Chapter 231 - Car Scam

“Cut! Again!”

The actor and actress each went to their own posts. Following the clapping sound of the slate, the scene was taken once again.

Standing next to a busy road, Chen Xi's gaze aimlessly followed the person who was walking down the lane unhurriedly. Her expression was listless, as if she was barely conscious. Even then, she couldn’t help but look across the street, when she suddenly paused. Her face revealed a look of shock and then joy.

“Zhang Pojun—” She shouted towards the opposite side.

Zhang Pojun was standing at the crossing waiting for the light to change when he heard and saw her reveal a heart-warming, clear and bright smile. Once the light turned green, he walked towards her in big steps.

But while he was crossing in the middle of the road, a pickup truck sped over and caused his entire body to fly.

“Pojun?!” Chen Xi was bewildered.

Zhang Pojun spat out blood weakly, but he still faced her direction and gave one final, weak smile.

“Good, pass!” Cen Jin took the loudspeaker and shouted. They finally passed this scene, all the people in the shooting site released a breath of relief.

“Don't move, let’s fix up a few shots.” Cen Jin commanded the cameraman to step forward and take a few close-ups shots of the male and female lead’s expression.

First, he took a few close-ups of Gu Zhou sprawled on the ground. Then, he went and took a couple close-ups shots of Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression.

“Great! Jiaojiao, you’re done with all your scenes,” Cen Jin said to Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang sighed in relief. Filming a movie was much stricter than filming a series, especially with a perfectionist director like Cen Jin. There were many instances where she thought she was fine but Cen Jin wanted them to redo the scenes numerous times.

In order to match her schedule, Cen Jin decided to film all her scenes together. As a result, she had been under a lot of pressure recently.

“I'll treat everyone to dinner tonight. Count it as a celebration for finishing my parts,” Sheng Jiaoyang announced.

“How could we let you treat, if someone were to treat, it should be our Director Cen,” Assistant Director Ma smiled.

Cen Jin raised an eyebrow. “Gu Zhou is the investor of our drama, when it comes to treating, it isn't my turn yet.”

Gu Zhou had already climbed up from the ground and wiped the ‘bloodstain’ off the side of his mouth. “That’s right, I'll treat tonight.”

“Yay!” everyone cheered.

“You guys can decide what you want to eat, I'll just pay the bill,” Gu Zhou said.

An intense discussion followed as the group debated between a scrumptious seafood meal or Japanese cuisine. In the end, the minority submitted to the majority and chose to eat Japanese cuisine.

After packing up, everyone moved to a Japanese restaurant with good reviews.

They took a seat and ordered. While waiting for their meal, everyone swiped through their cell phones and chatted with each other.

“I have to say, Jiaojiao, it’s like you live on the hot searches list. No matter what you do, you always end up on the headlines,” Xiao Zhuang commented.

“Our production team also entered the hot searches list,” the cameraman added.

“I never thought a natural disaster could give us so much spotlight. We might not even gain this much exposure through promotional activities.”

“Yeah, for the past two days, our crew and Jiaojiao have dominated the top two spots on the hot searches list.”

Sheng Jiaoyang listened while she sent her location to Shen Zhining because the latter had asked where she was at.

“Didn't a reporter ask whether it was a bad omen since a natural disaster occurred during the filming period? If I wasn’t afraid that they would write nonsense, I would definitely have responded in a spiteful manner; even if it's an omen, then it's a misfortune turned to blessing. Look, we are all fine and we’ve already finished filming most parts of the movie. It can’t be smoother than this!”

“That's right!”

Gu Zhou smiled, “Our acting crew unexpectedly gained profit from the natural disaster.”

“We have already saved a lot of money on publication, so our Prince Charming Gu has to treat us for some more dinner rounds,” Xiao Zhuang laughed.

“That’s a given,” Gu Zhou said.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled, “When the filming is all done, Brother Zhou, you'll have to organize an event for all of us to have fun.”

“Haha, great suggestion Jiaojiao!” everyone agreed.

“No problem,” Gu Zhou magnanimously agreed.

The atmosphere inside the private room bustled up and a few staff members had a discussion about the places that were the most fun to visit. Meanwhile, Gu Zhou asked Sheng Jiaoyang about her future plans.

“I will be partaking in a fashion show in three days,” Sheng Jiaoyang answered.

“You have to go overseas?”

“Yes, it’s time for the fall/winter fashion week. You must have received an invitation to the show, right?”

Gu Zhou smiled, silently agreeing.

“Then when are you going?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked to carry on the conversation.

“I'm leaving two days after you.”

Cen Jin waited for them to finish discussing the fashion show before asking, “Are you planning to accept any other work after the fashion show, Jiaojiao?”

“No, I'm preparing to return to school for class.” To be honest, going to class could be considered a break.

“I almost forgot you are still a student,” Cen Jin said quickly.

“Jiaojiao, you're not taking advantage of the momentum now to accept more work?” Sitting next to Sheng Jiaoyang, Xiao Zhuang turned over and asked.

“There’s no rush,” Sheng Jiaoyang smiled.

“Even if you aren't in a hurry, won't your manager urge you? Could it be that your company doesn't want you to accept more work and earn more money?”

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled but didn't say anything. The contract she signed with Entertainment International was a special case. The contract’s last term was to maintain secrecy and must not leak anything out, so she couldn't tell anyone else that she didn't fall under the control of the company.

When the food came, everyone's attention turned to the food. Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t really like Japanese cuisine, but she followed the crowd and ate a bit to pad her stomach before putting her chopsticks down.

“Why are you eating so little? You don’t like it?” Gu Zhou looked at her.

“I'm already full, I'm going to the washroom.” Watching everyone eat was also quite awkward, Sheng Jiaoyang simply found an excuse to step out.

She stood in the corridor and took out her cell phone. She sent a message to ask Shen Zhining where he was and waited for his reply. When she read that he was almost there, she tucked her phone inside her pocket and proceeded to the washroom.

Suddenly, the door of the private room next door slid open and two people walked out. One was supporting her stomach while the other lent an arm to support her.

They happened to see Sheng Jiaoyang who was just about to pass by in front of them. The pregnant lady’s expression suddenly changed.

“Shuangyi, why aren't you walking?” Supporting her, the other lady with permed big wavy curls asked.

After waiting for Sheng Jiaoyang to walk past them and then disappearing behind the corner, Liang Shuangyi grinded her teeth. “You don’t recognise her? That’s Xu Jiaojiao!”

“Xu Jiaojiao? The Xu Jiaojiao from my class?”


“Good gracious! It can’t be, I remember Xu Jiaojiao always had her head lowered as if she was ashamed of herself. She’s also extremely introverted and negative.”

Liang Shuangyi coldly laughed, “You wouldn't know since you were studying overseas. She's now quite amazing and a celebrity to boot!”

“A celebrity? Isn't this change too drastic? How much time has passed since our graduation?!”

“Shu Ya, help me with something.” Liang Shuangyi moved close to her good friend's ear and whispered some words.

Shu Ya glanced at her and nodded. “Okay, once she comes over, I'll take the video.”

“The angle must be perfect.” Liang Shuangyi couldn't rest easy and added.

“Don’t worry, worst case scenario we can cut out some parts.”

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang had finished using the washroom and was slowly walking back. On her way, she was blocked by someone.

“You are?” Sheng Jiaoyang's memory may be very good, but she wouldn't remember people of no importance.

However, in Liang Shuangyi's eyes, this was undoubtedly contempt.

She felt very angry but temporarily calmed down when she thought of her own scheme. “I'm your high school classmate!”

“High school classmate?” Sheng Jiaoyang narrowed her eyes. Because she was filming today, she wore contacts. She was sizing up this girl who self-proclaimed herself to be her high school schoolmate.

“Xu Jiaojiao, the both of us also studied together in the same class!” Shu Ya chimed in.

Sheng Jiaoyang's heart tightened, she didn't expect to meet Xu Jiaojiao's old classmates just from coming out for a meal.

“Is anything the matter?”

“I heard you're now a celebrity, congratulations!” Shu Ya said.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't respond. She turned her head to look towards Liang Shuangyi and her gaze sauntered on her round stomach. “You should still be going to school, right?” Since they were classmates, they should be roughly the same age. Yet, she already got herself pregnant.

Liang Shuangyi caressed her own stomach, saying, “This is my baby with Weiyang.”

“Then I'll give you my blessings.” Sheng Jiaoyang was about to walk past them.

Liang Shuangyi reached out her hand and held onto her.

Since she was supporting her big stomach, Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t dare to push her, so she could only stop.

“What do you really want to say to me?” Sheng Jiaoyang wrapped her hands across her chest. She knew from the start that Liang Shuangyi’s gaze was malicious.

“I wanted to tell you not to stick to people because you see that they have a lot of money. None of the unsuitable people that married into a wealthy family are happy. Oh, I'm wrong,” Liang Shuangyi then added, “You don't care about your happiness, you only care about money.”

“What do you mean?” Sheng Jiaoyang furrowed her eyebrows, completely not comprehending what exactly she was trying to express.

“I'm warning you, even if your seductive techniques are good, a sparrow can never become a phoenix.” Liang Shuangyi intentionally mocked her.

“I don't understand what you're talking about, please give way, my friends are still waiting for me.” Sheng Jiaoyang's expression became cold, wanting to pass by Liang Shuangyi.

When she passed by Liang Shuangyi, Liang Shuangyi suddenly sat on the floor while holding her stomach, disregarding the cleanliness of the floor.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head and took a look at the other girl with Liang Shuangyi. She noticed that the other person was holding the phone standing at the side with no intention to support Liang Shuangyi, which obviously showed that something was fishy.

Sheng Jiaoyang also decided to not care, and raised her leg to walk past, preparing to walk back to the private room. Just as she took one step, she heard Liang Shuangyi's unbridled voice shouting.

“Ouch, it's so painful!”

Sheng Jiaoyang halted in her steps, she turned around and looked at Ling Shuangyi holding her stomach and crying out in pain. She looked at Liang Shuangyi’s expression and saw an expression of feigned pain. She then sneered and said, “You're acting in front of me? Pfft.”

At this moment, the people in other private rooms heard the noise and came out.

Liang Shuangyi timely pointed towards Sheng Jiaoyang and asked, “Why did you push me?!”

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