Chapter 89: First Meeting with Her Uncle

Bai Luochu’s final few words sounded a little light and didn’t seem to possess any weight behind them. However, they were like sledgehammers that slammed into the servant girl’s heart.

That servant girl didn’t let Bai Luochu down and immediately fainted.

“Does anyone else want to stop me?” Bai Luochu squinted her eyes and looked around, only to see a few servant girls and manservants who originally wanted to stand out. They lowered their heads and treated it as though nothing happened.

“Take her away. Uncle is about to return. Don’t let such filthy things dirty uncle’s eyes.” Bai Luochu kept mentioning her uncle because she knew that this was the only word to control these people.

As expected, when they heard her, they immediately carried this servant girl away quickly. Originally, Bai Luochu didn’t wish to intimidate these servant girls and manservants at such an early stage. However, they were too insolent and left her with no choice.

That servant girl had never cultivated and after Bai Luochu used her spirit qi to pinch her chin and immobilize her, it was already more than enough punishment. Furthermore, Bai Luochu had even secretly used her spiritual energy to suppress and erode the servant girl’s spiritual energy, causing it to be unstable. It was extremely normal to faint after her spiritual energy collapsed, but even if this servant girl woke up later, her mind would no longer be the same as before.

In the end, she brought it upon herself.

If she wasn’t in a hurry to take credit and wanted to be in the limelight in front of the uncle’s family, she wouldn’t face such a sad fate.

Pei Qingfeng prepared himself and was ready to move out at any time. His personal guard asked, “My lord, When do you want to set off to the general's residence?”

“No need to hurry. Wait for the report before doing anything.” Pei Qingfeng gently shook the folding fan in his hand with an unfathomable expression on his face.

The guard became even more curious. Earlier on, it was Pei Qingfeng who hurried him to tidy up his attire and now Pei Qingfeng was also the one singing another tune. The guard was really curious about what was about to go down.

Right at this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared in Pei Qingfeng’s courtyard.

“My lord, that person is arriving at the general's residence soon.” The secret guard that Pei Qingfeng sent out earlier had returned with news.

“Alright, I got it.” Pei Qingfeng beckoned his hand as in indication for the secret guard to be dismissed. He then turned to speak with his personal guard, “Prepare the carriage. We will move out now.”

When the guard thought about how he was about to watch a great show, he became really excited and rushed off to prepare the carriage.

Over at the other side, the smoke of battle had started to fill the air in the general's residence.

As soon as Bai Luochu’s uncle alighted the carriage, he saw Uncle Liang waiting at the entrance. He immediately kicked Uncle Liang without hesitation and reprimanded him, “You old man. I simply went out for a few days and asked you to look after the residence. You’ve done it now. How dare you bring that bitch back. I painstakingly sent off that lowly lass and now, you act all proper and bring her back... You are just a dog to watch the door! If you can’t even watch the door properly, what use do I have for you?!”

Maybe he still couldn’t vent his anger after scolding as he continued to stomp on Uncle Liang a few times before walking into the residence.

Uncle Liang was already used to getting scolded and beaten up by the uncle and it was as though his body was already numb. He didn’t even resist and guided them towards the main hall.

Uncle Liang had been waiting at the entrance and still didn’t know that Bai Luochu’s lunch had been tampered with. He naturally didn’t know of Bai Luochu’s series of actions in front of the main hall. He assumed that Bai Luochu was still staying inside her room and he felt that nothing could go wrong.

“The servants learned of Lord Uncle’s return and were busy since morning. They prepared a welcoming back feast in the main hall for you.” Uncle Liang spoke in a seemingly respectful tone.

The uncle felt the satisfaction of being the master as he imitated one as he marched in slowly. He nodded his head slightly at Uncle Liang while walking in.

“Lord uncle has arrived…” Before Uncle Liang could finish his words, he saw Bai Luochu seated at the host seat of the round table with a fake smile on her face. She stared at the lord uncle and his family.

Uncle Liang knew this wasn’t good and a storm of blood was probably going to arrive. However, it was too late as they were already here. There was no way to mediate this situation and he simply braced himself and carried on.

“Young Lady, you are here too.” Uncle Liang’s tone was rather calm but his volume was rather soft, revealing his current frame of mind.

“Of course. Uncle, aunt, and younger cousin sister have returned from their trip. How can I not do my part as the host and personally welcome them?” Bai Luochu still had that insincere smile and emotionless eyes which didn’t allow anyone to read her current thoughts.

“You little wench. The current owner of this general's residence isn’t you and this welcome feast is prepared for us. What makes you think you can sit there?! Quickly get down and return back to your room and stop humiliating yourself here.” When Bai Luochu’s aunt saw that Bai Luochu had returned and was perfectly fine, she was extremely enraged. She couldn’t vent her anger on her husband in public, hence, she vented it on Bai Luochu.

However, the current Bai Luochu wasn’t that orphan girl who was a pushover any longer. Bai Luochu’s title as the evil dao witch wasn’t obtained for no reason and she wasn’t going to obediently listen to them. Instead, she immediately retorted sarcastically.

“Aunt seems to have it all wrong. This general's residence is left behind by my father. Even if we discuss this matter, my paternal uncles should have more authority to inherit this place. As the only daughter of my father, I am naturally the legitimate successor and the true owner of this general's residence.”

“Previously, I was young and insensible. Now that I have grown up, I should be the one handling the general’s residence, right? I shall not harp on all the money that uncle and aunt had spent. Pay attention in the future and don’t let me find out about it. Otherwise, you will not be let off so easily.”

Her uncle instantly became suspicious. How was she such a different person? If she were to face them like this in the past, she would run away with her tails between her legs. However, right now, she not only dared to sit on the master seat, she even dared to threaten them.

Although he had his doubts, he didn’t treat it as a problem. He simply thought that Bai Luochu was only putting up a front as he walked over, intending to drag her off the seat.

When Bai Luochu saw it, she knew that the uncle and his family weren’t going to be convinced until they faced the grim reality. She silently took out her silver needle and looked for the opportunity to make a move. Just as her poison needle was able to puncture her uncle’s skin, a manservant suddenly entered and reported a piece of information, interrupting Bai Luochu’s plan.

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