Chapter 79: If Fate has it, We Will Meet Again

Early next morning, Bai Luochu woke up before the birds started chirping. This time, she wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate as she was packing up the things that she was going to bring along with her. When she took all her stuff, she realized that apart from some silver notes and some medical equipment, there wasn’t anything left.

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but sigh. It seemed like the First Prince’s residence was going to be a mere fragment in her memory.

After Bai Luochu packed up, she waited in the room for Zi Su. This servant girl was used to the routine and should be entering to help her with grooming soon. After waiting for some time, Bau Luochu realized that Zi Su wasn’t there yet. She couldn’t sit any longer and prepared to personally look for Zi Su. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Zi Su carrying her things as she waited at the entrance. Her eyes were a little red and swollen and it was obvious that she was crying before she slept yesterday.

“Did the First Prince reprimand you?” When Bai Luochu saw that Zi Su’s eyes were swollen, Bai Luochu thought she had done something wrong to make Pei Rumo scold Zi Su.

When Zi Su saw how Bai Luochu was worried about her, she was astonished. A smile slowly appeared on her face. She shook her head and explained, “His Highness never reprimands this servant. After this servant heard that the Young Lady was leaving, I felt a little reluctant and... I have made Young Lady worried.”

All of a sudden, Bai Luochu was at a loss of what to do and she didn’t know how to console Zi Su. She could only ask Zi Su to enter the room.

“Young Lady is going to leave today?” When Zi Su saw that the things in the chamber were already packed, she was surprised.

“En, the general's residence… has plenty of things waiting for me to do.” Bai Luochu stuttered. She was initially in a hurry to kill her way back to the general's residence to take over as the head of the clan. She forgot about this little servant girl, Zi Su.

“Young Lady… aren’t you reluctant to part with this place?” Zi Su turned around and asked with tears forming in the corner of her eye.

Bai Luochu let out a long sigh. She was a decisive person and was a genius in both cultivation and medicine. She was only lacking when it came to handling emotional matters. She didn’t know how to console Zi Su and had no choice but to be frank with her. “The general's residence is now being occupied by nasty people. That is my home and I am going to take it back. This is my responsibility and it is something I must do. Zi Su, do you understand where I am coming from?”

When Bai Luochu was speaking, her voice trembled a little bit when she got the end as she thought about the temple. Just like the general’s residence, the temple was also once her home.

After she had reincarnated, all of her actions and plans in the Cloud Water Nation were for the sake of the temple. She wanted to take back her temple and protect it. She wanted to gather all her disciples that had been scattered around the world to give them a place to go back to.

When she thought about it, the situation of the general’s residence was similar to that of the temple.

After Bai Luochu spoke, the room fell into silence and no one spoke for a moment. The only sounds were the splashing of water as she rinsed her mouth and cleaned her face. There was also the sound of fabric rubbing against her skin as she wore her clothes.

After getting ready for the day, Bai Luochu decided to depart for the general’s residence.

Just as she stepped out of the room, she heard Zi Su calling out to her.

“Young Lady!” When Zi Su saw Bai Luochu turning back, she immediately bowed deeply towards Bai Luochu and said, “Since Young Lady told this servant the truth about your return to the general's residence, this servant will take it as Young Lady accepts the fact that I am one of your people. It is truly a fortunate thing to be able to get to know Young Lady and even live with you for more than a month.”

“This servant has followed the First Prince for a long time and has encountered many of the officials and nobles. This servant knows that with Young Lady’s temperament and talent, the First Prince’s residence isn’t a place to hold you down. Since the general’s residence is in such a bad state now, you will probably face a hard battle the moment you return. I hope that Young Lady can take good care of your body!”

“Zi Su doesn’t like partings and will not escort Young Lady out of the residence. This servant shall bid farewell to Young Lady here. If Young Lady visits the First Prince’s residence in the future, I hope Young Lady will remember this servant!”

Zi Su finished speaking and bowed deeply, making it her official farewell.

Bai Luochu never expected this servant girl to be a person who valued relationships. She managed to grasp Bai Luochu’s temperament in just a single month.

That’s right. Since Bai Luochu was honest to Zi Su, it meant that she was treating Zi Su as one of her own. Zi Su was also right to say that the First Prince's residence was not the place for her. However, Bai Luochu didn’t expect for such a day to arrive so quickly.

“I know. You must take care of yourself. We will meet again if fate allows for it.” Bai Luochu replied and walked towards the gate without turning back.

When Bai Luochu reached the gates, the First Prince’s personal guard was already waiting by the entrance. He bowed respectfully when he saw Bai Luochu and said, “My lord knows that you are probably going to leave early in the morning and specially instructed this subordinate to wait out here for you.” That guard took out something from his sleeves and said, “This seal can allow Young Lady to redeem money from any of the banks in the capital under the First Prince’s name. My lord mentioned that you may redeem as much as you require and he also mentioned that you should not forget about the deal.”

Bai Luochu kept the seal and nodded. “Help me thank your lord. I am indebted to the First Prince’s residence for the care I have received during this period of time. This is a prescription for an antidote that can cure hundreds of poisons. Look for someone to refine it into an elixir and it can be used immediately. Treat this as a parting gift.”

Bai Luochu took out a stack of prescriptions and handed it to the guard.

“This subordinate will thank Young Lady Luo Chu on behalf of my lord.” The guard was very astonished as he didn’t expect for Bai Luochu to be this generous.

“If all of you are suspicious of this prescription, you can simply find someone to verify the validity. I shall bid farewell now.” Bai Luochu knew that Pei Rumo was a cautious person and she added a statement before she left.

After Bai Luochu exited from the First Prince's residence, she didn’t head straight for the general's residence. Instead, she went to the Remote Paddy Inn. It was best for her to discuss her next course of action with Ying Lan.

The First Prince had finished the imperial assembly and had just returned to the study room. The guard immediately reported everything that happened in the morning.

“Heh, that’s nice of her...” Pei Rumo was obviously amazed by Bai Luochu’s actions. He then instructed the guard to find a few reliable physicians to check the prescription.

The Second Prince’s residence had also received information that Bai Luochu was going to leave the First Prince's residence. Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard asked, “My lord, what plans do you have?”

Pei Qingfeng remained silent for a moment and seemed to be considering something. A moment later, he spoke, “It’s a grand occasion now that Divine Physician Bai is moving out of my First Brother’s place. I naturally have some plans.”

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