Chapter 84: Ying Lan’s Visit

When Bai Luochu looked at the dishes in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel sad. She looked back and realized that she had gotten used to life in the First Prince’s residence. Now that she suddenly came back to the general’s residence, she couldn’t really adapt.

These dishes might not be delicacies but they were still passable, at the very least, they were similar to the cold leftovers she had in the Bestial Battle Arena. Bai Luochu might be consoling herself, but she still ate everything without focusing on the taste. She couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. She thought that it was easy to get used to an extravagant life, but not the other way round. She was the perfect example.

Bai Luochu placed the leftovers inside the meal box and carried on drawing the incomplete map. She worked all the way into the night...

Just as Bai Luochu was about to sleep, she heard a sound coming from outside.

Bai Luochu immediately grew suspicious and she gripped the poison needles in her hand tightly. She was ready to turn the person into a hedgehog with the needles if she had to.

A black shadow climbed into the room through the window at the back and walked towards the small hall of the chamber. Just as Bai Luochu was going to make a move, that black clothed man spoke.

“Mistress, it’s me. You don’t have to worry.” The person who entered the room was none other than Ying Lan.

Bai Luochu immediately let out a breath of relief and asked, “Why are you here? It’s so late at night… If you need something, can’t you wait for me to visit you in the Remote Paddy Inn?”

Bai Luochu became speechless. Ying Lan was a skilled secret guard who should be carrying out assassinations and earning money for her. But after he had to secretly climb the walls to look for her in the First Prince's residence, this secret guard of hers never dyed his hands in blood again. As for his wall climbing skills… he was getting so good at it he should change his profession to a thief instead.

Ying Lan didn’t reply to Bai Luochu’s question and asked in return, “Mistress, how can such a huge general's residence not house a single proper guard? I put in so much effort in order to sneak into the First Prince’s residence but entering this general’s residence is like entering my courtyard. This is simply too dangerous. Mistress, do you need this subordinate to send some guards here to protect you?”

Seeing how Ying Lan was disliking the fact that the general's residence didn’t have a proper guard and was even asking if he should send more people to protect her, a warm feeling blossomed in her heart. However, regardless of the concerned expression on Ying Lan’s face, Bai Luochu’s words were as unforgiving as ever.

“Say, aren’t you a fully grown man? Why are you acting like an old woman? The First Prince's residence has so many guards because of his identity, furthermore, he is an heir candidate to the throne. I am just a lowly Young Lady in this rotten general's residence. There should be some money lying around, but my cheap uncle probably squandered them all. Why would a thief waste their time trying to steal from a run-down shack?”

Ying Lan thought about it and felt that it was true. There was no longer a need to quarrel with Bai Luochu about the matter. When he heard her mention about her uncle, he suddenly remembered his true objective.

“Mistress, after you left today, I racked my brains and thought about your situation. People who lived here should be aware of your behaviour and personality. As such, this subordinate did some research on the previous owner of your body. I tidied up the information just before coming. Please take a look.”

Bai Luochu was amazed by Ying Lan’s attentiveness and his work efficiency. She was worried she would expose herself several hours ago. She never expected that someone would solve all her problems with a single report.

“You are really considerate.” Bai Luochu smiled and was gratified.

When all was said and done, she still had a skilled and able subordinate by her side, allowing her to slowly take root and establish herself in the Cloud Water Nation’s capital city. She was no longer fighting the battle alone.

“That’s right, I have something to pass you as well.” Bai Luochu suddenly recalled something and took out a piece of paper from the soft couch in the small hall. She handed it over to Ying Lan.

“I originally wanted to find an opportunity to hand this map over to you at the Remote Paddy Inn. Since you are already here, bring it back and study it well. This is the general's residence map that you wanted and I even added in several markings for suitable courtyards where the construction of the secret base can take place. However, my uncle and his family aren’t back yet and I am unable to confirm if they live near those areas. I have no idea if they are using those courtyards for any other purposes as well. There are plenty of uncertainties and if you want to make a move, you can start by digging the tunnel.”

After Ying Lan listened to Bai Luochu’s advice, he formulated a plan in his head. “Mistress doesn’t have to worry. Just leave the matter to this subordinate. You must take care of yourself, after all, looking at the behaviour of your uncle and his family, they will definitely not be friendly towards you. They might even have a huge backer and will pose a significant threat to you.”

“I know. No matter if the general's residence is a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den, I still have to venture inside. I cannot let these people live a carefree life after bullying Luo Chu. I will take back everything that belongs to me.” Bai Luochu had a ruthless expression on her face as the words left her mouth.

When Ying Lan saw Bai Luochu’s expression, he suddenly felt that he was standing in front of the evil dao witch of the past. His mind started to sway as the image of Bai Luochu appeared in front of his eyes. After coming back to his senses, he asked, “Mistress, are you getting used to that servant girl, Cai Ling?”

Bai Luochu nodded with satisfaction and replied, “She has aspirations for the future. I like a smart lass like her.”

“That’s great. In fact, if Mistress wasn’t so quick, this subordinate would be able to teach her more things. When I took her in, I wanted to teach her some martial arts before teaching her how to read. Finally, I was going to guide her onto the path of cultivation. After teaching her, I would bring her to Mistress and allow her to serve you. After all, I am a man and will never be as meticulous as a woman. Mistress is also lacking someone of her calibre. However, everything happened too quickly and I couldn’t carry out my plans.” 

When Bai Luochu saw how considerate Ying Lan was, she became even more curious. “What if I didn’t pick Cai Ling when I went over to pick my attendant today?”

This question seemed to have stumped Ying Lan as he stared blankly for a moment and couldn’t provide an answer.

Bai Luochu didn’t pursue the matter any further and said, “Alright, you can leave. It is getting late and I wish to take a rest.”

Ying Lan prepared to take his leave when he saw the exhausted expression on Bai Luochu’s face.

Right at this moment, Ying Lan suddenly recalled something and called out to Bai Luochu, “That’s right. Mistress, I was noticed by someone after getting flustered during my investigation.”

“What did you say?!”

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