Chapter 172 - Wedding

A car was parked at the gate. There were many luxury cars parked nearby, but there weren’t any more parking spaces left, so the driver could only stop at the gate for a moment to let the passengers get off before driving away.

"We’re here, isn't it majestic? It's bigger than your villa!" Liang Dahui got out of the car first and cast a proud look at the mother-and-daughter pair who got off after her.

"It's quite grand indeed, but this has nothing to do with you, right?" a woman bearing a resemblance to Liang Dahui asked.

"Of course, it does. After Qiqi is acknowledged by the old man as his grandson, he’ll have the right to inherit this villa."

The girl dressed like a virtuous young lady next to Liang Dahui couldn’t help but ask, "Auntie, how can you be so sure that the owner of this place will acknowledge Cousin as his grandson?"

Liang Dahui confidently responded, "My Qiqi is so outstanding, who else could he recognise if not Qiqi?"


Liang Dahui cast a sidelong glance at the unconvinced mother-and-daughter pair and said, "Xiaohui, you ought to think more about Shiyun’s future. All this time, I thought that you had a good relationship with Brother-in-law. If it hadn't been for the fact that I saw him alone at the dinner party last time, I wouldn’t have known that he didn't take you along to those kinds of banquets. Even if you aren’t doing it for yourself, you have to think more on Shiyun’s behalf. You must win over Brother-in-law’s heart. What if one day he suddenly wants to have a son? Wouldn’t your Madam status be in jeopardy?"

The meticulously dressed woman's face twisted in rage for a moment. She then raised her hand and stroked her hair. After suppressing her anger, she said, "Elder Sister, you’re thinking too much. My husband is only being considerate to me. He knows that I don't like attending those banquets, so he didn't bring me along."

"Xiaohui, I didn't want to mention it before, but since you’re still putting on an act in front of me, I have no choice but to say it. Do you know what Brother-in-law said when I asked him why he didn't bring you and Shiyun along? He said that you’re not qualified! Not qualified, tsk, how unpleasant does that sound? What does that imply? This shows that you have no place in his heart at all! In the future, don't keep telling me lies about how happy you are. You have to tell me your difficulties or I won’t be able to support you."

The mother-and-daughter pair had the same embarrassed expression as if their shameful family secret had been uncovered.

Liang Xiaohui's eyes were brimming with tears while Sheng Shiyun supported her and worriedly called out, "Mum…"

"Don't cry at someone’s wedding." Liang Dahui’s expression appeared somewhat bitter as she added, "I didn't mean to expose your scars. We’re sisters, how can I not care about you? I only said those things because I want you to be honest and share your grievances with me. I’ve helped you with many things in the past, haven’t I? This time, I brought you here with me because I was thinking of you and wanted to share something good with you. I hope you can get acquainted with the other rich madams as soon as possible and help Shiyun find a good husband."

Liang Dahui took out her invitation card and the three entered the gate.

The weather was great today. It was bright and sunny, so the wedding venue was the courtyard.

The arrangement of the off-season flowers made the whole wedding venue appear exceptionally beautiful. There were gorgeously dressed guests smiling and chatting everywhere, making the scene appear otherworldly.

"I'm going to find Qiqi and the rest. Do you want to go together?" Liang Dahui asked.

Liang Xiaohui couldn’t take her eyes off the graceful upper-class madams. She then looked down at her own clothes. When she saw that there was no issue, she smiled and said, "Elder Sister, you go first. I'll come by later to greet Brother-in-law and Qiqi."

"Suit yourself." Liang Dahui left.

"I didn't expect Cousin's aunt to be so lucky. Mum, have you met her before? Is she beautiful?" Sheng Shiyun asked curiously.

Liang Xiaohui shook her head and responded, "No, I haven’t met her, but I’ve heard your aunt say that she’s just average-looking."

Sheng Shiyun was about to say something when she saw a familiar figure. She quickly pointed in that direction and said, "Mum, Dad is over there!"

Liang Xiaohui looked over, and sure enough, she saw Sheng Xun talking to someone with a wine glass in hand. When she saw that others had brought their families along, while her husband had left them at home and refused to take them with him, she suddenly remembered Liang Dahui's words: ‘He said that you’re not qualified’. She instantly felt a sharp pain in her heart.

"Shall we go over?" Sheng Shiyun asked cautiously.

"Yes, let’s go. I’m his wife and you’re his only daughter, so we have nothing to hide. Come on, let's go!" Liang Xiaohui said through gritted teeth.

Sheng Shiyun nodded and followed her mother towards the crowd.


Upon hearing this, Sheng Xun's expression became indifferent before he’d even turned around.

The man standing opposite Sheng Xun saw the mother-and-daughter pair walking over and smilingly said, "Mr Sheng, I’ve never seen you bring a female companion along. As expected, you’ve been hiding your lovely wife and beautiful daughter at home."

Sheng Xun forced a smile and half turned his body, sweeping a glance over the meticulously dressed mother-and-daughter pair, his gaze fairly cold.

"President Liu, please excuse me,” Sheng Xun bade his farewell and stared at the two for a moment before walking to an unoccupied spot.

Liang Xiaohui and Sheng Shiyun blindly followed suit.

"How did you two get in here?" Sheng Xun's expression was unsightly and his tone was rigid.

Sheng Shiyun was too scared to speak.

Liang Xiaohui raised her chin and forced a smile as she softly said, "We came here with my elder sister. Today is her sister-in-law's wedding. We’re all relatives, so we’re here to congratulate the couple."

"Don't cause any trouble," Sheng Xun coldly said and left.

Liang Xiaohui bit her lip, her eyes red with unshed tears.

Sheng Shiyun dejectedly said, "Mum, Dad's temper is growing increasingly worse." In the past, he’d just ignore them, but now he no longer hid his dislike towards them.

"That little b*tch is dead now, so of course he's not happy." A trace of hatred flashed across Liang Xiaohui's eyes.

"Dad only loves Sheng Jiaoyang. It doesn’t matter whether she’s dead or alive or how bad she’d behave, she was always the apple of his eye and he saw her as his only daughter." Sheng Shiyun felt wronged and sad.

Liang Xiaohui hugged Sheng Shiyun and firmly said, "You still have me, and your grandparents also like you. Now it’s an indisputable fact that you’re his only daughter. In the future, his family business will be yours. It doesn't matter whether he likes you or not, you have to stand up for yourself."

Sheng Shiyun nodded.

"Alright, I saw a few youngsters over there. Go and get acquainted with them."

As such, Liang Xiaohui and Sheng Shiyun split up and went to different areas.

"They’re here, they’re here!" someone called out, causing everyone to simultaneously look towards the villa.

Accompanied by an enchanting melody, a group of people walked out of the villa.

At the front of the group was today's protagonist, the bride Xu Qing, and Grandfather Yang, the head of the family. He’d left his wheelchair and was slowly walking forward with Xu Qing’s arms hooked around one hand and a crutch in the other.

Behind them was a delegation of other relatives.

Li Weiqi was already standing at the end of the red carpet, staring at them excitedly. When Grandfather Yang placed Xu Qing's hand in his, he bowed to Grandfather Yang and Xu Qing's mother, who was standing beside them.

Sheng Jiaoyang walked forward with a bouquet and handed it to Xu Qing. "Mum, I wish you happiness."

The sentimental Xu Qing was immediately moved to tears.

"Don't cry, this is such a beautiful moment. You have to face it with a smile."

Upon hearing this, Xu Qing was even more touched, and tears uncontrollably rolled down her cheeks, wetting the bouquet she was holding.

Sheng Jiaoyang helplessly asked the person next to her for a tissue to wipe away Xu Qing's tears before whispering, "Today, you have to maintain your beautiful appearance as your ex-husband is here."

Xu Qing was startled. Sure enough, this stopped her from crying. She wanted to take a look, but she didn't dare to.

"So, you have to maintain your beautiful appearance and let that scumbag regret his choice! Mum, you can do it!" After saying all that, Sheng Jiaoyang retreated to the side.

Xu Qing had actually broken away from that emotional state because she was so nervous. As she thought about her daughter's words, she held her head high and revealed a smile, showing off the elegant posture she’d achieved after going through special training.

Li Weiqi didn't know what they’d talked about, but seeing that Xu Qing was brimming with confidence now, he was very happy. He then gently murmured, "Qingqing, let's go."

Xu Qing nodded, holding Li Weiqi’s hand in one hand, and a bouquet in the other. She determinedly walked forwards with the person who she’d spend the rest of her life with, step by step, moving along to the rhythm of the wedding march.

In front of them, there was an adorably dressed little girl and a cute little boy carrying baskets of flowers and scattering the pedals. This scene was extremely beautiful.

Marrying the person one liked was indeed a very blissful thing.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt touched, and most of all, she was ecstatic. She’d finally married off Mother Xu. Now, there was one thing less for her to worry about. In the future, there’d be another person to accompany Mother Xu day and night, be considerate towards her, and care for her.

Picking up the faint trace of incense, Sheng Jiaoyang turned to look at Shen Zhining, who’d stopped beside her. She smiled at him and asked, "Don’t you agree that my mother looks particularly beautiful today?"

Shen Zhining looked at her and answered, "There’s someone who’s more beautiful than her."

Sheng Jiaoyang was just about to ask him who that person was when she saw the look in his eyes. She suddenly understood his words, and she almost couldn't hold back a retort.

When the deadpan Demon King Shen spoke words of endearment, it was truly overwhelming.

Sheng Jiaoyang feigned ignorance and pretended to watch the wedding ceremony, but her reddened ears betrayed her.

Shen Zhining glanced at her reddened ears and revealed a faint, indistinguishable smile.

Grandfather Yang turned around and sighed with delight in his heart when he saw the two standing together. They truly looked like a match made in heaven.

As for the Xu Family standing nearby, they were also whispering. Grandmother Xu spoke first, anxiously asking, "Will Xiao Qing be bullied if she marries into a rich family?"

Xu Ze, who was standing next to her, hurriedly comforted her and said that with Grandfather Yang backing Xu Qing, the Li Family wouldn’t bully her. After being comforted for a long time, Grandmother Xu was finally persuaded. Liang Dahui then asked, "Did you already discuss the matter about letting Mr. Yang acknowledge Qiqi as his grandson?"

Xu Ze tugged Liang Dahui’s hand and whispered, "It's not good to bring this up at their wedding. Let’s wait until next time."

"What are you waiting for? Looking at the old man’s physical condition, who knows how much longer he’ll last? An accident can happen anytime, so the earlier this matter is resolved, the better. After all, long delays can cause complications,” Liang Dahui impatiently snapped.

"Okay, fine. I’ll discuss it with Xiao Qing tomorrow." Xu Ze coaxed.

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