Chapter 166 - What Happened?

"The first request!" Sheng Jiaoyang held out her right index finger and said, "When you see me, please turn around and walk away."

Yuan Neng’s expression turned ugly. This was the first time he’d encountered such a defeat. To think that Xu Jiaojiao wanted to avoid him like the plague.

"The second request!" Sheng Jiaoyang held up another finger, her lips curling into an evil smile as she said, "It's very simple! You just have to post something on Wechat Moments. Aren't you and Yan Anxuan very close? You must write the following, 'Yan Anxuan, I fell in love with you at first sight.' Please note that you can't leave out nor misspell a single word! Moreover, you can't delete the post right away, you have to leave it there for at least a day."

"What the hell?! Do you have to be so perverted?" Yuan Neng's expression grew even more unsightly.
Sheng Jiaoyang faintly smiled. Her smile was a breath of fresh air, but her tone was considerably naughty. "So what? As! Long! As! I! Am! Happy!"

"Young Master Yuan, you must willingly concede defeat~" she kindly warned.

"No, your second request is too much!" Yuan Neng gnashed his teet...

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