Chapter 67: Agreeing to the Invitation

Early the next morning, Bai Luochu woke up early again to cultivate. Because of Bai Luochu’s diligent cultivation, not only did her strength increase significantly, she managed to nourish her crippled meridians to the point where they were even more tenacious than regular cultivators.

She cultivated until daybreak and when Zi Su entered the room, Bai Luochu was already seated in front of the dressing table. She was waiting for Zi Su to comb her hair for her.

“Young Lady, you shouldn’t be wearing this today as you still have to put on Divine Physician Bai’s disguise.”

When Bai Luochu heard Zi Su, her brows arched upwards and she felt confused. She asked, “Why is that so?”

“Young Lady, have you forgotten? During dinner yesterday, this servant told you that the Second Prince sent a notice of visitation. He said that he was going to visit you today!” Zi Su explained.

Right now, Bai Luochu could only feel her glabella jolting. Does he have nothing else to do? How can a prince be so free? How can he make a trip to the First Prince’s residence every few days?! Why wasn’t Pei Rumo like the carefree Pei Qingfeng? Isn’t Pei Qingfeng’s behavior unbecoming of a prince?

“Did he mention the time of his arrival?” Bai Luochu was rather frustrated and she spoke with a rather impatient tone.

“The card… the card mentions that the Second Prince will come over after breakfast.” Zi Su might have noticed that Bai Luochu was rather impatient and she stuttered.

Bai Luochu felt as though a headache was going to split her brain into two. She sighed silently, thinking about how Pei Qingfeng was making her life a living hell.

“Help me change my clothes!” Bai Luochu started to take off her clothes as soon as she finished her statement. She was only left with close-fitting clothes on her body while Zi Su helped Bai Luochu wear Divine Physician Bai’s robes.

Bai Luochu had just finished her breakfast and before she could even rest, she heard Pei Qingfeng’s voice. “Brother Bai! It has been a long time since we last met. Do you miss your big brother?”

Goosebumps appeared all over Bai Luochu’s body when she heard what Pei Qingfeng said. Zi Su had rather discerning judgment and immediately cleaned up the things on the table. She quickly asked for Bai Luochu’s permission to leave.

Pei Qingfeng was currently being pushed into the room by his attendant and when he saw Bai Luochu seated properly and waiting for him, he waved his hand. His attendant immediately retreated to the side.

“Why do you look so angry?” Pei Qingfeng waved his folding fan and smiled like a fox. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Bai Luochu.

“What do you think, Your Second Highness? Today, I wanted to sneak in half a day of fun. However, someone came over without letting me know in advance. I even have to disguise myself as Divine Physician Bai because of this! How happy can I be?” Bai Luochu had a calm expression and indifferent eyes despite her words.

Pei Qingfeng couldn’t help but think it was hilarious. Teasing this servant girl was really amusing.

“Don’t be angry. I am here today because I have something to discuss with you.”

“Second Prince, are you extremely free? You have been coming to my place every day. Can’t you be like the First Prince and diligently handle political matters and be a responsible prince?!” Bai Luochu was really unhappy about the frequency Pei Qingfeng was visiting her. He would act as though he had something he had to discuss with her every time he came.

When Pei Qingfeng heard Bai Luochu speaking like this, he didn’t get angry at all. He ignored her and carried on, “I’m not lying to you this time. A few days later, the princes will have a banquet. I think it is a great opportunity for you to open up a path to reach the high-ranked officials and noble clans. Hence, I am here to discuss with you and ask for your opinion.”

Bai Luochu’s brows were slightly raised upwards as she thought to herself that Zi Su actually made a correct guess. Pei Qingfeng actually had the intention to bring her along to the banquet. No matter what, she still had to consider the First Prince’s attitude on this matter.

“If you are worried that First Brother might object, you don’t have to worry anymore. I have already revealed my intention to First Brother and he had agreed tacitly.”

It was as though Pei Qingfeng already knew Bai Luochu’s thoughts and before she could even ask, he provided a proper explanation.

Bai Luochu was actually tempted. To be able to sit on the same level as princes as a commoner was something that never happened in this era. Even in the past few generations, no one had the honor of such a privilege. Just the day before, she had spoken to Zi Su in that manner because she didn’t think she would ever attend the banquet. Right now, since Pei Qingfeng was offering the olive branch, she would be a fool if she didn’t accept it.

“Why are you so considerate towards me? What are you planning?” Bai Luochu didn’t believe that Pei Qingfeng had been giving her preferential treatment because he fancied her.

“The better your reputation, the more resources you will get. It will be very beneficial for your cultivation. The faster you grow stronger, the higher the chances of neutralizing the poison in my body. Instead of saying that I’m helping you, think of it as helping myself.” Pei Qingfeng had a serious expression on his face that was rarely seen.

Bai Luochu was rather astonished when she saw how Pei Qingfeng was so frank when talking to her. After all, these princes had grown up in the palace and should be accustomed to underhand trickery. Their thoughts should be impossible to read. As such, she was rather surprised that Pei Qingfeng was so honest when speaking to her.

“Alright. On that day, will I follow the First Prince or will I follow you?” Bai Luochu asked casually.

“Since I am the one who sent the invitation, you will naturally go with me. On that day, I will ask the coachman to pick you up at the First Prince's residence before heading to the Landscape Pavilion. Remember, you are Divine Physician Bai on that day. Don’t reveal your true identity.”

“Alright. On that day, I will welcome Second Prince’s arrival respectfully.”

When Pei Qingfeng saw that the discussion was about to end, he started to change the topic. After all, he didn’t come all this way simply to invite her to the banquet. “Why do you have to disguise yourself as Divine Physician Bai when you are just going to see me? It is not as if I do not know your true identity.”

“Of course you know my identity. However, are you forgetting about how you found out?” Bai Luochu couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Pei Qingfeng. She thought that he had the brain of a pig.

Pei Qingfeng thought about it carefully and suddenly realized. “Oh, I completely forgot!” Pei Qingfeng thought about it and he couldn’t stop himself from making fun of her. “Say... if this matter is made known to others, won’t you have no choice but to marry me?”

Bai Luochu’s eyes nearly flipped around as she rolled it with all her might. She struck back. “That’s the reason I’m acting as Divine Physician Bai! I’m even so obedient when acting like a proper physician! If the matter of ‘The Second Prince barging into a lady’s chamber in the middle of the night’ leaks out, I won’t suffer any disadvantages. After all, I’m merely a slave. I am afraid that the Second Prince will have to bring a female slave back as a concubine. If that happens, the members of the imperial courts are going to have a lot to write about. I believe that the history books will surely list down the Second Prince’s romantic feats.”

Pei Qingfeng shook his head. In his mind, he thought about his foolishness. Why am I arguing with this little lass?! He recalled that he had never won a single time when sparring with words and it seemed as though he had yet to learn his lesson.

“Will Your Second Highness please return? Come and pick me up a few days later… Shoo.” Before Pei Qingfeng could speak, Bai Luochu immediately chased her guest away.

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