Chapter 213 - Proposal

In the private room next to Sheng Jiaoyang and Lin Yan, only the cameraman, lighting engineer, and Director Cen were present for the proposal scene.

In order to not disrupt the scene and accidentally get caught on camera, everyone else was cleared away. Even the stylist had to wait at the door and could only go in when she was called.

"The 37th scene where Ou Yang proposes to Chen Xi, action!" The lighting engineer, who was currently idle, was in charge of the slate board.

The camera captured a panoramic view from the door, drew closer, and stopped at the dining table. It then turned to Lin Yan's seat, lingering on his face for a second before turning to Sheng Jiaoyang, focusing on her absent-minded expression.

Director Cen stood in front of the monitor. Seeing the scene displayed on the screen, he nodded and secretly thought to himself: Xu Jiaojiao’s acting is very natural, depicting her absent-mindedness smoothly without any pretence.

Actually, Sheng Jiaoyang really was distracted.

Her mind was occupied by her last dinner date here with Shen Zhining. Oh, they’d come here twice. The first time, Shen...

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