Chapter 451: Controlled

Bai Luochu looked at Pei Qingfeng unhappily, “How are you still in the mood to tease me? Look at where we are now, if we were to start fighting here, we would be in trouble.” 

Pei Qingfeng took a look at the surrounding terrain and discovered that what Bai Luo had said was indeed true. 

Now that they were on top of a cliff with surging lava beneath them, if they were to fall down, there would be no saving them. The only good thing was that there was actually a way out behind them.

Will one of us actually fall in today… A bad premonition swept through Pei Qingfeng’s mind but he eventually placed the idea aside.

When Pei Qingfeng was distracted, those people arrived.

“Ah, isn’t she that pretty boy? Aiyo it seems that you are trapped here! Tsk tsk, why don’t you come over and lick my shoes for me? Maybe if you make me happy enough, I can bring you across.” The person who spoke was the person who was humiliated when he predicted that she would be unable to open the entrance of the entrance earlier. Seeing that Bai Luochu was stuck in a difficult position, he couldn’t help but mock her.

Bai Luochu frowned and her whole body started to tremble. It was clear that she was at her boiling point.

Pei Qingfeng stared attentively at these people and realized that he recognized their faces. Weren’t those people the ones he wanted to deal with? Now that they were here, he couldn’t let them off easily.

Looking at Pei Qingfeng and Bai Luochu before them who didn’t make a move, the two of them became even more arrogant and taunted, “Weren’t you so full of yourself earlier? Why are you acting like turtles now? If you kneel down and beg me, I might consider bringing you two across.”

The other guy started to make jeering sounds at them and Bai Luochu felt a headache coming.

In order to soothe her headache, Bai Luochu charged towards them..

Since she wasn’t able to stop the lava from annoying her, she decided to stop them from annoying her.

Seeing Bai Luochu jump into battle, Pei Qingfeng quickly followed behind.

As there were a large number of enemies, Bai Luochu could only immobilize them with her silver needles before killing them all. After all, her spirit qi couldn’t sustain her in a battle with so many people.

Pei Qingfeng’s efficiency was higher than her by several folds. His sword chopped down as though he was chopping vegetables and the soil beneath their feet became dyed red with blood.

Just as Pei Qingfeng was killing enthusiastically, he heard laughter burst out from afar. 

“Hahaha, you better stop now. Your little lover is in my hand.” 

Pei Qingfeng turned and saw Bai Luochu hanging over the edge of the cliff. Her hand was crushed beneath one of the enemies’ feet and she clenched her teeth to prevent herself from crying out. She didn’t wish to distract Pei Qingfeng and cause him to suffer from sneak attacks.

Tears streamed from his face and washed away the trail of blood on it. His heart shattered at that sight.

“Let her go.” Pei Qinfeng’s voice was hoarse as he yelled towards Bai Luochu’s captor.

Pei Rumo was right, he wasn’t qualified to take care of her. After looking at the state Bai Luochu was in, he fell into a cycle of self-blame. 

“Don’t worry about me and be careful of your back!” Even though Bai Luochu couldn’t feel her hands anymore, she was even more worried about Pei Qingfeng. 

It was too late by the time Pei Qingfeng heard her reminder as numerous swords were already pointing at his neck.  

“Humph, how dare you talk back to me with your pitiful strength?” The man said proudly.

“I’ve already told you guys to beg for forgiveness, but there’s nothing I can do if you refuse to listen.” 

Bai Luochu felt that there was something different about Pei Qingfeng. The murderous aura surrounding him was rising to an astounding level. Even though a vicious light flashed through his eyes, she wasn’t able to tell as she was too far away.

And before she could figure it out, Pei Qingfeng suddenly moved. 

“Hah!” Pei Qingfeng yelled as the aura around him exploded. Everyone who had their swords pointed at him exploded in a rain of blood.

The person stepping on Bai Luochu’s hand suddenly grew afraid, “ you, don't come near me! If you come any closer, I’ll throw her down.” 

“If she dies, I’ll make sure that you accompany her. If you let go of her now, I might still spare your lowly life.” Pei Qingfeng now no longer looked like the elegant Prince he was. Instead, he looked like a judge from the netherworld, sentencing them to their deaths.

The rule of the world had always been ‘the harder fist wins’. The man who was stepping on Bai Luochu’s hand leaped up and fled the second the words left Pei Qingfeng’s lips.

How would Pei Qingfeng allow him to leave after hurting the woman he loved? The sword in his hand shot towards the man and it nailed him to the wall.

A loud cry echoed through the cavern but the two pretended as though it was nothing more than a breeze.

Pei Qingfeng went over to Bai Luochu and blew on her hands softly.

“It’s all my fault, I should’ve paid more attention to you.” Pei Qingfeng glanced at her bloodied hand and he felt as though a thousand knives were stabbing at his heart.

When Bai Luochu saw the depressed Pei Qingfeng, she started to comfort him, “It’s not your fault. I was trying to be brave… You tried your best!”

Pei Qingfeng could finally put his heart at rest when he saw that Bai Luochu was safe and sound. He turned his head and looked at the man pinned to the wall.

“Isn’t it about time we settle our debts with him?”

After scheming against the both of them, Pei Qingfeng wondered if he would be able to endure the torture he had in store for him.

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