Chapter 96: Getting Someone Else to do the Dirty Work

After Bai Luochu appeared with the identity as Luo Chu, Pei Wuchen sent his secret guard to keep watch in the dark.

“If Luo Chu makes any huge waves, remember to report back to me immediately.” Pei Wuchen had always been a distinguished and refined person. When he spoke about Bai Luochu, he was still paying attention to his image. He was currently writing a poem onto a folding fan.

“Yes, my lord. This subordinate understands.” That secret guard responded and was about to head out in a flash.

“Hey, wait up.” Pei Wuchen suddenly recalled something and called out to the secret guard.

“My lord, please give your orders.” The secret guard lowered his head with a very respectful expression.

Pei Wuchen stayed silent for a moment and seemed to have made a decision. “If she is out alone and runs into some trouble, remember to offer assistance at the crucial moment. But beware not to expose your identity and cause trouble for me.”

“This subordinate understands. However… If Young Lady Feng finds out... I am afraid there will be trouble.”

When Pei Wuchen heard this, his hand moved abruptly, causing the ink to smudge on the surface of the fan. Just like this, a high quality folding fan was wasted. He then placed down the fan and explained, “Previously when I didn’t know about it, it was natural for me to ignore her well-being. Now that I know of it, I cannot simply neglect her. After all, she is still my fiancée and it is normal for me to offer some protection.”

Pei Wuchen’s explanation was naturally flawless in the eyes of the secret guard. He was the only one who knew of the truth behind his words.These were just words to beat about the bush, if he was truly thinking along this line, he wouldn’t ruin his folding fan.

Pei Wuchen was silently lamenting. He had yet to see her in person and he didn’t know why he was so considerate towards her. He even seemed somewhat obsessed. If he had seen her in person, he would suspect that she had cast a curse on him.

Just as Pei Wuchen gave his orders, Feng Wan’er and her senior brother were discussing how to make Luo Chu vanish without a trace. They were going to make her disappear in order to remove all the threats in Feng Wan’er path.

“According to junior sister’s intention, how do you wish to deal with Wuchen’s so-called ‘fiancée’?” That feminine man had a calm expression that didn’t allow anyone to see through the thoughts in his mind.

“How do I wish to deal with her?” Feng Wan’er’s brows bunched up and she made an awful expression. Her words were so vicious that no one would believe that it came from the mouth of an innocent looking young lady.

“If I am to make a move, I will definitely kill her and turn her body into ashes. I will then use the Spirit Capture Technique to imprison her soul inside the Phoenix King Valley’s forbidden area. I will include a few curses that won’t allow her to hinder me in this lifetime, I want her to be restricted in a place as a wandering ghost for eternity! I never want her to reincarnate!!”

At the final part of her statement, Feng Wan’er’s jaws were clenched together tightly and she sounded very vicious. It was as though Luo Chu was her lifelong enemy. But when all was said and done, Luo Chu was just an infant who didn’t know what was happening when the late emperor engaged her to the Third Prince. How could she go against the late emperor’s orders? Feng Wan’er hatred towards Luo Chu was completely unjustified.

When the feminine man saw Feng Wan’er’s appearance, he sighed inwardly. The world knew that the daughter of the Phoenix King Valley Master had inherited her parents’ talent for cultivation and their celestial looks. She was even extremely talented when it came to cultivation, but the world didn’t know that Feng Wan’er could be described with a phrase, ‘face of a fairy, heart of a snake’. She was arrogant and despotic as she had been spoiled since she was a child. She even caused several disciples to lose their lives because they offended her.\

No matter what, such people had a shortcoming. The feminine man’s mouth curled upwards while he sneered in his heart.

They had an overly smooth sailing life and it robbed them of their shrewdness and intelligence to scheme against others. Whenever they wanted to deal with people, they would simply resort to violence to kill their target.

The feminine man’s thoughts were revolving hundreds and thousands of times in his mind, while Feng Wan’er continued to prattle endlessly, “Had it not been for someone who kept saying that ‘doing so would dirty your hands’, I would have already killed her a few months ago. All this trouble could be avoided.”

“Look at the situation now. If she told the truth to Wuchen, there will definitely be animosity between us. Our relationship will turn sour!”

“Junior sister, don’t be anxious. Senior brother has good news to share with you.” That feminine man frowned slightly as though he was fed up with Feng Wan’er’s long-winded and brainless banter.

When Feng Wan’er heard her senior brother, she immediately became silent and waited for him to deliver the good news.

When that feminine man saw Feng Wan’er shutting her mouth, he replied, “Previously, when junior sister gave the orders to look for a young lady named ‘Luo Chu’, I secretly investigated her to relieve junior sister’s worries. I discovered some really beneficial information from my investigation. When Luo Chu was in the Bestial Battle Arena, she lost her memory because she suffered severe injuries from the spirit beasts. No one would know about the things that junior sister had done.”

“But what if… she suddenly remembers?” Feng Wan’er heard the news and she calmed down. However, she was still worried in her heart.

“So… all we need to do is to make sure that she doesn’t remember.”

“Does senior brother mean that before she regains her memory, we should act first and…” Feng Wan’er probed but didn’t finish her sentence. She made a throat slitting action. 

“Junior sister guessed it right. This is my intention but we cannot act hastily. The Hall Masters and the Elders in the valley are already not too happy with your character. Furthermore, we have important matters to carry out soon. If you create trouble right now, I am afraid that not even the Valley Master will be able to protect you. You will definitely be scolded by the elder. You won’t be able to immediately kill Luo Chu if that happens.”

“That is true. Our true objective for this trip is because of ‘that’. If I ruin the plan, not even my father will spare me. However, how are we going to eliminate her without making a huge commotion?”

“After Luo Chu lost her memory, she became tangled with the Second Prince. Right now, there are plenty of young ladies in this imperial city who admire the Second Prince. She is just a wastrel with crippled meridians and doesn’t have any reliable backer. When the time is right, junior sister should invite those young ladies for tea. You can then ‘conveniently’ divulge the matters between the Second Prince and Luo Chu. You will be selling them a favor and can also eliminate Luo Chu without lifting your hands.”

Feng Wan’er thought for a moment and thought that this plan was pretty good. She then replied in a sweet tone, “Senior brother is so amazing! You can even help me resolve such a difficult situation.”

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