Chapter 227 - Double Entendre

“I have something I want to say to you.” Sheng Jiaoyang was nervous.

“Come on in then.” Shen Zhining retreated a step, allowing her in.

Sheng Jiaoyang nervously entered the room. She turned around to face Shen Zhining. “Zhining, do you remember what I said before? During the New Years, I’d mentioned I would tell you a secret the next time we met.”

Shen Zhining’s gaze flashed. Of course he remembered. He had been waiting for this moment.

“The last time I went over to your place I forgot to tell you, afterwards you got angry at me and didn’t want to see me.” At this point, Sheng Jiaoyang stared at him in an accusing manner.

The corner of Shen Zhining’s mouth twitched, as if he wanted to laugh but was still able to control himself.

“But I must admit that I was wrong in some aspects. Your anger is justified.”

Sheng Jiaoyang paused, “What I’m about to say will seem extremely strange and bizarre, but every word is true. Zhining, you have to believe me.”

“Wait.” Shen Zhining walked closer and then pulled her over to sit by the bed.

He focused on her, “Go ahead.”

Being at such close proximity to each other, Sheng Jiaoyang was even more nervous now. She organized her thoughts and mumbled, “I have a secret. I’ve only told this secret to two other people, one is Grandfather, the other is Lina.”

Shen Zhining raised his eyebrow. So she didn’t tell Lin Yan her identity?

He didn’t doubt the veracity of her words, because she didn’t have any reason to lie to him at this point.

“Weren’t you very curious about my goal? You accused me of imitating Sheng Jiaoyang. Actually, I wasn’t imitating her.” Sheng Jiaoyang slowly spoke out the remaining words, “I am her.”

“I am Sheng Jiaoyang!” She strongly repeated herself.

She finally revealed the secret, yet she was unable to relax. Her gaze nervously locked onto him, trying to detect even the slightest inkling of his thoughts from his expression.

However, his face remained completely calm.

“You… don’t believe me?” She clenched her hand, feeling as if her heart was hanging up in the air.

“I believe you.”

“But you don’t seem the slightest bit surprised.”

Sheng Jiaoyang was certain that he was unaware of her true identity the last time they met. However, he would’ve shown some type of reaction if he didn’t know.

“Because I already know.”

“You already know?” Sheng Jiaoyang widened her eyes, “When did you find out?”

“It’s all thanks to the person you liked.”

Sheng Jiaoyang immediately understood the meaning behind his words, Lin Yan was the one who told him.

Lin Yan…But why? Why would Lin Yan go tell Shen Zhining of his own accord?

“Yesterday when I went to the hospital to find you, you were already gone,” continued Shen Zhining.

So it was yesterday? Sheng Jiaoyang recovered from the shock and looked at Shen Zhining, feeling a bit hesitant. His calm response was causing her anxiety.

“Zhining, I’m sorry I kept it from you for so long.”

Shen Zhining lowered his eyes and gazed at her tightly clenched hand. He reached out with his hand to enclose hers in his. Gradually, her hand relaxed and he slowly responded, “I should be the one apologising. I should’ve known it was you long ago.”

She was wriggling her hand about, as her hand was feeling itchy under his caresses. When she heard what he said, her heart was unable to hold in her joy. She couldn’t help but feel a great sense of ease when she found out he didn’t blame her.

What Gu Zhou said was true, deep down, the person she cared about was Shen Zhining.

Because she cared, she was afraid he wouldn’t accept her secret.

Because she cared, she didn’t want to hide it from him.

Previously, these conflicting views kept emerging in her mind. That was why she was so nervous earlier.

“Zhining, it’s normal for you not to recognise me. After all, this is something completely unimaginable.”

Shen Zhining raised his hand and caressed her face. His thumb softly rubbed her cheeks and she filled his entire view. Then, he asked, “Then what about now?”

“What?” Sheng Jiaoyang blinked.

“Who are you going to choose? Are you going to continue chasing your true love or be with me?”

His eyes were profound with self-restraint, his pupils seemingly holding a mountain of fire within. A broiling mountain of emotions could be seen; as if it was going to spill out at any moment.

Sheng Jiaoyang was still thinking of the recent scene of him jumping out of the helicopter cabin, walking with large strides towards her and pulling her into a tight embrace. She recalled how much he was shaking at that moment. He was afraid…afraid of losing her.

Perhaps her silence caused Shen Zhining to think that she had made another kind of choice, so he placed her hand down.

“Okay, I understand.”

He stood up and then retreated two steps. “I’ll respect your choice.”

If she was Xu Jiaojiao, he wouldn’t let go of his hands like that. But, she was Sheng Jiaoyang; the one who he had decided to protect since he was young.

He was willing to do whatever it took to make her happy. As long as she was happy, he would take a step back.

Sheng Jiaoyang was momentarily stunned from his actions, and she didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh.


Shen Zhining looked at her, only to see her stand up and take a step towards him. His eyes stared unblinkingly at her, waiting to hear what she wanted to say.

But in the next moment, he was shocked.

Because Jiaoyang reached out with her hands and wrapped them around his neck, then pulled him close and kissed him.

Without any time to react, this moment of pleasant surprise came too suddenly.

“The past is in the past, I just want to go where my heart goes.”

“Are you sure you’re looking at the right person this time?” Shen Zhining remembered the last time she took the initiative to kiss him, she had clearly treated him as Lin Yan then.

Today, she drank wine as well.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes were clear and bright as she spoke in a firm tone, “I’m not drunk. I’m very certain, I want you, Shen Zhi…”

The ‘ning’ was muffled by his kiss.

This was unlike any other kisses she had with him. Before, Sheng Jiaoyang was still somewhat reluctant to accept his feelings. As a result, Shen Zhining was always the first to make a move. This time, having made clear of her own feelings and desires, she started to respond to him.

The both of them were completely engrossed. She looped her arms around his head as he tangled his hands in her hair, and a tingling feeling passed through their lips.

The white bed was only two steps away.

The two unconsciously moved towards the bed. One arm supported her body as the other one made its way down, starting from her head, to the back of her ears, then to her neck. As his hand slid down, everywhere he touched seemed to be lit on fire. As he made his way down her clothes then into them, his scalding palm fell on her soft, slender waist.

Sheng Jiaoyang seemed to suddenly snap out of it. She reached out to stop that roaming hand and then, with a rather panicked voice, she blurted, “I’m not ready for this.”

Shen Zhining lowered his head and kissed her, “This place truly isn’t too suitable.”

Are we on the same page? Sheng Jiaoyang widened her eyes to stare at him.

“I will wait until you’re ready.” He removed his hand and then pinched her cheeks.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s face suddenly turned red.

When they went out together to have dinner with everyone, the rest were force fed their PDAs.

Compared to when they were eating lunch, they seemed much more intimate now. They helped each other off the bus. They linked arms while walking. Furthermore, they were constantly picking food for each other.

On the way back to the hotel, the people on the other bus started gossiping about this matter fervently.

“Jiaojiao and her boyfriend must have made up now. That loving affection…I'm so envious.”

“Last time, when Jiaojiao and Ou Yang were filming, Mr. Shen’s face was extremely dark. But Mr Shen seemed very happy just now.”

“They fit each other so well, the perfect couple! They’re perfect for each other.”

“Mr. Shen is also very handsome. If you look carefully at his features, he’s even more handsome than Prince Charming Gu. He looks mixed as well.”

“Xiao Zhuang, it doesn’t matter how much you’re infatuated with him, he already has an owner.”

Everyone looked at Shen Zhining, then they all laughed and smiled as they returned to the hotel to rest.

Of course, Shen Zhining followed Sheng Jiaoyang back to her room.

“You must be exhausted from today. Go wash up and rest earlier.” Shen Zhining raised his hands to caress her hair.

“Wait, Wang Wei said she would send over clean clothes for me.” This ‘clean clothes’ that she spoke of was referring to the inner garments. For safety's sake, everyone had only brought whatever they could fit into their little bags when they got onto the helicopter. Their luggage was still on that bus.

She had just finished speaking when someone knocked on the door.

Sheng Jiaoyang went over to open the door. Wang Wei stood outside with a young man.

“Jiaojiao, this is for you. These have all been washed and never been worn before.” Wang Wei handed over a bag.

Sheng Jiaoyang took the bag and gave Wang Wei a meaningful look. “Is this your husband?”

“Nice to meet you, I am Wang Wei’s husband, Liu Chengjie.” The young man next to Wang Wei introduced himself.

“Oh, nice to meet you.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and then thanked Wang Wei.

“Why do you need to thank me, you guys should rest early, we won’t bother you anymore.” Wang Wei gave Sheng Jiaoyang a meaningful glance before pulling her husband away.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t understand the meaning behind her glance nor did she think about it. She returned to the room with the bag.

“Zhining, I’m going to wash up first.” She called out to Shen Zhining and then brought the bag into the bathroom.

After taking a pleasant bath, she wrapped a towel around herself and flipped through the bag that Wang Wei had handed her.

The first thing she took out was a silk spaghetti strap nightgown. However, not only was the silk nightgown very thin and skin-coloured, it was see-through.

“What is Wang Wei up to?”

After muttering this, she continued flipping through the bag. Finally, she picked out a thin piece of sexy underwear.

She helplessly raised her head, finally understanding Wang Wei’s meaningful glance.

This girl…

She had to wear it since she had nothing else to wear. At least, it covered some parts of her body. Being naked would cause her even more embarrassment.

After putting it on, she still covered herself with a bathrobe before walking out of the bathroom.

“Zhining, you should quickly go take a shower too. After I dry my hair, I’ll go ahead and sleep.”

Shen Zhining’s gaze immediately went to her shiny smooth legs and travelled upwards. He got up and walked over, taking the hairdryer from her hands. “Sit on the bed and cover your legs with the blanket. You’ll get sick with wet hair, I’ll help you dry it.”

This was the first time he was drying her hair for her, Sheng Jiaoyang tilted her head to the side as she looked at him before climbing onto the bed.

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