Chapter 449: Making a Move

Lu Wenshu didn't expect that he would actually pick the same path as the elder.

The two of them never really got along. As the chief disciple of one of the Three Great Immortal Sects, he was naturally a target of praise for the other immortal sects. Some of them yearned for his strength and cultivation, but some of them bore grudges against him.

It just so happened that this particular elder was one of those people who bore grudges against him. When the elder was young, he was also an outstanding talent in his immortal sect. No one knew why, but he was suppressed by all of the disciples around him. He, who was about to become the chief disciple of his sect, amounted to nothing at the end of the day.

Since then, a knot formed in his heart and his thoughts began to twist in all sorts of directions. In front of ordinary disciples, he was still the kind and benevolent elder. When he saw the chief disciple in his sect whose strength was incomparable to his younger self, he would give them the cold shoulder.

If he encountered disciples that were outstanding in everything, like Lu Wenshu, he might exchange some conventional greetings. However, it was to disguise the fact that he wanted to look for the opportunity to eliminate them.

Lu Wenshu understood the way the elder thought and no matter how friendly the elder acted with him, Lu Wenshu never took it to heart. 

What sort of reasoning was he using to comfort himself? He was suppressing the disciples who were able to achieve the things he couldn’t… It was fortunate that someone with such a twisted personality didn’t make it far in the cultivation world. If someone like him were to obtain authority in the cultivation world, the entire martial world would be filled with trouble.

Even though those were the true thoughts in his heart, Lu Wenshu couldn’t possibly remain silent with the elder standing before him. He immediately bowed with cupped fists towards the elder and greeted, "Elder, we are truly fated. There are so many paths but we have chosen to walk down the same…”

As Lu Wenshu bowed when greeting him, the elder felt extremely delighted. A bright smile appeared on his face and he replied, "Martial Nephew is too polite. We are truly fated..." 

From what Lu Wenshu saw, the elder was extremely happy as a chief disciple of another sect was greeting him with respect.

"Is elder here for the treasures too?" Lu Wenshu didn’t want anything to do with the elder but he felt as though it wouldn’t be good if he ignored the elder completely. 

The look in the elder’s eyes changed and he looked at Lu Wenshu with a complicated gaze. Because of what he experienced in the past, he felt extremely biased against all the chief disciples from every sect.

However, there was something different with Lu Wenshu. He felt that they were extremely similar. The only difference was that Lu Wenshi managed to become the chief disciple of his sect in the end. No matter how the elder treated Lu Wenshu as a kindred spirit, it was an undeniable fact that Lu Wenshu was the chief disciple of one of the Three Great Immortal Sects. A rush of jealousy filled his heart.

After hearing Lu Wenshu's question, the elder felt that something was off. He initially thought that Lu Wenshu was the person who caused the commotion at the ruins. But looking at things now, that didn’t seem to be the case.

The elder raised his head to look at Lu Wenshu. When he saw a look of sincerity in his eyes, the elder felt that Lu Wenshu was really not eyeing any treasures in the ruins. Are there really people who are able to resist the temptation of those treasures? Even if there are, they should be retards who haven't seen much of the world.

Therefore, the elder's intuition told him that Lu Wenshu was here for some other objective.

There was indeed another objective and it was pretty straightforward.

It was all for Bai Luochu. The only thing Lu Wenshu wanted was to stay by Bai Luochu’s side. He wanted to help her obtain the Field Pearl Flower but now that she wasn’t by his side, all the treasures were nothing more than glittering dirt.

"What are you saying? Is there anyone who isn’t here for the treasures?" The elder couldn't figure out Lu Wenshu's objective and he changed his approach when replying to him.

Of course Lu Wenshu could feel that the elder was probing him. Too bad for the elder, Lu Wenshu wasn’t afraid of him at all. The only thing he was afraid of was losing Bai Luochu.

Why isn’t he reacting?! The elder couldn’t help but shudder in his heart. He never thought that Lu Wenshu’s schemes would run so deep. If he were to allow Lu Wenshu to continue growing, no one would be a match for an old fox with otherworldly martial skills...

He was wrong. In fact, there was someone stronger than Lu Wenshu and the only person in this world more outstanding than him was Bai Luochu. It was a pity that if anyone were to make a move on her, Lu Wenshu would be there to stop them.

Lu Wenshu wouldn't even be merciful to his own juniors, much less strangers he didn’t care about.

As if the elder could read his thoughts, he started talking about her. "Nevertheless, the young and pale-looking fellow managed to open the entrance to the ruins… If she’s so proficient with mechanisms, she definitely managed to obtain plenty of treasures.”

"She isn’t even too strong to begin with. The only person with passable strength protecting her is the green-robed man beside her. Whatever. I’ll just eliminate them at the end and rob them of all the treasures they obtained.”

Lu Wenshu was in high spirits when the elder started off by praising Bai Luochu's proficiency with mechanisms. However, his face changed when he spoke of his plan to plunder her treasures.

The elder was looking at the treasures surrounding him and he didn’t bother about Lu Wenshu. It was unfortunate for him… His words had set his fate and the killing intent in Lu Wenshu’s heart exploded the moment he mentioned killing and robbing Bai Luochu.


The sound of metal piercing into flesh echoed through the room.

A large red flower bloomed on the elder’s robes but despite the amount of blood, the elder failed to feel any pain.

"Why..." The elder slowly turned his head and saw that Lu Wenshu was holding onto the sword that stabbed into his chest. An unwilling look appeared on his face as he never thought that Lu Wenshu would be despicable enough to backstab him.

"You thought of something you shouldn’t have." Lu Wenshu withdrew his sword and a fountain of blood erupted from the elder’s chest.

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