Chapter 230 - Official Boyfriend

Just as the cast and production crew walked out from the high-speed rail, they were immediately swamped by people hailing from the various news media channels.

“Gu Zhou, do you think that the landslide your team had faced during filming is an omen for something?”

“Director Cen, why didn’t the female lead, Xu Jiaojiao, come back with all of you?”

“Is it possible to give us the details of the situation?”

“May I ask who was the VIP that all of you had given your thanks to?”

Tongues started flapping from the various reporters present.

Standing behind them were the fans who had headed over after hearing about the news. With banners raised, they continued to shout and chant the names of their favorite idols.

One of the banner-raising fans appeared exceeding impatient as he tried to find the weakest point of the encirclement to breakthrough. However, he was utterly incapable of doing so, causing him to give up and holler in frustration. “Director, why isn’t our Jiaojiao back yet? Did something happen to her?”

“That’s right! Is our Jiaojiao alright?” Impatient expressions were plastered all over the faces of the Jiao fans upon being unable to spot the presence of their idol.

After being rescued out, members of the cast and crew had gone on social media to express their thoughts on the situation. Even Gu Zhou, who was known to rarely appear in the media, expressed his opinion. Xu Jiaojiao was the only one who didn’t do so. This resulted in many of her fans leaving messages of inquiry on the Weibo accounts of the other members. Despite the official announcement made by the production team with regards to the safety of the cast, many people still hoped for the personal appearance of Jiaojiao to quell the uneasiness presented in their hearts.

However, due to the presence of the handsome Shen Zhining, our female lead had completely forgotten to factor in the emotions of the public.

Due to her son’s flu, Xu Ping was unable to manage Jiaojiao’s social media accounts, which was something that she would usually do on a frequent basis. Furthermore, Jiaojiao’s assistant, Zeng Huan, has yet to return from the mountains.

“Everyone, please don’t worry! Due to some matters, Jiaojiao had to change her traveling schedule. She will be taking the next train back.” Gu Zhou gave a reply to the fans’ burning questions.

After answering a few questions, the cast was escorted by their bodyguards to a van before leaving the high-speed railway station.

By now, Gu Zhou’s fans had already left the station, leaving Jiaojiao’s fans and members of the media present. Time continued to tick by, and after 3 hours, more and more people left the train station, with the majority consisting of members of the media. In the end, there was only one news reporter team that remained behind.

It was due to the reporter and the camera crew being new to this industry that they were willing to stack so much time to get this little bit of news.

“What the hell! Why isn’t Jiaojiao here yet?”

“Did Gu Zhou make a mistake? Or are we waiting at the wrong exit?”

“That’s not possible.” Huddling together, increasing impatient expressions appeared on the fans’ faces.

It goes without saying that waiting was already something that would breed worry and anxiousness in the hearts of people; especially when there wasn’t a fixed end.

“Look! There’s a group of people coming out!”

Everyone’s gaze immediately turned towards the group of people walking out. Fortunately, with her tall figure, it was extremely easy to spot their idol. Despite dressing in exceedingly common-looking clothes, it was hard for Jiaojiao to conceal herself from the discerning eyes of her fans.

“Ah! She’s out! She’s out!” Some of the sharp-eyed fans were able to spot a tall woman wearing a pair of iconic black-framed glasses with a khaki windbreaker draped over her shoulders.

Despite the absence of a fancy outfit and makeup, her slender and tall frame, coupled with her unique aura, allowed people to identify her with a single look.

“Jiaojiao! It’s Jiaojiao!” Finally spotting the safe arrival of their idol, all of her fans started screaming and shouting out in excitement.

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang was in the process of thinking about what to have for dinner after being prompted by Shen Zhining. Hearing the sudden screaming of her name, she turned to the source in shock, only to see her fans and the sole reporter team rushing towards her.

In an instant, Shen Zhining subconsciously reacted by pushing her behind him in guard for any incoming attacks.

“You really scared us! It’s so good that you’re alright, Jiaojiao!” exclaimed a fan with a voice choked full of emotions.

Getting over her initial shock, Sheng Jiaoyang walked out from behind Shen Zhining. Waving her hands generously at the people before her, she greeted, “Hello, everyone!”

“Can we ask you a few questions?” Striking when the iron was hot, a reporter immediately went forward.

“Sure. I’ll answer three questions at max.” Sheng Jiaoyang was feeling rather generous in her good mood.

“May I know why you didn't return with the other cast members?”

“I woke up late.”

“Seeing that you’re in a good mood, it appears that you’re not affected by this accident. However, would this accident cast any psychological shadows in your heart?”


“There are people claiming that a natural disaster occurring during filming is an indication that the film will be a disaster in the box office. What are your thoughts on this?”


The news reporter could not help but gawk at Jiaojiao’s reply, before hastily following up with another question. “Does it mean that this is not worth any thought?”

“I’ve already answered the three questions,” replied Sheng Jiaoyang with a faint smile. No longer answering the last question asked by the news reporter, she turned her head to face her fans. “Thank you for coming here to wait for me. It’s almost dinner time, so everyone should head back to have your meals.”

“I really love you, Jiaojiao!”

“Can we have a photo with you before you leave, Jiaojiao?”

“I also want to take a photo.” Expressions of reluctance appeared on the faces of dozens of fans.

Seeing this, Sheng Jiaoyang said, “Since we’re tight on time, let us all take a group photo. We’ll use one of your phones.”

At this moment, the hands and feet of the nearest male fan had gone utterly numb. Nevertheless, just as Sheng Jiaoyang’s voice rang out, he had already extended his phone out.

Taking his phone, Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head towards Shen Shining and said, “Help us take a group photo.”

Shen Zhining took the phone over from Sheng Jiaoyang, walked a few steps back, and looked at the group of fans that had gathered around her. When he saw the phone owner taking advantage of his favourable position to remain next to Sheng Jiaoyang, his face turned dim. With quick movements, he took the picture, before striding forward to shove the phone back in the male fan’s hand and pulling Sheng Jiaoyang towards him.

Noticing his overbearing actions, a female fan commented, “Jiaojiao, your assistant’s so handsome!”

Hardcore fans were aware that Jiaojiao had a refined male assistant by her side, causing this female fan to mistaken Shen Zhining’s actions as what an assistant was supposed to do.

“He is not my assistant,” replied Sheng Jiaoyang with a smile. Saying her goodbyes to her fans, she proceeded to get onto the car with Shen Zhining.

“What did Jiaojiao mean by saying that he is not her assistant?” the fans started to mumble among themselves.

“Ah! I’ve seen him before! Isn’t he that handsome President Shen who made a speech during F University’s New Year’s evening party?”

“Yes, I remember that! No wonder he looks so familiar!”

“I’ve watched the broadcast of that evening party, though I only watched the parts where Jiaojiao was on stage. Why was he also there?”

“OMG! Could he be Jiaojiao’s boyfriend?!!!” The fans fervently discussed.

The sole news reporter present was stirred by all the commotion. Yes, she had managed to obtain a scoop from her persistence! She never expected to get such surprising news from her wait.

In the past, Xu Jiaojiao had spoken about the matter of her boyfriend during an interview, as well as publicly confessing to her “Mr. Lionhead”. Furthermore, there were rumours going around about her being dumped by her rich boyfriend, which were closely followed by a suspicious matter of a ‘family of three’ sightseeing in the zoo. However, there was a common factor within all of these proclamations.

That was, her real boyfriend has yet to make an appearance!

“Did you film everything?” The news reporter hurriedly asked the cameraman beside her.

“Okay, record all of this down.”

“Hurry up and send it for compilation.”

In the car, Sheng Jiaoyang was precisely discussing with Shen Zhining about this matter.

“Zhining, do you really not mind what I’ve said? It’s very likely that you will become the target of the media and the public. Would that be troublesome for you?”

“I don’t mind,” replied Shen Zhining, with a rather delighted look showing through his eyebrows. All along, he had been looking forward to being publicly announced to the world as her boyfriend.

Having already achieved sufficient brilliance in this industry, it was unavoidable for her boyfriend to be shoved into the public. If that was the case, then why not let him stand openly before the public and receive the baptism of their gazes?! Regardless of their rejection or praise, Shen Zhining should already be mentally prepared to face them.

As expected, the very next day, the search topic of ‘Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend’ was once again trending on the internet.

Last time she trended was due to the rumours of her breakup with her boyfriend. At that time, there wasn’t even a proper shot of the latter’s face.

However, this time, not only were they both in the same photo, there was even video footage of it!

Originally, those self-proclaimed boyfriend material male fans weren’t able to accept the news of Jiaojiao being in a relationship. After all, this new boyfriend of hers wasn’t someone within her circle of business, nor did he have any public presence. Now, with pictures and videos being uploaded, those dissatisfied voices rapidly dropped in number.

Be it fans or passers-by, all of them felt that Xu Jiaojiao and her boyfriend were especially suited for each other.

Regardless of their height or aesthetic appeal, or the atmosphere generated when the two of them were together, it made them photogenic to perfection!

They were on the way to a meeting with Director Cen and the others when Sheng Jiaoyang noticed the trending of the searches aimed at her and Shen Zhining. In fact, while browsing lightly over the dozens of articles that had popped up, she noticed quite a few speculations displayed, as well as those that analyzed his identity.

Those that had written these analysis articles were quite capable, as they were able to find out Shen Zhining’s age, height, weight, and even his publicly declared wealth. Furthermore, they were accompanied by a few pictures of him dressed in formal attire, which appeared to be taken during some of his business meetings.

A few prominent people from the business world could be spotted out from those photos, which further added to Shen Zhining’s status and attractiveness.

All of this news had caused the comments to light up.

[Hahahahaha, there is no harm done when there’s nothing to compare with!]

[Handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome!]

[Please bestow a boyfriend like him to me~]

[Dang it! Xu Jiajiao has definitely saved all of mankind in her past life!]

[The news about her breakup is definitely fake! I’ll rather be beaten to death than to break up with such an outstanding boyfriend!]

[He’s the most handsome president that I’ve ever seen! No one can compare to him!!]

As she journeyed on, Sheng Jiaoyang’s face was filled with laughter while reading through those hilarious comments. Some of the comments were so ridiculous, it would cause people to spurt out their food in laughter. Nevertheless, the majority of the commenters had expressed that she had managed to obtain a treasure.

After all, there were so many presidents out there; however, those that were young, outstanding and handsome were like needles in a haystack.

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