Chapter 146 - Confession

The staff brought two large boxes onto the stage.

"The items in these two boxes are props that will be used in the final segment. In the first segment, the two teams are going to do a one-on-one PK, and the winning team has the privilege of choosing their props first. Please note that these props can directly affect the outcome of the final segment, so you should choose carefully!" Lele explained as he pointed at the two large boxes.

Following this, the two hosts announced the competition segments and the rules.

The first segment was a singing battle, and there were a total of five songs. Every member of each team must memorise one song, and then sing a duet with the opposing team without the lyrics sheet. Whoever sung the wrong lyrics first, lost. The members of the winning team would obtain the privilege of choosing props from the two boxes first.

"Jiaojiao has the best memory amongst us, so we should give Jiaojiao the song with the most difficult lyrics." Zhang Yue's team quickly started dividing the songs amongst them. Sheng Jiaoyang was known for her good memory. She could memorise her lines quickly and accurately, thus she never got an NG for saying the wrong line.

After both teams had finished dividing their songs, they were given a three minute countdown to memorise the lyrics.

The cameraman caught the expression of everyone as they memorised the lyrics on camera.

Some people sounded like a broken record and the expressions they made whilst singing were hilarious. There were also a few with anxious, sad, and bitter expressions. In comparison to them, Sheng Jiaoyang only read the lyrics twice before she started walking around the stage idly. This scene was rather unusual.

Lele pointed at Sheng Jiaoyang, who was still wandering around, and said, "I’ll have to trouble the Director to specifically mark out Xu Jiaojiao's route around the stage during post-production."

The audience laughed.

"Jiaojiao, hurry up and memorise the lyrics!" Liu Lu shouted.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked towards the audience and finally stopped walking around. She looked down at the paper and pretended as if she was memorising the lyrics.

"Alright, time’s up! Quickly hand in the lyrics and get ready for the match!" As soon as the time was up, Huanhuan went to collect all of the lyrics.

The song Sheng Jiaoyang had memorised was a rap song with many verses. Following the unanimous request of both teams, this song was pushed out as the first duet song.

"You go first," the young man from Wu Tianyi’s team said to Sheng Jiaoyang in a gentlemanly manner.

The corner of Sheng Jiaoyang’s mouth raised slightly and she went ahead, directly reciting a section of verses. However, she suddenly stopped when she got to the most complex part, and the other party immediately got stuck without letting out another word. It was obvious that he’d forgotten the rest of the lyrics.

"Wow, Jiaojiao, I'm really impressed. I didn't expect you to rap so well!" Lele applauded.

"Jiaojiao, don’t tell me that you did your homework in advance? You didn't seem to take it seriously when you were memorising the lyrics earlier," Huanhuan probed.

"That’s impossible. We didn't do a dress rehearsal, and the lyrics were handed out on the spot," Captain Zhang Yue defended.

"Haha, I'm just kidding. How could you possibly prepare in advance? Our program team won’t play any dirty tricks!" Huanhuan hastily glossed over it with an awkward smile.

"Everyone, break a leg! I would like to remind you that the props in the two boxes are very useful!" Lele quickly changed the topic.

To win this segment, the rest give it their all and fought at close quarters. Zhang Yue’s team consisted of young actors, who had a relatively good memory, so they won the first segment and obtained the privilege of choosing their props first.

"Now, Zhang Yue’s team can proceed to Box No. 1 and choose their props," Lele said.

Everyone gathered around Box No. 1, and the camera shifted to a bird’s eye view. The items inside were displayed on the big screen. There was an inflatable hammer, a balloon, tassel curtains, a Shiatsu sheet, and all kinds of items that couldn’t be seen clearly.

One of the guests couldn't help but ask, "What are these props for?"

"It's a secret for now. Have a look and choose the one you want," the two well-informed hosts slyly responded.

"I think these props may be used during the ultimate battle in the final segment. Captain, how about you take this inflatable hammer?" one of Zhang Yue’s teammates proposed.

They hadn’t done a dress rehearsal, so no one knew what was going to happen in the final segment. Thus, they had to choose props based on their own assumptions.

The majority of Zhang Yue’s team felt that the final segment was most likely hand-to-hand combat, so they chose all kinds of items that were suitable for fighting. As for Tianyi’s team, they could only pick the leftovers, such as the balloon, Shiatsu sheet, tassel curtains, etc. They truly didn’t know what these items could be used for.

The second segment was about to begin.

Two lines were drawn on the ground, and the guests stood on the first line. They must walk to the second line while blindfolded and couldn’t step on the line or cross the line. In the end, whoever was closest to the second line would win.

This segment was all about intuition.

The props in Box No. 2 appeared in front of everyone’s eyes after the first person won. The items in it were completely different from those in the other box. There were things like a helmet, cup, pan, bowl, ladle, and basin.

"What’s all this?"

"Seeing these things, I’m dreading the next segment. How on earth are we going to compete in the next round?"

"I noticed that the things in this box have one thing in common: they can contain things."

"I truly don’t understand the purpose of these props."

The guests holding a pan, bowl, ladle, and basin were blindfolded. This scene made the audience erupt in laughter and they were all the more curious about the next highlight.

"Hahaha…allow me to laugh for a while longer!" the two hosts laughed until their bellies hurt at the thought of the next segment.

Lele contained his emotions and exclaimed, "Alright! Let’s welcome the props for the final segment!"

When the props appeared, everyone had a bad feeling. Sure enough…

"Now, let me explain the rules of this final battle. The two teams will put the props they obtained from Box No. 1 on each other's passageway as obstacles. Within the specified time, each team will take the props they obtained from Box No. 2 and fill them with water at the starting point. Then, they must proceed to the finish line and pour the water into the glass container. The team with the most water in the glass container wins."

"Alright! The two team captains will play rock-paper-scissors, and the victor’s team will start first."

The members of both teams were shouting for their captain to lose the game, and Zhang Yue sadly won.

Wu Tianyi’s team had lost the first round, so the props they’d obtained were leftovers. Items like the inflatable hammer and the wooden club were taken by Zhang Yue’s team.

"Hahaha, winning the first segment was useless. What can that hammer or wooden club do? Let’s hurry up and place the Shiatsu sheet on the arch bridge and hang the tassel curtains on the shackled passageway. The balloon can be tied to the running board at the shackled passageway." Wu Tianyi's team was very naughty. They started placing the props they’d obtained from the first round in a frenzy on the other team’s passageway.

The members of Zhang Yue’s team stared at one another with the feeling of having shot themselves in the foot. They’d picked out the props they found useful, only to discover that the leftover props were the most useful.

As they stared at the Shiatsu sheet laid on the arch bridge, they felt a shiver run down their spines.

The way Tianyi’s team arranged the props made things a lot more difficult for Zhang Yue’s team. Not to mention the horrendous Shiatsu sheet, the tassel curtains hanging on the shackled passageway greatly hindered the view, and the balloon tied to the running board at the shackled passageway had to be trampled on before one could pass through it. Moreover, the running board footboard was suspended in the air by chains, so it was difficult to grasp the bearing strength, making it much more challenging to step on the balloon. Furthermore, they had to pay attention to the water they were carrying, so they could only advance slowly.

As expected, in the end, Zhang Yue’s team lost the game.

"Confess, confess, confess…" Everyone on Wu Tianyi’s team joined in the fun and shouted, one after another, encouraging the audience to follow suit.

"Remember, you must post a recent photo of the opposite sex along with the text: 'I like you'," the host reminded.

Sheng Jiaoyang retrieved her phone from Xu Ping and quickly browsed through her memories. Whose picture did she take lately? As she was flipping through the photo album, she suddenly felt as if she was struck by lightning.

Aside from selfies and group photos, the most recent photo of the opposite sex she’d taken was of Shen Zhining!

She suddenly remembered that this was the photo she’d taken on a whim, when Shen Zhining was sleeping on the sofa. She’d really shot herself in the foot this time!

OMG! She had to post this photo on Weibo and, at the same time, confess her love to Shen Zhining?!

This is insane!!!

She rolled her eyes and was about to secretly delete the photo.

"Hey, hey, hey! Jiaojiao, don't press the wrong button, especially not the delete button!" Huanhuan, whose eyes were on her all this time, drew everyone's attention to Sheng Jiaoyang.

This time, the program team was taking it to the extreme with this game, and was appropriately using this opportunity to make the headlines. Everyone on Zhang Yue’s team was monitored as they selected a recent solo photo of the opposite sex from their albums.

Because the person in Sheng Jiaoyang’s photo wasn’t from the entertainment industry, the program team allowed her to cover his face with an emoji sticker. Thus, she stuck a lion face on Shen Zhining's face and posted it on the Weibo account managed by Xu Ping with the words, ‘I like you’.

The rest of Zhang Yue’s team also posted a photo, each expressing their love on Weibo.

"Oh! Zhang Yue, it turned out that you’re quite close with Jiaojiao in private?" Huanhuan teased.

The person in Zhang Yue’s photo turned out to be Jiaojiao. This was a rare shot of Jiaojiao sticking out her tongue with an adorable expression. The Mandarin Duck hotpot in the photo made it quite obvious that this photo was taken while they were eating hot pot together.

"We’re friends who got acquainted during the shoot, and this was a photo taken when we went to eat hotpot after work together with our assistants; they were sitting beside us at that time," Zhang Yue explained.

"There’s no need to explain things. You only explain when you have something to hide. I understand, I really do!" Huanhuan said with an ambiguous smile.

After Zhang Yue’s team had posted on Weibo, the fans, haters and netizens, who weren’t aware of the situation, were shocked.

[What's going on here? What! Is! Going! On?!]

[Is today some kind of special day? How come the main and supporting cast of ‘Redeeming My IGD Boyfriend’ are expressing their love, one after another, on Weibo?!]

[Zhang Yue's confession towards Xu Jiaojiao made sense because he wrote ‘Zhen Xin, I like your sincerity.’ Which was to say that he was creating a topic of discussion for his upcoming drama.][1]

[But, what about Jiaojiao?]

[Who’s the man with the lion face sticker? From his physique, you can see that he isn’t Zhang Yue.]

Extraordinary netizens managed to pick out the features of the lion-faced man.

[Isn't this the handsome and rich young master who’s rumoured to have dumped Xu Jiaojiao?!]

1. This is a pun. Zhen Xin is the name Jiaojiao goes by in the drama but sincerity also sounds like "Zhen Xin" in Mandarin.

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