Chapter 100 - Shooting a Drama

The new little assistant, Ning Xiaoruan, was currently witnessing, in his opinion, an extraordinary event. Xu Jiaojiao, who didn’t seem to have done anything special, had just joined the director’s circle of approval.

What had happened to the agreed on exclusion? The ‘flatter the powerful and step on the weak’? The two faced schemers?

Things that might’ve happened in other crews, didn’t happen in the crew of ‘Redeeming my IGD Boyfriend’. Everybody was friendly, and even the director said that the atmosphere in the crew this time was the best he’d ever worked with before. Even when there was a competition between newcomers, it was only shown when it was time to act, and everyone got along well in private!

“Action!” the director shouted.

Today was the meet and greet the game developers had organised for the players.

Zhen Xin had tried all the plans she and her roommates had come up with to save her boyfriend from his internet addiction, but every time, she’d failed. Not even breaking up would make him give up his internet addiction. Thus, she finally decided to put all her efforts into fighting him inside the game. She forced Liao Jiayi’s roommate to give her Liao Jiayi’s in-game coordinates, and then she approached him in the game. Using her deep understanding of Liao Jiayi, she accompanied him to beat the boss and look at the mountains, rivers, and all sorts of scenery in-game.

Liao Jiayi had no idea that the person he was playing with everyday was actually the same Zhen Xin that was right beside him. However, as somebody who understood him even more than his roommate, an internet friend that had such tacit understanding of him, it was almost like they were destined for each other. They’d clearly never met, but it was like they knew each other extremely well. Every minute and second in the game with her, made him feel happy, and slowly, he realised that his heart was being moved. If she wasn’t online, he’d feel worried, and if he was out with friends, he’d wonder if she was online waiting for him.

Finally, the meet and greet day arrived.

Liao Jiayi was both excited and worried.

Zhen Xin’s heart felt the same as Liao Jiayi’s.

When Liao Jiayi saw Zhen Xin at the meet and greet, he was shocked.

Zhen Xin had specially dressed herself up, curling her long, straight hair into waves, and delicately applying makeup. Her eyelashes were curled and coated with mascara, while her lips had a layer of shiny lip gloss on them. She wore a light green dress, and together with her tall height, she was immediately the focus of everyone’s attention.

She was the tallest out of all the girls there, so all the other girls standing beside her were almost invisible.

“Beauty, did you come to the wrong place?” somebody asked.

“Isn’t this place the meet and greet for the game?” Zhen Xin smiled as she looked straight at Liao Jiayi.

“It is. Who are you, then?”

“I’m-” Zhen Xin suddenly didn’t want to reveal her identity, and instead used the name of her roommate’s casual account. “Sian.”

“Sian? I don’t recognise it.”

The female players scattered, only leaving a crowd of male players asking her questions.

Liao Jiayi was surprised to see his girlfriend here. He never knew that Zhen Xin also played this game. He knew there was a new player called Sian recently added into the guild. If Sian was Zhen Xin, then did that mean she’d seen his interactions in-game with Thousand Years Immortal?

“Thousand Years Immortal still hasn’t come?” A female player that was ruthlessly beaten by Thousand Years Immortal in-game, nicknamed the Original No.1 Beauty, Lovable and Charming, inspected her surroundings.

“Yeah, I’m also looking forward to seeing her,” a voice said.

Liao Jiayi’s body stiffened as he turned to see his girlfriend striding towards him with a beautiful smile. His heart felt weak; sure enough, Zhen Xin knew.

“Wow, she’s even more beautiful than the Original No.1 Beauty!”

“If she joined the top beauty contest, number one wouldn’t be Lovable and Charming anymore.”

Off to the side, a few people were gossiping, and their voices could faintly be heard across the room.

Lovable and Charming’s face turned unhappy as she glowered at the nearby Zhen Xin.

“Cut! Over!” the director shouted.

Everyone on scene relaxed. The actress, who was playing Lovable and Charming, Song Yan, was still in her role and hadn’t reacted yet.

Sheng Jiaoyang hooked Song Yan’s chin, her tone coquettish as she teasingly said, “Beauty, if you keep looking at me like that, I’ll think that you’ve fallen for me.”

Song Yan instantly disengaged from her role and happily laughed back. After laughing, she exclaimed, “Jiaojiao, you looked so great just now that it was like you were glowing even without the editing! I almost forgot we were acting. I only managed to adjust my expressions at the last moment from memory!”

Probably all of the actresses on the scene thought about how they’d look if they played the role of Zhen Xin. However, even if they were more beautiful, they still wouldn’t be like Xu Jiaojiao’s Zhen Xin. Her long legs and height were completely incomparable to theirs.

As for the male actors, their faces were also astonished. They didn’t need to hide the expressions of shock on their faces when Xu Jiaojiao, playing Zhen Xin, had walked through the door. However, it really was tough being the male lead, Zhang Yue. His expressions needed to be complex and indecisive, with each emotion clearly displayed and well acted. His slow reaction in the close up just now resulted in an NG.

They rested for a bit and were lectured by the director again. After another two NGs, the scene was soon over.

The next scene was the male and female lead’s chat after the meet and greet.

Liao Jiayi, who couldn’t wait for Thousand Years Immortal, felt a bit uneasy and impatient. When he heard that Zhen Xin had asked to talk to him, he wanted to refuse at first, but then felt that he couldn’t escape forever and decided to be honest with her.

“Jiayi, before your games were just games, and you were never distracted during our dates. But, recently, you don’t even pay attention while we’re eating together. Because of this, I decided to join the game and see what you normally do, to see what’s influencing your life so much in the game. I shouldn’t need to say more for you to know what I saw!” Zhen Xin’s face was expressionless.

Liao Jiayi was silent for a few moments before responding in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Xinxin.”

“‘I’m sorry’?” Zhen Xin laughed bitterly. “We’ve been together for so many years, and yet it’s ending with just a simple ‘I’m sorry’?”

Liao Jiayi looked at Zhen Xin sadly. He wanted to reach out and hug her, but was brushed off.

“Tell me, are you going to choose her, or me?!” Zhen Xin asked firmly.

“I don’t know.” Liao Jiayi clutched his hair and couldn’t help but fidget.

“Alright, Jiayi. I’ll give you time to think clearly, but don’t make me wait too long. I hope that in three days' time, you can give me an answer.” Zhen Xin stared at Liao Jiayi deeply before turning around to leave.

“Cut! Today went smoothly and it looks like everyone’s conditions are okay, so we’ll wait a bit before continuing to film,” the director said.

“Everyone has to be prepared, we’ll film the rain break up scene next.”

“Wasn’t the break up scene tomorrow?” Zhang Yue, who was planning to study the break up scene tonight, was startled.

“Today’s cloudy weather is very good for filming the rain scene, and your conditions are very good today. So, there’s no reason to wait for tomorrow. What? Do you have an issue with that?” The director’s face practically radiated ‘even if you do have a problem, I don’t care, I don't care, I just won’t care’.

Seeing the director’s expression, Zhang Yue felt like somebody had just stuffed a lemon into his mouth. How sour, how sad…

The crying in the rain scene placed a lot of stress on the actor and actress’s abilities. It couldn’t be too exaggerated, and had to pull other people into their emotions. The key was to blend the tears with the rain.

“Jiaojiao, let’s study the script together.” Zhang Yue found Sheng Jiaoyang eating an apple.

“Alright.” Sheng Jiaoyang continued munching on her apple.

“You’re even eating your hair with the apple.” Zhang Yue reached out to pull a strand of the wig from the corner of her mouth.

The assistant director, who was filming behind the scenes footage, caught it on camera.

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