Chapter 72: Seeking the Truth

In fact, the guard was right. When Bai Luochu returned to the residence, she didn’t even bother about dinner and immediately shut herself inside her chamber. Even when Zi Su delivered dinner, Bai Luochu stopped her outside and said that she had something important to think about. Zi Su was asked to leave in order to avoid disturbing her thoughts.

When Zi Su saw how Bai Luochu was behaving, she thought that something big had happened. She quickly sought a meeting with the First Prince in the study room. After she reported everything, Pei Rumo responded as though there was nothing wrong. “There is no need to worry. Just let her be. I don’t think she is in the mood to have dinner today. You just have to prepare a little more breakfast tomorrow.”

Zi Su saw that her lord obviously knew what happened and he wasn’t anxious at all. Hence, she felt relieved and returned to her quarters. She would wait for Bai Luochu to look for her before she went over.

At this very moment, Bai Luochu took out a piece of paper and a brush. She wrote down everything she knew about herself and she thought about the reason why she appeared in the Bestial Battle Arena the moment she reincarnated.

Since she was the First Young Lady of the former general's residence, there had to be someone who knew about her identity. Why did the Bestial Battle Arena accept her as a human slave? Why did they allow a wastrel like her to battle against beasts in the arena? She wasn’t battling against beasts! They were simply human targets waiting to be slaughtered.

The backer of the Bestial Battle Arena was the Battle Devil Sect whose reputation was comparable to the Phoenix King Valley. If she thought about it in this way, she was probably thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena by Feng Wan’er. It should be because of the hatred Feng Wan’er had for her due to her love of the Third Prince. In the end, everything was related to Pei Wuchen.

However, the amount of people who knew about the engagement shouldn’t be more than a handful. Why would Feng Wan’er get to know about it? It seemed as though there were deeper complications.

If this matter started with Pei Rumo, it wouldn’t make sense either as it wasn’t really related to him. She had been staying in the residence during this period of time and she might have been a slave, but she was leading a rather good life. Pei Rumo had intentions to allow her to constantly grow stronger and enter the eyes of the Third Prince and the Emperor, making them unable to call off the engagement. All of Pei Wuchen’s scheme would turn to dust the moment this happened. It was impossible for Pei Rumo to be the cause of her troubles.

What about Pei Qingfeng? It seemed like he had appeared only after she entered the First Prince’s residence. He didn’t even know her name! It was obvious he wasn’t the one plotting against her. He was treating her so well right now because of the benefits he could obtain. With yet another lead broken, Bai Luochu couldn’t help but feel rather frustrated.

Right now, she couldn’t make heads or tails of the matter. After all, she didn’t know anything regarding the original owner of her body. If she wanted to know more, there was no way she could avoid going back to the general’s residence. Since she was aware of her true identity, she couldn’t live off the First Prince any longer.

It seemed like she would have to look for Pei Rumo the very next day as he was probably the one who was the clearest about this matter.

It was already deep into the night when Bai Luochu sorted out her thoughts. It was already time to sleep and she called Zi Su over.

“Young Lady, did you run into any trouble today? You have been frowning ever since you returned. You locked yourself in your room without eating dinner as well...” When Zi Su saw Bai Luochu burdened with worries, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Nothing much. I discovered my true identity and realized that I am currently a rather important chess piece in the Cloud Water Nation.” Bai Luochu looked outside the window and muttered.

“Young Lady, what are you talking about? This servant doesn’t understand anything.” When Zi Su heard Bai Luochu’s extremely profound words, she couldn’t wrap her head around what was happening.

“You don’t have to know. I am merely talking to myself. After living such a carefree life, it is time for me to face some of the things I have been avoiding.”

Zi Su still didn’t understand what Bai Luochu was saying, but she felt that the current Bai Luochu was a completely different person.

After getting ready for bed, Bai Luochu climbed onto the bed and pulled her quilt over herself. She fell asleep almost instantly. Perhaps it was due to her exhaustion or the information overload, Bai Luochu started dreaming the moment she fell asleep.

In the dream, she saw herself in a residence she had never been to before. She could see a young girl growing up as she was beaten and scolded by her seniors.

When the scenery changed, she was in the Third Prince’s residence. Pei Wuchen was spending a romantic night under the moon with a young lady with an unclear appearance. Bai Luochu suddenly felt a sharp pain in her heart.

The next thing she knew, she was at the Bestial Battle Arena and there seemed to be a young lady battling a beast. Just as the spirit beast was about to stomp on the young lady, Bai Luochu woke up. The feeling was truly surreal and it was as though she had experienced everything personally.

What if… what if it was true?

This thought surged into Bai Luochu’s mind. The first two scenes might be something she had never experienced, but the final scene at the Bestial Battle Arena was obviously one that happened when she reincarnated.

Did her memories return after listening to Pei Rumo’s story?

Bai Luochu was in shock as she didn’t know if the original owner’s consciousness was still lingering around and if it would awaken one day. If that really happened, would Bai Luochu still be able to continue her life in this body? If she were to die, Bai Luochu wouldn’t care about it as she had already died once. She was afraid that Ying Lan and the others would be unable to accept the reality and all her efforts would go down the drain.

In the end, Bai Luochu didn’t have the time to consider all her options. The most important matter was to find out the reason she was thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena. As for those people who had trampled on her, there was no way she was going to allow them to live a comfortable life!

When Bai Luochu considered the fact that her emotions weren’t stable at the moment, she didn’t cultivate like she usually did. After waking up, she simply meditated and regulated her breath. When Zi Su arrived, she allowed Zi Su to quickly help her freshen up before devouring the breakfast before her. After all, Bai Luochu didn’t eat dinner the day before and during the banquet, she lost her appetite after learning about her true identity.

Bai Luochu was extremely hungry as the food on the table disappeared at an alarming rate. After finishing her breakfast, Bai Luochu walked towards the First Prince’s study room after doing some mental calculations. Morning court assembly should have ended and Pei Rumo should be returning soon.

When Pei Rumo arrived at the entrance of the courtyard where the study room was, he saw a person waiting by the room. In his mind, he thought that the guard’s prediction was pretty accurate. Just the day before, the person had bottled up her emotions like a stuffed can. However, she came looking for him today.

“Come in. I will tell you everything you wish to know.”

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