Chapter 76: Imminent Departure

Uncle Liang felt that the young lady was different from before. Sigh, it was probably because of the accident. Her personality probably changed after learning about the truth today.

What Uncle Liang didn’t know was that the current Luo Chu was no longer the same Luo Chu from before. Under the skin of the harmless Luo Chu, the soul of an evil dao witch filled the body. She was cold, decisive, and ruthless.

When Uncle Liang escorted Bai Luochu to the door, he suddenly recalled something and took out an embroidered pouch before handing it over.

“You were definitely rescued by someone. It’s the only reason you are able to return alive. After troubling that household for such a long time, you must offer them something in return. Otherwise, they might laugh at our general's residence for not knowing proper manners.”

Bai Luochu paused for a moment as she had never considered this point. After all, she had been residing in the First Prince's residence for such a long time… Rather than saying that the general’s residence was her home, it would be more appropriate to say that the First Prince’s residence was her home.

Bai Luochu weighed the silver in her hand and realized that there wasn’t much. She passed the pouch back to Uncle Liang and said, “Uncle Liang, the person who took me in is from one of the noble clans in the capital city. They will not care about such a small amount. Furthermore, I haven’t been living and eating off them either. I’m working for them and there is for you to worry about. I am returning to bid them an official farewell as it will be disrespectful to leave without saying anything.”

When Uncle Liang heard that Bai Luochu had been helping out in that residence, he assumed that his young lady had been serving as a servant girl. His eyes immediately turned red as he sobbed, “Young Lady, quickly go back and bid them farewell. I promise that I will be waiting at the entrance for you early in the morning.”

“Then I shall trouble Uncle Liang.” Bai Luochu nodded and headed towards the First Prince's residence.

Along the way, Bai Luochu’s mind wasn’t idling as she was thinking about how she was going to convince Pei Rumo to allow her to return. On the other hand, she was thinking if her uncle had something to do with her predicament.

Before she could reach a conclusion, Bai Luochu arrived at the First Prince's residence. She hesitated at the entrance but ultimately took a step in. After all, if something was going to happen, there was no avoiding it. This matter was something she had to face sooner or later.

As soon as she stepped into the gate, she saw Pei Rumo’s personal guard waiting for her. Just as Bai Luochu wanted to head back to her courtyard, the guard spoke up.

“Young Lady Luo Chu, my lord has instructed you to head over to the study room after you return.” That guard spoke in a refined and courteous manner. However, there was no room for negotiation.

“It just so happens that I have something to say to your lord.” Bai Luochu responded and immediately followed the guard towards the study room. Since I can’t avoid it, let’s see what the First Prince has up his sleeves.

“My lord, I have brought the Young Lady over.” The guard remained at the entrance as he made his report.

“Let her in. Don’t let anyone near the study.” Pei Rumo responded from inside the room.

“Understood.” The guard reached out to open the door and politely gestured for Bai Luochu to enter. 

The moment Bai Luochu stepped into the study room, the guard closed the door tightly.

“It seems like… you have made a decision?” Pei Rumo was writing with his brush and acted as though he wasn’t concerned about the matter.

If there wasn’t anything in it for him, he wouldn’t summon Bai Luochu. She didn’t try to evade the question and gave him a concise reply, “That’s right. It is something that originally belongs to me. It’s only natural for me to take it back.”

“Do you know how difficult it is to snatch the general's residence back from your uncle? Even if you manage to do it, after your uncle’s squandering, you will be taking back an empty shell. An empty shell riddled with debts. It’s a huge problem!” Pei Rumo got louder as he spoke and was obviously trying to use his words to frighten Bai Luochu.

How could Bai Luochu allow herself to be intimidated by him?

“I understand. Isn’t that why I am coming to you for help?” The corner of Bai Luochu’s mouth curled upwards and it seemed like a plot had formed in her head.

When Pei Rumo heard the words ‘coming to you for help’, his hand suddenly became heavy. His almost complete piece of work was ruined with a huge spot of ink. He stopped whatever he was doing and prepared to carry out a proper conversation with Bai Luochu. He wanted to see what this lass was up to now.

“I’m not a sentimental person. If you think that you can make use of this imaginary ‘friendship’ for me to help you, I advise you to get lost right now.” Pei Rumo fiddled with his jade thumb ring and spun it around.

Bai Lucohu couldn’t help but laugh and thought it was fortunate that she came prepared. Otherwise, her trip would be wasted.

“After so long, I will really be an ignorant fool if I fail to understand your temperament. Since I dare to come to you for help, it’s obvious that I am prepared. The only problem is whether or not you are willing to make a deal with me, Your Highness.”

Right at this moment, Pei Rumo vaguely saw a fox’s tail growing out of Bai Luochu’s back. He couldn’t help but curse in his heart and thought that Pei Qingfeng had corrupted this lass. When Bai Luochu initially arrived at the residence, the only thing she had was a bad temper. She was still a frank and straightforward person. However, after spending so much time with Pei Qingfeng, she learned how to plot against people.

“Tell me about the deal you wish to make.” Pei Rumo continued to play with his jade thumb ring and acted indifferently.

The two of them were stuck in discussion for almost two hours. When Bai Luochu saw how hesitant Pei Rumo was, she said, “Your Highness has an afternoon to consider. If you make up your mind to work with me, just host a banquet in the reception pavilion. It will be a farewell dinner for me and it will also mean that we are in agreement. If you do not wish to work with me, you don’t have to do anything. I will simply eat in my chamber and I will leave tomorrow morning. I will not stand in your way in the future. You should consider it carefully as my conditions are excellent. If you need me to do anything in the future, I’m afraid you will have to pay a high price.”

Bai Luochu finished her statement and immediately left the study room. She didn’t even turn back as she headed towards her chamber. Bai Luochu was currently experiencing a headache as she didn’t know how to bid farewell to Zi Su.

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