Chapter 69: Dispute During the Banquet

Pei Wuchen normally portrayed himself as a gentle person. Right now, he was pretending that he didn’t detect the hostility in Pei Rumo’s question. He simply smiled and replied, “This young brother has some tasks to take care of these few days. My apologies to First Brother.”

When Pei Rumo saw how polite Pei Wuchen was, he felt even more disdain in his heart. This person was obviously just like him, but he acted as though he was a gentleman. Putting aside the fact that he had silently grasped the hearts of many young ladies in the imperial city, he had even stolen the Phoenix King Valley Master’s daughter with his act. Everyone addressed young ladies as femme fatale but it wouldn’t be exaggerating if he was addressed as homme fatale.

Pei Rumo was silently scheming in his heart. It seemed like he was rather lacking in firepower if he were to use Bai Luochu’s current strength and his connections to suppress his Third Brother. However, he was still able to bring out the matter of the engagement to stress his Third Brother out.

“Hmph, from what I see, it must be the Phoenix King Valley Master’s daughter who is pestering you, right? Look at how intimate and passionate the two of you are. We are so envious of your relationship!” Pei Rumo spoke out as he wanted to mock Pei Wuchen.

“Hey, First Brother, why do you sound so sour? There are plenty of people who fancy Third Brother and it isn’t his fault. In my opinion, you are the one who has a long face on all the time. You look too stern. When young ladies see you, they will all make a detour in order to avoid speaking to you, right?”

Pei Rumo thought to himself that a young lady sitting before him would even behave impudently before him… Isn’t she sitting in front of you disguised as a man right now? How can you say that no ladies are willing to speak to me?

Pei Rumo felt that it was rather strange for Bai Luochu’s image to pop up in his mind. He quickly carried on the conversation and tossed those thoughts to the back of his mind.

“That is true. But Third Brother, are you really going to marry the Valley Master’s daughter?” Pei Rumo raised his brows and asked in doubt. In fact, he was waiting for the Third Prince to jump into the pit that he had dug.

“Wan’er and I are considered childhood sweethearts and have been cultivating together since a young age. If I can marry her and achieve some political gains at the same time, it will truly be a wonderful thing.” Pei Wuchen was not embarrassed at all and was magnanimous enough to admit his thoughts.

“If I may say so, the Phoenix King Valley is an orthodox and prestigious sect. The Valley Master’s daughter is a beauty as well. If the two of you are mutually in love, I don’t think Emperor Father will try to hinder the marriage. After all, you two are made for each other.”

In fact, not only would the Emperor not try to hinder it. He was trying to close up the marriage deal both in the light and in the dark. Otherwise, Bai Luochu wouldn’t have been tossed into the Bestial Battle Arena.

Pei Qingfeng shook his head silently. He thought that it was better not to speak of the details. Looking at Pei Wuchen’s attitude, it didn’t seem like he knew about the marriage arrangement.

“If this is really the case, I will definitely ask all my brothers to start wrapping up the big red packets.” Pei Wuchen immediately accepted the blessings.

It was obvious that Pei Wuchen really liked Feng Wan’er. He really wanted to be married to her.

When Pei Rumo saw how Pei Wuchen was so happy and looking forward to his future, he knew that it was time for him to dampen Pei Wuchen’s enthusiasm.

“But, I previously heard from Emperor Father that Third Brother you… already have an engagement?” Pei Rumo acted as though he was giving a ‘kindhearted’ reminder.

Bai Luochu felt that things were getting amusing. Pei Rumo was sincerely trying to make things difficult for Pei Wuchen today. When Pei Wuchen first spoke up, Pei Rumo should have already thought of a plot. Pei Rumo was simply waiting for Pei Wuchen to jump into the pit.

Bai Luochu immediately felt that she didn’t make this trip in vain. Putting aside the fact that there was free food and drinks, she could even improve her reputation. It was even better when she could hear about the affairs of the imperial princes.

Bai Luochu remained emotionless as she enjoyed the tea and food laid out, Her ears were eagerly waiting for the conversation to continue.

Pei Qingfeng who was sitting at the side became extremely nervous. He didn’t expect Pei Rumo to bring out this matter today and he had no choice but to pay attention to Bai Luochu’s reaction. He was afraid that Bai Luochu might recall something and start a fight with the Third Prince in front of all the princes.

On the other side, Pei Wuchen had an expression of disbelief as his face was riddled with confusion as he said, “I… actually have an engagement?”

Pei Wuchen felt rather uncertain in his heart. If he truly had an engagement, it would probably be difficult for him to marry Feng Wan’er. After all, he had to be mindful of the impact his marriage had on the citizens. He couldn’t just break the engagement and abandon his fiancée. However, if he married his fiancée, he would lose a huge amount of assistance from the Phoenix King Valley. His odds of obtaining the throne would be much lower.

The reason why Pei Wuchen was willing to give his all to Feng Wan’er was because they were childhood sweethearts. It was also because he coveted her backer, the Phoenix King Valley. He could become a son-in-law of one of the Three Great Immortal Sects and it was a rather incredible title.

“Third Brother actually doesn’t know? I heard of Emperor Father mentioning this a long time ago.” Pei Rumo acted innocent, seemingly trying to express that he didn’t say this intentionally.

“Is there such a thing? Can First Brother tell me about it?”

“I once heard from Emperor Father that the former great general had sacrificed his life to rescue the late emperor. Hence, when the general and his wife left the world, they left behind an orphaned daughter. The late emperor wanted to remember the loyalty of the general and his wife, hence, he betrothed the infant daughter to the Third Prince. When she reached adulthood, they would be married to each other. But five years ago, the late emperor passed away and after Emperor Father ascended the throne, he never brought up this matter again. It just happened to be the year when Third Brother was chosen by the Phoenix King Valley and became the last disciple of the Valley Master. At that time, there was no way to let things develop the way it should and the general’s residence was declining even further. Soon enough, no one mentioned this engagement again.”

“Why don’t I know about such an important matter?” Pei Wuchen was very surprised when he heard what Pei Rumo said. There was an expression of disbelief on his face.

“This matter is rather interesting. wasn’t the general residence’s orphan daughter a wastrel? Putting aside the fact that she had innately crippled meridians, she even had that obstinate attitude that her father and mother had. Normally she would suffer from the punishment her maternal uncle and aunt gave her due to her stubborn character. Didn’t she go missing? The engagement shouldn’t be valid anymore.”

When Bai Luochu heard this, she felt that this young lady was in the same situation as herself and was rather pitiful. If she ever met her in the future, she decided to help this poor girl clear up her meridians.

“She went missing?! What is her name? I wonder if I will be able to find her… She is, after all, someone who is engaged to me. I cannot just allow her to roam the world alone.” Pei Wuchen still maintained his friendly attitude and it felt as though he was truly concerned about the whereabouts of his fiancée whom he had never met.

Pei Rumo looked at Bai Luochu and was a little hesitant as he was afraid he might speak rashly. If this matter was disclosed, she might be hurt.

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