards Xu Jiaojiao. But don't you girls dare touch her when she is still being favoured by that man. At least, don't ever touch her unless you have absolute confidence that you won't leave any traces. Otherwise, don't blame me for dealing with you both!" Wei Yang's mother's words were still ringing in her ears.

In other words, Xu Jiaojiao had a strong backer and they could not act rashly despite their hatred towards her or it would fire back at them. If they wished to do something, they would have to wait for her backing to be gone, meaning they had to wait until Xu Jiaojiao lost his favour.

But, there weren't any huge grudges between Shu Ya and Xu Jiaojiao. Or rather, there was no hatred, as the former was just helping Liang Shuangyi. So when Mrs Wei warned her, she immediately agreed and decided to leave the country, lest she couldn't reject Shuangyi's requests and did something that would be unbeneficial to herself.

After exiting the hospital, Shu Ya was waiting for her ride when a yellow chartered vehicle stopped before her. The door opened and in an instant, she was pulled into the car.

"Hel…" Before she could even shout out her words, her mouth was covered. She wanted to struggle but her hands had also been seized.

Her phone was snatched and her finger was held against the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone screen.

While she was still in a state of shock thinking that she had just been kidnapped, she was pushed out of the car. Her handphone was also thrown out of the car and onto her. She let out a shriek as she landed on the floor and wasn't able to catch her phone, causing it to land on the ground in pieces.

The whole process of her being pulled into the car and pushed out of it took at most two minutes.

Shu Ya watched the yellow chartered vehicle disappear into the distance. She didn't even manage to catch a glimpse of the car plate before it turned the corner and disappeared from her line of vision.

Picking up her phone, her heart remained restless for a long while.

Liang Shuangyi, who was considerably forced to board the car, didn't know of the shocking trauma her best friend had just gone through. She watched her mother-in-law with apprehension and asked cautiously, "Mother, what's wrong?"

"Your best friend has told me everything, Xu Jiaojiao didn't push you." In actuality, Shu Ya didn't say this but Mrs Wei had an assertive expression.

How would Liang Shuangyi know that her mother-in-law was laying a trap for her? Liang Shuangyi's expression changed and fear took over her. She hurriedly explained, "Mother, Xu Jiaojiao is the shameless one. I was just, just…"

"Alright, save the explanation," Mrs Wei interrupted her stumbling words.

Liang Shuangyi's heart fell.

Mrs Wei's expression softened as she reached out a hand to pat Liang Shuangyi on the back of her hand and said earnestly, "Shuangyi, since you are now part of our family, I treat you as though you are my own daughter. Furthermore, you love Wei Yang so much, you surely hope that his days ahead will get better, don't you?”

Liang Shuangyi nodded her head successively. She was relieved to see that her mother-in-law didn't seem to be blaming her.

"Though our family conditions are very good, there are people who have a more powerful background. If you want to mess with a person, you have to first check if he or she has a more powerful figure behind her. That Xu Jiaojiao, she has a very powerful backing right now; you cannot mess with her and must even apologize to her the next time you see her. Sometimes, pillow talk is very effective. If she harbours hatred and gets the person behind her to mess with our family, do you know what the consequences would be?”

Mrs Wei paused and enunciated her words under Liang Shuangyi's stare, "Your husband, Wei Yang, will not be able to inherit the family business."

Liang Shuangyi was stunned and at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang, who was in the car to accompany Shen Zhining for dinner, was telling Gu Zhou about her current situation. Towards the end, she asked for them to not worry before hanging up the call.

"Your relationship with Gu Zhou is sure great," Shen Zhining looked at her and commented.

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked, "It's okay, he's a nice guy."

"You guys went for dinner together. Why didn't he appear when you were surrounded?"

That was a tough question! Sheng Jiaoyang could only help to explain, "They were in the innermost room. They could only hear some slight commotion but didn't know that I was being surrounded and hence didn't appear."

"Aren't they worried when you didn't return to the room for such a long while?" Shen Zhining was very upset over this.

"Erm, they thought that I went to pick you up and I was with you," Sheng Jiaoyang paused and suddenly continued cheekily, "Isn't that great? They gave you the opportunity to be a hero to save the beauty."

Shen Zhining was stunned momentarily before he smiled.

"After the hero rescues the beauty, the beauty will always offer herself in return," he said with a clear indication in his words.

"…" Sheng Jiaoyang was at a loss for words.

Shen Zhining let out a soft chuckle when he saw that the usually eloquent Sheng Jiaoyang was stumped. He raised a hand to caress her face and leaned in before whispering in a low voice, "When are you offering yourself?"

He had placed emphasis on the word ‘yourself’.

Sheng Jiaoyang could feel all her blood rushing up to her face in an instant, causing both her face and ears to turn red.

Man Jun, who was driving the car diligently, was getting more and more dissatisfied with his keen sense of hearing. He felt that having a keen sense of hearing was also an illness, an illness that allowed others to easily torment his heart.

In the past, he used to think that it didn't matter whether he got married or not. Now, his thoughts and views had all been turned around. For the first time ever, he wondered if he should find a wife. At least when others acted lovey-dovey in front of him, he won't feel so tormented at the thought of a wife waiting for him at home.

Uhm, the temperature in the car is a little high. Let's turn on the air-con to cool things down!

"Beep!" A phone's notification sound rang forth.

Shen Zhining planned to ignore it but Sheng Jiaoyang reminded him instead, "Have a look if there was a reply."

Shen Zhining swiped through his phone and passed it to Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang took the phone and had a look. It was indeed that video. She couldn't wait and click on the video, watching the entire recording from the start till the end.

The camera had started recording from the start of the argument between her and Liang Shuangyi. Hence the video also captured the middle portion where Liang Shuangyi had voluntarily sat on the ground then blamed Sheng Jiaoyang for pushing her. This must be the part that Liang Shuangyi and Shu Ya had planned to edit out of the video later. As long as they edited away this in-between portion, everyone would automatically assume that Sheng Jiaoyang had pushed Liang Shuangyi, based on the argument at the start and the results at the end.

But with this recording in her hand now, Sheng Jiaoyang was no longer afraid of their insignificant schemes.

"Zhining, you are right, these people are just too idle to make trouble all day long. Since they dare to find trouble with me, I won't go easy on them either." Sheng Jiaoyang rubbed her fists together as though she wanted to stir trouble.

"Do you really not need me to settle this for you once and for all?" Shen Zhining looked at her.

Sheng Jiaoyang licked her bottom lips. "No need, it's more fun to get back at them on my own."

Most importantly, she wasn't ready to ‘offer herself’. She didn't believe that Shen Zhining would be so kind-hearted to help her settle this once and for all.

Shen Zhining's gaze slid past her rosy lips. His eyes darkened and his heart stirred.

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