Chapter 448: Certain Death

"We are the only ones left on this path. Going on alone will be pretty boring. Why don’t you accompany me on this journey?" Despite the polite tone Pei Rumo was using, Mu Shen felt a shiver run down his spine. Why did it soundlike Pei Rumo wanted to drag someone down to the underworld together with him?

Now that all of Mu Shen’s subordinates were gone, he started to panic. Looking at Pei Rumo standing before him without any major injuries, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to beat the First Price of the Cloud Water Nation in a fight. "What do you wish to do? If something happens to me, my Emperor Father and Empress Mother will never let you off!”

Truly a paper tiger... Pei Rumo felt a wave of disdain sweep across his heart when he heard what Mu Shen said. He was the prince of a nation and was entrusted with the responsibility of taking up the front lines. However, he was acting like a huge coward when facing an enemy from another nation.

"What is Your Highness afraid of? Seeing that there is no one else to protect you, I wish to invite you to continue our treasure hunting journey." Pei Rumo sounded so friendly that no one would ever think that he was speaking to his enemy.

As for Mu Shen, he knew that something was definitely off.

Too bad for him, he didn’t have a choice. Instead of dying like a nobody along the way, he felt that it would be better to follow Pei Rumo to explore the ruins. After all, he would be able to keep his life for a little longer.

When Mu Shen nodded, Pei Rumo felt rather surprised. He initially thought that Mu Shen would run away with his tail tucked between his legs. Instead, Mu Shen proved him wrong.

After thinking about it, Pei Rumo realized the true reason Mu Shen was willing to agree. He just doesn’t wish to die here… If he follows me, he will be able to keep his life for now...

As such, the princes from two hostile nations started to work together as they explored the ruins riddled with danger. If anyone were to see such a scene they would definitely sigh with amazement. "In this wide and extensive world, there is truly nothing too bizarre."

After Pei Rumo set off the trap that caused metal spikes to rain down from the ceiling, no one knew where the next trap would be.

In fact, Pei Rumo wasn’t confident in his own abilities at all. He didn’t study much about traps and mechanisms as he had always been fighting large scale wars on the battlefields. He didn’t have the time to look at those ‘useless’ knowledge and much less study the Book of Changes. Like a blind rat, Pei Rumo groped at the air and slowly made his way forward. This was also the reason he allowed Mu Shen to live. After all, it would always be convenient to have a meat shield around. 

Everytime Pei Rumo had to undo a trap, he would think about Bai Luochu. He would think about how if she was here, he wouldn’t have to worry about any of them.

Too bad she wasn’t.

When he thought about her again, the light in his eyes dimmed a little. Even now, he didn’t know if she was in any danger. Pei Qingfeng might be strong, but Pei Rumo still felt that he wasn’t good enough to take proper care of her.

In the next instant, her pale face after all her spirit qi was exhausted appeared in his mind. In order to look for her, Pei Rumo quickened his exploration of the path.

When Mu Shen saw Pei Rumo charging through all the obstacles, he felt so frightened that his soul was about to leave his body.

"What are you walking so fast for?! There are traps here! If you accidentally activate one of them, we’ll both be dead!”

Pei Rumo turned back and rolled his eyes before moving forward. He felt like if he was a little late, Bai Luochu would encounter more mishaps. As for Mu Shen, Pei Rumo had already intended to turn him into a mearshield. Why would he care about someone whose purpose was to die?

When Mu Shen noticed that Pei Rumo was ignoring him, he recalled that he was merely following behind Pei Rumo in order to keep his life. His life had no value to Pei Rumo and no one would ever take his suggestions seriously. No longer trying to convince Pei Rumo to slow down, Mu Shen hastily followed behind him.

Pei Rumo's ears had always been alert as he thought about how the trap activated all of a sudden without prior warning. He initially thought that he had missed the sound of the trap activation due to the noisy soldiers, but he realized that that wasn’t the case. Most of the traps in the ruins would activate without any warning and if he failed to dodge in time, his life would be forfeit.

Pei Rumo turned his head and looked straight at Mu Shen. He was obviously calculating how close Mu Shen had to be to him in order to use Mu Shen as a shield in time.

Traveling with Pei Rumo was akin to traveling with a tiger. He would eventually learn that agreeing to travel with Pei Rumo was the worst decision in his life.

After careful calculation, Pei Rumo instructed Mu Shen, "You, walk in front of me." 

Mu Shen kept his eyes glued onto the ground as he was afraid that he would step onto some random mechanism, triggering the traps around them.

When Mu Shen heard Pei Rumo calling out to him, he thought that Pei Rumo had found his conscience and wanted to better protect him. He never thought that this was the biggest mistake in his life.

The further they walked, the narrower the path became. As the path became darker the deeper they went, Pei Rumo felt that something was off. Something is definitely going to happen if we continue down this path.

Was he going to give up everything and leave? It was impossible for him to retreat without gaining anything! This was a campaign the old emperor sent him on and if he failed to show any results he wouldn’t be let off lightly! It didn’t matter if he was the only one who got scolded by his Emperor Father, but his subordinates would be the ones to suffer. They suffered too much hardship on the journey and going back empty handed would be a waste of their efforts!

If that were to happen, his prestige would suffer a great hit! The support he had in the imperial court will start to waver for sure.

Most importantly, Pei Rumo believed that Bai Luochu was waiting ahead for him to convene with her. They still had to look for the Field Pearl Flower!

Pei Rumo was lost in thoughts and he failed to notice that he had activated one of the traps ahead of him.

The only thing he heard was a soft ‘swish’ and by the time he reacted, Mu Shen was already dead.

Mu Shen had no idea what happened as everything happened too quickly. One moment he was breathing and the next, he was dead.

However, Pei Rumo didn’t feel anything now that Mu Shen was dead. In his eyes, someone who treated their subordinates like trash didn’t deserve to live. They risked their lives for him, but he kicked their cold, dead corpse after their death and cursed at them.

As he continued walking down the path, Pei Rumo suddenly felt that it was getting difficult to breath. What’s going on?!

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