Chapter 148 - Moving Into the New Home

Director Steve definitely wouldn’t reveal his plan to others.

Everybody only saw a smile on his face as he replied to the reporter’s questions, “Joy wasn’t on the movie cover because there wasn’t enough space. Joy’s character is actually very interesting as everyone will see when they watch the movie.”

One side wanted to use Jiaojiao’s fame to increase the film’s popularity in China, while the other side was shocked that Jiaojiao had acted in a foreign movie under such a famous director.

Xu Ping and Zeng Huan, who were standing in a corner in the audience, were also shocked. Countless possibilities went through their minds but neither of them would’ve thought that Jiaojiao had really acted in this movie.

“Didn’t I say that we don’t need to worry about Jiaojiao? I don’t even think Jiaojiao needs the PR department to help her. This alone is enough to shut up the people for those saying that all Jiaojiao can do is cause scandals!” Zeng Huan said proudly.

Xu Ping also felt a bit emotional. Jiaojiao was the easiest artist she’d ever managed. Although she was the focus of a lot of haters, Xu Ping never had to do anything when Xu Jiaojiao had already reversed public opinion. Furthermore, Jiaojiao had even found work for a big movie overseas on her own and had gotten the approval of a famous director.

She didn’t need to do anything for her artist’s fame to grow.

The reporters were all very curious about how Xu Jiaojiao had fared working in a foreign film. They asked the director and lead actors many questions about the entire process of Jiaojiao’s participation in the film.

Director Steve saw how ‘loved’ Joy was by the media, and was convinced that Joy was very famous in China as he secretly decided to add her to the movie cover.

When the movie trailer was released, everyone really did see Jiaojiao in a scene. Compared to the sharp and angular faces of westerners, her delicate beauty really was eye catching. However, the scene was quickly over and left everybody hanging. They wanted to see how Xu Jiaojiao, who was praised by the director so highly, had performed in the movie.

The movie premiere ceremony wasn’t even finished, yet the reporters had already taken pictures and sent them back to their headquarters for the editors to make into drafts. Journalism always had to take time into consideration; whoever was the fastest would profit the most.

Meanwhile, many people were still discussing Xu Jiaojiao relying on her backer to stay in the entertainment industry and admonishing her for stirring up scandals. Scandals could only make you popular for a short time, while great movies could make you famous for a lifetime. All the major media companies were in a race to release the news about Xu Jiaojiao acting in a famous foreign movie with Director Steve’s praise, complete with pictures and videos of her at the movie premiere.

Fans, anti-fans, and the general public were all shocked.

Xu Jiaojiao had acted in Director Steve’s new movie? When was this? Why hadn’t they heard about that before?

If it was somebody else that had a chance to act in a big film overseas, the first thing they’d do would post about it. Yet, Xu Jiaojiao had acted differently, only revealing it to the media at the movie premiere. It was just like when she’d walked in International Fashion Week, wordlessly appearing the day of the event.

The senior actors mocking Jiaojiao, saying that youngsters should focus on their work, were struck speechless. Although there was nothing wrong with their words, none of them kept a low profile when they did something; as soon as they had a gig, they’d post about it. Even though they usually told their fans their plans, it was still embarrassing that they scolded Jiaojiao for not working.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t care about the nonsense floating around online. She was participating in a TV show with director Steve and Lina. Speaking of this, it was a familiar show as it was the same variety show she’d first participated in.

Director Steve saw how familiar she was with the host, Liang Chen, and felt very satisfied about her popularity and connections in China. He’d chosen this show to publicise his film because the ratings were very high. Sure enough, giving her the role really wasn’t in vain.

After the show, Director Steve had to catch a flight to another country for another publicity event. As one of the leading actors, Lina also had to go with him. The two sisters, who’d finally reunited, once again had to separate.

However, Lina said that she’d be attending her grandfather’s birthday banquet at the end of December, meaning that she’d soon be going to F City.

“Jiaojiao, how do you and Lina have such a good relationship?” Xu Ping asked on the ride home.

“Fate probably brought us together!”

“After seeing you two interact, I finally understand why you two had that scandal about being homosexual before.” Xu Ping sighed.

Zeng Huan nodded. Before, she’d thought the entertainment reporters had nothing left to report about to start claiming two girls were in an homosexual relationship. But, after following Jiaojiao for the past two days and seeing how close they were, she suddenly understood how the scandal had happened. They appeared even closer than sisters as they behaved with absolutely no reservation.

“If anything happens in the next two days, delay them for me. I want to rest properly,” Sheng Jiaoyang said to Xu Ping.

Xu Ping hesitated for a bit before nodding.

It was one thing after another. After abruptly travelling so much to promote the movie, Jiaojiao was really tired.

Once they’d gotten off the plane, Sheng Jiaoyang went straight to her grandfather’s house.

While she was travelling, Grandfather Yang had told An Jing to look for a good, expensive house to buy. People had already been called to tidy it up, and now all it needed was people to live in it.

It was currently December. Xu Qing and Li Weiqi’s marriage date was near, making it yet another thing she had to mark in her schedule.

News about Grandfather Yang wanting to recognise a daughter had already been released.

Nobody was more shocked about this than the Xu Family. Suddenly, there was such a wealthy man that wanted to recognise Xu Qing as his daughter, saying that he wanted Xu Qing and Jiaojiao to look after him in old age. It was hard for them to believe, but there was no other option. The two families had already met, so Grandfather Yang’s sincere words had to be real.

“Xu Qing really wasn’t adopted?” Liang Dahui privately asked her husband.

“Of course not, I saw my sister’s birth with my own eyes.”

“Your mother doesn’t have any relationship with that old man?” Liang Dahui continued to question.

“Of course not. You also saw that my mum doesn’t recognise that old man at all.”

“I really don’t know what he’s thinking! Recognising a daughter, and furthermore, someone so useless as your sister. How much better would it be if he recognised a son? If you could become his son, wouldn’t all his assets be yours?”

Xu Ze immediately interrupted Liang Dahui. “How could you think like that? It’s Xiao Qing’s blessing for that to have happened to her. He can recognise whoever he wants as a daughter, it has nothing to do with us.”

Liang Dahui rolled her eyes at him. “I’m just saying!”

“I wonder if that old man would recognise a grandson? Ask your sister to ask him. Our Qiqi’s so smart and handsome, having him as a grandson would be wonderful!”

Xu Ze was thoughtful as he nodded. “I’ll mention it to Xiao Qing later.”

Leaving aside the two scheming to take some of Grandfather Yang’s assets, Xu Qing, who was moving into a big house and living the life of a rich madame, felt as if she was dreaming. She never thought that she’d one day be able to live such a lifestyle, with a big house and a little flower garden. Even the dressing room was bigger than her previously rented room, and it was filled with clothing tailor-made for her.

“Jiaojiao, do you like your room? Do you want to redecorate it?” Grandfather Yang walked into Sheng Jiaoyang’s room.

“Nah, I don’t care that much.” Sheng Jiaoyang squatted next to her grandfather’s wheelchair, her voice serious as she said, “Your health is what I care about most right now.”

Grandfather Yang smiled as he rubbed Sheng Jiaoyang’s head. “Don’t worry, my body is still healthy. I’m waiting for our Jiaojiao to marry and give us a baby!”

“Then, I won’t marry.”

“Silly child.” Grandfather Yang shook his head with a sigh.

Someone suddenly knocked on the door.

The two walked to the door and saw An Jing standing at the entrance.

“Mr Shen is here,” An Jing said.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s eye twitched as she looked at her grandfather. What did Shen Zhining come here for?

“Ever since we moved into our new home, he’s wanted to come and celebrate with us. Come on, let’s go.” Grandfather Yang smiled.

As soon as she walked out of the elevator, she saw Shen Zhining sitting on the living room couch. He sat across from Li Weiqi and Xu Qing. “…Jiaojiao’s actually changed a lot from before, she’s become a lot more cheerful. After the car crash, she’s become very considerate…”

“Mum, what are you saying?” Sheng Jiaoyang’s eye twitched again as she hurriedly interrupted her.

Xu Qing saw Xu Jiaojiao walking over as she pushed Grandfather Yang’s wheelchair, and smiled as she stood up. “We were just talking about you.”

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at the person across from Xu Qing, her smile stiff. “What’s so interesting about me? You should talk about where you and Uncle Weiqi plan to go for your honeymoon after you’re married.”

Xu Qing glanced at Li Weiqi shyly, the bashfulness clearly showing how happy she was.

“Qingqing and I met each other while we were travelling. I want to travel the same route we met each other on for our honeymoon and wedding pictures,” Li Weiqi said.

“What a great plan!” Sheng Jiaoyang praised sincerely.

“Zhining, you aren’t busy today?” Grandfather Yang asked Shen Zhining.

“Even if I am busy, you’re more important,” Shen Zhining replied.

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at him, somewhat startled. So, it turns out that Demon King Shen could also praise people.

“Zhining, your grandparents are coming over in two days. I heard that you have a private island and that the houses there are very pretty. When there’s time, why don’t you take us around?” Grandfather Yang asked.

“I’d love to.”

Grandfather Yang then called An Jing over to tell the chef to prepare a few more dishes to properly celebrate their new home.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s gaze kept meeting Shen Zhining’s, causing goosebumps to rise on her arms. She kept feeling that there was something off about Shen Zhining’s gaze…

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