Chapter 145 - Variety Show

"Welcome to ‘Endless Joy’!"

"I’m Huanhuan~" exclaimed the female host.

"I’m Lele," the male host said.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Wu Tianyi." A tall and handsome guy appeared behind the two hosts and winked at the audience, causing an uproar.

Huanhuan then asked, "Everyone must be curious as to why we’ve changed our show’s name, right?"

"Tianyi’s appearance probably made the audience forget our show’s original name," Lele followed along and said.

"I don't believe it. Everyone, please prove to Lele that you haven’t lost your head because of Tianyi! The original name is—" Huanhuan pointed the microphone towards the audience.

"Extreme Joy!" the audience shouted cooperatively.

"Lele, did you hear that? Our audience is very rational~" Huanhuan cast a sidelong glance at her partner.

"I’m very pleased!" Lele caressed his bare chin and exclaimed in a wacky tone.

"Speaking of which, Tianyi, do you know the reason behind the change?" Huanhuan promptly tossed the topic to today's special guest.

Wu Tianyi’s lips curled into a smile. "Is it because of me?"

"Bingo!" Lele then added, "She’s Huanhuan, I’m Lele, and you’re Old Wu; we’re the...

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