Chapter 233 - Settling Everything

Man Jun’s face was expressionless as he effortlessly tailed behind the ambulance and turned on the air conditioner.

“Man Jun, are you hot?” Shen Zhining felt the temperature dropping and looked over.

Man Jun didn’t turn his head as he replied, “No.”

He only lowered the temperature to prevent the car from overheating. The two at the back were so intimate that it made the entire car atmosphere ridiculously hot. But as a top tier bodyguard and chauffeur, he couldn’t say such disgraceful things aloud.

They arrived at the hospital. Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining stood together as they watched Liang Shuangyi get rolled to the emergency room.

Shu Ya stood not far from them and furtively glanced over.

In her eyes, Xu Jiaojiao’s transformation went without saying. If it really had to be put in words, there was an idiom apt for this: the sky and the earth turning upside down.

She couldn’t understand how a bookworm they used to make bets to play around with was the same person as the one who stood in front of them. Like a painting, nobility and charm were presented in her every movement. It was as if she had been born into aristocracy. How was this possible?

Before, Xu Jiaojiao was a complete nerd. Every day, she would do nothing but study. She was an ugly duckling that was staking everything on getting into a good university to turn her life around.

The entertainment circle’s plastic surgeons were too skilled. Even a local that couldn’t be any uglier could become a beauty that everyone adored.

The most unimaginable thing for her was that such a boor had such an amazing boyfriend, and they even knew each other for more than ten years?

How hateful!

Sheng Jiaoyang felt somebody taking pictures and turned to see a young nurse pushing a medicine cart hurriedly putting away her cell phone. Her gaze seemed a bit anxious as Sheng Jiaoyang gave her a smile.

Perhaps the smile helped her nervousness a little, the young nurse summoned her courage and walked over, but was dazed to find herself blocked by a bodyguard.

“Were you looking for me?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the nurse who had been blocked a meter away.

“Jiaojiao, I really like you, can we take a picture together?” the nurse asked nervously.

“You’re still at work, are you sure this is a good time?”

The nurse didn’t seem to expect her to say that, and stood there stunned for a moment before replying excitedly, “There’s no problem, it’s fine even if I’m punished or fired.”

Sheng Jiaoyang and the nurse took a selfie together. The nurse stealthily aimed the camera to include the man standing next to Sheng Jiaoyang. He was even more handsome than in the photo!

Suddenly, hasty footsteps sounded as a nicely dressed middle-aged woman strode in. Two suited bodyguards were by her side.

“Aunty.” Shu Ya greeted.

“Where’s our Shuangyi?” the woman asked.

Shu Ya glanced at the emergency room doors. “Shuangyi is being examined inside.”

“What exactly happened? I was almost scared to death when I heard the driver say Shuangyi had been taken to the hospital! Is the baby alright?” The woman’s face was filled with worry.

“Aunty, Shuangyi was pushed.”

“Who did it? Who could be so evil!” The woman raised a brow, her face turning vicious.

“It’s her!” Now that Shu Ya had backup, she fearlessly pointed at Sheng Jiaoyang.

The woman followed her finger and asked furiously, “Who are you? Why did you want to harm my grandchild?”

At the side, Shu Ya said, “Previously, Wei Yang made a bet and lost so he had to pursue her. Later, she said she understood but she definitely still harboured a deep grudge. Today, we ran into each other at a Japanese restaurant. Shuangyi and I wanted to group together since we were all classmates, but not only did she not appreciate our kindness, she even pushed Shuangyi when she found out she was having Wei Yang’s child!”

The woman’s face was filled with hatred as she glared at Sheng Jiaoyang fiercely, gnashing her teeth. “If something happens to my grandchild, our family will make you pay!”

A cold smile appeared on Sheng Jiaoyang’s face when she heard Shu Ya, her voice sarcastic, “What a nice little play you’ve made for yourself, you have quite the imagination.”

“What play? You were the one who pushed her!” Shu Ya insisted.

“From start to finish, I’ve never even touched a single hair on either of you two, yet I had pushed her? Haha, I never knew I possessed such supernatural attacking powers.”

“You don’t have to quibble. If it wasn’t you, don’t tell me Shuangyi fell by herself?” The woman didn’t want to hear any explanation.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t feel like wasting her breath on somebody unreasonable so she turned around and grumbled to Shen Zhining, “I really want to slap them to death… Seriously, they keep looking for trouble!”

Shen Zhining didn’t think her words were crude and even found her rather adorable like this. He held her hand and played with her fingers in his palm. “If they have nothing to do but make trouble, you can give them something to do.”

“Huh?” Sheng Jiaoyang blinked, “They’re going to go online and destroy my image later. Zhining, say, how can I solve this problem?”

“That restaurant only has security cameras around the checkout area so you can’t prove your innocence through that.”

Sheng Jiaoyang frowned helplessly. Really, how troublesome. Since those two were so determined to ruin her reputation, they definitely would have paid attention to these little loopholes. After all, they weren’t stupid. At that time, there was nobody else and no security cameras. There were only the two of them, one of which was a pregnant woman. Under these circumstances, nobody would listen to her.

“Wasn’t it recorded? That’s our only evidence,” Shen Zhining said.

“But they definitely won’t give us the video. Later, they can edit it and post it- by then, I can’t be washed clean even if I jump into the Yellow River.”

“I can help you.”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes were bright as she looked at Shen Zhining. “How are you going to help me?”


Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips twitched. She didn’t expect him to act like this.

“Wait here, I’m going to make a call.” Shen Zhining gently patted her hand before walking away.

Sheng Jiaoyang watched him leave, inwardly very curious. He can settle it with a simple call?

Shen Zhining still hadn’t returned when the emergency room doors opened. The nurse came out pushing a wheelchair with the doctor beside her.

“Doctor, how is my grandchild?” the woman hastily asked.

“Mom, why did you come?” Liang Shuangyi was startled. The woman didn’t reply as she stared at the doctor, wanting to hear his reply.

“Nothing happened, everything’s fine but it’s still best to get the ultrasound done before we make a diagnosis.”

The woman sighed in relief before urging Liang Shuangyi to take the ultrasound.

After the nurse pushed Liang Shuangyi to take the ultrasound, the woman turned around and glared at Sheng Jiaoyang coldly. “You’re lucky my precious grandchild’s fine, otherwise I would’ve taken your life!”

Shu Ya was also startled by the woman’s tone before remembering she wasn’t the woman’s target and sat back to enjoy the show.

“Life? How scary,” a cold, deep voice sounded.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head and saw Shen Zhining had returned. She pursed her lips, her bad mood improving a little.

Shen Zhining walked to Sheng Jiaoyang’s side. “Let’s stop wasting time here and go eat.”

“It’s settled just like that?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked curiously.

“Yep. You don’t believe me?”

“Of course I believe you, I trust you the most.” Sheng Jiaoyang took the initiative to pull his arm and casually flattered him. Shen Zhining’s lips curved slightly as he brought Sheng Jiaoyang out.

“Hey, stop right there!” Seeing them leave without saying anything or apologizing, the woman turned even angrier. However, they ignored her.

“You two get them back here!” The woman ordered the two bodyguards.

The two bodyguards quickly ran over and reached out to grab them but were tripped down by Man Jun. With a pull and a twist, they were taken down in an instant.

Shu Ya and the woman were shocked. Neither of the two bodyguards were weak, yet they had been single-handedly taken down right away.

“I’ll call the cops on you for violence!” With both her bodyguards down, the woman clearly wasn’t as confident as before. But the three just continued walking. The woman was absolutely furious.

“Aunty, that Xu Jiaojiao’s currently a celebrity,” Shu Ya said.

“A celebrity? Great, great, I’ll definitely have her true nature exposed!” The woman clenched her teeth.

Shu Ya smiled and was just about to say more when the woman’s phone suddenly rang from her purse.

The woman was startled and opened it, her expression changing when she saw the caller ID. She picked it up, “Father?”

Nobody knew what the other person said but the woman’s expression changed repeatedly.

“Father, don’t worry. I’ll definitely handle it well.”

After hanging up, the woman took a deep breath before turning to Shu Ya. “Tell me the truth, was Shuangyi pushed?”

“She was, she was pushed by Xu Jiaojiao.”

“I heard you recorded it, take it out and let me see it.” The woman directly opened her palm, gesturing for Shu Ya’s phone.

Shu Ya finally sensed something was wrong as she cautiously asked, “Aunty, what happened?”

“Do you know the background of the man behind Xu Jiaojiao?” The woman looked at Shu Ya coldly. She had just been called and harshly scolded by the patriarch of the family, Grandfather Wei. If today’s incident wasn’t properly resolved, her husband’s career would be affected. After all, her father-in-law still has another son born from his previous wife to replace her husband. She absolutely couldn’t allow anything to affect her husband’s career- if her husband couldn’t inherit the family, their lives were ruined.

At this point, Shu Ya also started to panic. Could it be that Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend was somebody really important?

“Don’t play dumb with me anymore. No matter what grudges you two have against Xu Jiaojiao, it doesn’t matter, delete the video now! Even if Shuangyi was really pushed by Xu Jiaojiao, whatever happened ends now!” the woman ordered fiercely.

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