Chapter 88: Setting an Example

“Action? Of course I’ll take action. Otherwise, how will I be worthy of their effort?” Bai Luochu grasped the silver needle in her hand tightly and dark thoughts flew through her mind.

“Mistress, then you are preparing…” Before Cai Ling could finish her question, Bai Luochu interrupted her.

“Is my uncle and his family back yet?” Bai Luochu asked.

When Cai Ling heard Bai Luochu’s abrupt question, doubts formed in her mind. In the end, she replied obediently, “They aren’t back yet. But I heard from the others in the residence that they should be back soon.”

Bai Luochu nodded and instructed, “Send all of the food back. I will go for a stroll at the entrance.” 

“Mistress, the sun is so glaring right now, what are you going to do?” When Cai Ling saw that Bai Luochu had a strange expression, she asked with concern.

“What am I going to do? My great uncle and his family have already given me such a huge present before returning to the residence, it is natural for me to be outside to welcome them back. I can pay my respects to them while I’m at it.” Bai Luochu revealed a pretentious smile enough to make one tremble with fear.

“Young Lady, why not wait in the main hall? When the servants heard that the lord uncle was returning, they became extremely diligent in their duties and had even set up a small feast in the main hall. All of them said that it was the welcoming home feast for the lord uncle.” Cai Ling felt that if her mistress were to stand in the hot sun without eating anything for lunch, her body might not be able to take it.

Bai Luochu silently muttered to herself for a moment and felt that this was indeed a rather good idea. After all, this was an internal affair of the general's residence and as the saying goes, ‘family scandals shouldn’t be made public’. If someone were to see the commotion in public, it definitely wouldn’t be good for the general's residence’s reputation. She nodded and expressed that she agreed with Cai Ling’s suggestion.

As such, the mistress and servant duo walked out of the room together. One of them returned the rotten dishes back to the kitchen untouched, while the other headed towards the main hall to confront her uncle and his family.

At this moment, an interesting scene played out in a carriage not far from the capital city.

“Didn’t you say that the cheap lass is dead? Why is she able to return in one piece?” The person speaking was an old married woman.

She had a pair of inverted triangle-shaped eyes, thin and sparse brows that were too close to each other, making her glabella rather narrow. She had high cheekbones and her cheeks caved inwards. Her nose and mouth were small yet protruding. A single look at her would cause anyone to feel uncomfortable. She had the typical look of a mean woman.

The middle-aged man being questioned had a rather good looking face, but it seemed like he had been indulgent in many years of luxury. He had a dispirited expression and he looked rather tired.

When he was being questioned by his own wife, he became frustrated and angrily snapped.

“How would I know? I have to admit that this lowly lass really has a resilient life. She can even come back after experiencing those things. No matter what, since we did it once, we will be able to do it again. This time, if she is willing to listen obediently, then nothing will happen. If she is still as stubborn as she was before, she can’t blame her uncle for being merciless.”

“Father, she is still the true mistress of the general's residence. Why not think of a better method to control her? That should be the best way. Just in case someone investigates us, we will be able to provide a proper explanation. Losing the residence is a small matter, but it will be bad if we cannot even keep our lives.”

The one who commented was a young lady around Bai Luochu’s age. She resembled the middle-aged man in the carriage and was obviously the daughter of this couple.

“Oh, our daughter is really smart! You are unlike your mother who is always making a ruckus for no reason. It seems like I am only adding to our troubles.”

The middle-aged man glared at his wife with a look of disdain.

The married woman might be furious but her daughter was still sitting in front of her. There were some things she couldn’t do. In the end, she whispered a threat to the man’s ear, “When we return, I will show you the consequences.”

The man suddenly shuddered and revealed a terrified expression.

As the couple were in a dispute, they failed to notice that their daughter’s eyes were filled with despise towards them.

As the carriage was getting closer to the capital city, the trio in the carriage were still plotting  about how they would deal with Bai Luochu. Little did they know that Bai Luochu had already disrupted their plans.

Just as Bai Luochu was about to step into the main hall, someone appeared and obstructed her.

“You cannot go in. The main hall has dishes that are prepared for lord uncle. What if you make things dirty in there?” The one speaking was a servant girl.

The servant girl was acting haughty and arrogant as though she was the mistress and Bai Luochu was the servant.

Bai Luochu didn’t want to waste her energy on such useless people and directly walked towards the main hall. She completely ignored the servant girl.

The servant girl immediately grew furious and yanked Bai Luochu backwards. She yelled, “I already said you cannot enter! Do you really think you are the Mistress?”

When Bai Luochu heard the servant girl, she forcefully swung her sleeve and threw the servant girl to the ground. She snapped, “What did you just say?”

It was unknown if the servant girl was intimidated because she got thrown to the ground or because of Bai Luochu’s imposing manner. She stared blankly at Bai Luochu and forgot to respond.

Bai Luochu crouched down and leveled her line of sight with the servant girl before pinching the servant girl’s chin. Putting aside the fact that her hands were releasing spirit qi, she was using her spiritual energy to oppress that servant girl’s spirits, not allowing her to struggle in the slightest.

“You better remember what I am about to say next, otherwise, you might die without knowing the reason why.” The servant girl seemed to be fearful and wanted to struggle free. However, how would Bai Luochu allow her to do so? Bai Luochu put in more strength in her hands and said, “Since you call my uncle ‘lord uncle’, then you should understand that he isn’t the true owner of the general's residence. This general's residence only has one true owner and it’s me.”

“I am the owner of the general’s residence, the former military great general’s orphan child… Luo Chu!”

The servant girl was already frightened witless and lost her soul as she was trembling like a leaf. She was about to fall over at any moment.

“This general's residence is mine, and I will go wherever I wish to go. I will not tolerate anyone who offers a differing opinion. You are a mere servant girl and you think that you’re obtaining a backer because of my uncle’s return? You are really naive. Since you are in such a hurry to express your loyalty to my uncle, then I shall not obstruct you. Now that you’re so afraid, you can’t even think straight. You won’t be able to stop me from doing what I want. What do you think you should do next? Why not demonstrate your sincerity by dying?”

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