Chapter 215 - The Love Scene

“Let’s get ready,” Sheng Jiaoyang said.

Cen Jin revealed a smile as he hastily called the cameraman, lighting expert, and stylist over.

The three glanced at each other in dismay as they looked at the pair still blocking the door.

Sheng Jiaoyang stared at Shen Zhining helplessly. “Zhining, this is my job.”

“You don’t have to work, I have enough money.” Shen Zhining looked at her.

“You know I have my grandpa. I don’t need anybody to raise me to have a good life, I work because I like it.”

“But, I don’t like it.”

Sheng Jiaoyang was struck speechless by him.

“Jiaojiao, did you choose him just to find somebody to restrict you?” a voice asked, interrupting them.

Lin Yan walked over and stood beside Sheng Jiaoyang.

Shen Zhining narrowed his eyes. “Mr Lin really likes to meddle.”

Lin Yan didn’t look at Shen Zhining as he stared at Sheng Jiaoyang gently. “I thought you decided to leave me because you found somebody more sincere, but it doesn’t seem like it. He doesn’t respect your opinions at all. I don’t think this is love, but rather, a kind of male chauvinism.”

Shen Zhining’s face had already turned cold as he said icily, “You don’t have the right to say that.”

“Lin Yan’s right,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied, “Love should have mutual respect and understanding. If you don’t understand the kind of person I am, our relationship won’t last long.” She didn’t want this to happen every time there was a romantic scene.

When Shen Zhining saw her siding with Lin Yan, his whole body seemed to release a gloomy aura.

“Are you really so determined to act out this scene?” his voice was cold as he asked her.

“Yes.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded.

Seeing how long they were taking, Cen Jin started to grow impatient and interrupted, “Don’t get it wrong, it’s not like it’s going all the way. We’re filming a literary arts film, not a pornography film.”

Sheng Jiaoyang saw the dark and gloomy expression in Shen Zhining’s eyes and turned to walk to Cen Jin.

Lin Yan’s lips curved upwards as he faced his love rival’s dark gaze and returned his stare fearlessly. He then walked towards Cen Jin and stood by Sheng Jiaoyang’s side victoriously, listening to him explain the act.

“This scene starts from when you open the door. Chen Xi says good night, then Ou Yang walks in right as she’s about to close the door. He pushes her against the door before kissing her deeply…”

As Shen Zhining stood nearby listening, the expression on his face turned increasingly unpleasant. However, his little liar was determined to act it out herself and he could only force himself to not interrupt them. But inside, his mood only grew worse.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt his stare burning her back, almost as if he wanted to roast her alive. Cen Jin’s explanation went through one ear and out the other as none of it registered in her brain.

On one side, she felt this was being unfair to Shen Zhining. Regardless of how he’d opposed the scene, she evidently wasn’t putting her boyfriend first.

On the contrary, she felt that she was right. She was an actress, and since Shen Zhining had accepted her, he should accept all of her.

“Do you guys understand everything?” Cen Jin asked.


Sheng Jiaoyang refocused and saw that Cen Jin was already telling the cameraman to prepare.

“Chen Xi, hold the door and act like you’re about to close it after saying ‘Good night’. Alright, Ou Yang, grasp her hand holding onto the door and flip her around, good!” Cen Jin stood by the cameraman, giving directions.

The door was forced open with a bam.

When Sheng Jiaoyang was pushed against the door, she accidentally met Shen Zhining’s gaze, causing her heart to thud. When Lin Yan leaned in for the kiss, she subconsciously moved her face away.

“Cut!” Cen Jin almost stomped his foot. “Xu Jiaojiao, why did you flinch away? It wasn’t time to move away yet. Remember that you’re Chen Xi, the one in front of you is your fiance, Ou Yang.”

“Alright, let’s start again from Ou Yang’s kiss.”

“Cut! Ou Yang, your movements are too slow. Remember that the kiss must be fast, it doesn’t have to be slow to show the deep emotions in it. Act impatient, like you’ve been thirsting for it for a long time.”

“Cut! Jiaojiao, what are you looking at?”

“Cut! Try again!”

The many redos made her lips soft, but she was always absent-minded, causing an NG every time the kiss scene started.

“Jiaojiao, what’s wrong with you?” Cen Jin frowned.

He looked at the rather unwell looking Sheng Jiaoyang. “This isn’t how you usually are.”

“I’m sorry.” Sheng Jiaoyang kneaded her forehead as she leaned against the door, releasing a deep sigh.

She bit her lip and walked to Shen Zhining, facing his deep gaze as she said, “Zhining, why don’t you go back first?”

“You’re trying to get me to leave?”

“I’m not getting you to leave, I’m just asking you. Your presence affects my work.”

Shen Zhining laughed, but his expression seemed even colder as he squeezed out a “Fine,” between clenched teeth before glancing at her darkly and leaving.

Sheng Jiaoyang relaxed but felt a bit empty inside. She didn’t know if what she’d done was right, but for now, it was still best to have Shen Zhining leave. Filming would be smoother and she could finish quicker.

At worst, she’ll just have to coax him some more when she gets home!

“You should’ve done it earlier, look at how much time you’ve wasted,” Cen Jin said.

“Let’s start.” Sheng Jiaoyang walked towards the door.

“When Ou Yang leans in for the kiss, you have to respond and wrap your arms around his back. Oh, you guys can fake it for this scene. Ou Yang, you can use your hand to cup her face to hide it. Later, in the close up, you’ll have to actually do it.”

After Cen Jin said this, he thought for a bit before adding, “Ou Yang, once you’ve finished the kiss, carry her to the bed and kiss her from her forehead down to her neck. During this, Chen Xi will recall some of her memories with Zhang Pojun. Once Ou Yang starts to undress, Chen Xi will sober up and jump up from the bed to run away.”

“Remember the sequence of events I just said. Come on, let’s get ready.”


Just as Director Cen instructed, the entire kissing scene was faked. As long as it wasn’t a close up, all of the kissing scenes could be faked.

When Lin Yan cupped her face and lowered his head for the kiss, her eyes grew wide as they filled with astonishment.

This was because Lin Yan didn’t fake it as Cen Jin had said, but kissed her directly.

“Hug his back!” Cen Jin reminded Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang heard what he’d said and without pausing, wrapped her arms around Lin Yan’s back.

“Alright, cut!” Cen Jin shouted.

He called out to the cameraman, “Your hands can’t tremble when you film the close up.”

“Be aware of your expressions, you have to look absorbed! Show me some passion!”

Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly covered her face. “Director Cen, you sound really excited.”

Cen Jin choked.

The cameraman and lighting expert both laughed.

“Alright, alright, I won’t direct it. You two are free to do whatever, just remember what I said. It has to look real even though it’s acting,” Cen Jin said.

Sheng Jiaoyang took a deep breath and looked at Lin Yan, standing close to her. She saw the somewhat restrained gentleness in his eyes and suddenly felt a bit nervous.

He gradually closed in on her until they were a finger-width apart, so close that they could smell each other’s unique scents.

“Close your eyes.” His lips curved upwards slightly as he seemed to have noticed the nervousness in her eyes.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyelashes trembled as she closed her eyes.

Lin Yan lowered his eyes to gaze at her red lips. He then cupped her face and gently sucked on her lips.

“Cut! Chen Xi, you can’t just act like a log, you have to respond!” Cen Jin repeated.

Cen Jin then added, “Ou Yang, your expression earlier wasn’t bad, but you need to relax a little. Remember, this is your fiancee, you don’t have to repress your emotions.”

They did another take.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s nervous breathing caused her heart to race.

Lin Yan watched her long and elegantly curved lashes shake, just like a feather tickling his heart.

Before kissing her, he softly murmured, “Jiaoyang, I wish this wasn’t just an act.”

Sheng Jiaoyang froze and was about to open her eyes when her lips were once again seized, and her jaw firmly held. Her heart tightened as a strange feeling filled her mind.

This was the first time he’d been so close to her, but she never thought it would be under such circumstances.

Although it wasn’t what she’d imagined, she still had some lingering emotions. However, the influence of those emotions weren’t as strong as before and no longer made her so infatuated that she lost all reason. She even had the time to compare Lin Yan’s kiss to Shen Zhining’s.

“Cut! Alright, that’s a wrap.” Cen Jin’s voice was like a spear that pierced through their isolated world.

Lin Yan slowly withdrew, his eyes dark as he looked at her wet lips. They’d tasted sweet.

Sheng Jiaoyang slowly opened her eyes, accidentally meeting Lin Yan’s gaze as she wiped her lips.

“Let’s prepare for the next scene,” Cen Jin ordered.

In the next scene, Ou Yang picked up Chen Xi and set her gently on the bed.

Sheng Jiaoyang laid on the bed as Lin Yan’s body gently pressed against hers. The cameraman filmed them diligently, sometimes zooming in and other times out as the lighting expert followed close by. Meanwhile, Cen Jin stood by the cameraman to inspect the results.

With several people surrounding the bed and gesturing at them, there wouldn’t be a romantic atmosphere even if Lin Yan was gentle and charming.

However, this scene was still visually attractive. Her jet black hair was sprayed out on the bed as her clothes made her fair face seem even fairer. The man pressing her down on the bed had a model-like figure, with a silhouette and face that seemed almost carved out by a masterful artist. Furthermore, the deep tenderness in his gaze made others feel as if their hearts were about to jump out of their chests. Together, they made a very beautiful and romantic scene, making Cen Jin, who was looking at the camera’s screen, very pleased with the result.

The camera slowly panned down Sheng Jiaoyang’s face. It started at her forehead before moving down her nose, lips, chin, and then following her elegantly arched neck.

When the hickey from earlier entered his sight, Lin Yan paused for a moment before lowering his head, gently licking that area with a trace of regret and jealousy.

He’d clearly had so many chances, but in the end, he didn't seize the opportunity and now she was with someone else.

Lin Yan wasn’t ready to wait empty handed. Happiness was something that he needed to fight for himself. Waiting forever would only result in nothing but emptiness.

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