Chapter 444: Splitting Up

"Why don't we split up?" Lu Wenshu immediately spoke of his intention.

When Pei Rumo heard Lu Wenshu's plan, he widened his eyes and asked with a face of disbelief, "I didn't know that Young Master Lu is actually an expert at biting the hand that feeds you! Earlier in the passageway, you wanted to team up to fight against the others! Aren’t you pretty quick at ditching your allies?”

Pei Rumo was somewhat enraged. It was true that Pei Rumo almost suffered from a sneak attack from a foreign prince and Lu Wenshu rushed over to end the prince’s life. 


Pei Rumo was sure that Lu Wenshu had an ulterior motive. The first thing he asked Pei Rumo was, "Where is Luo Chu? Why don't I see her?"

Pei Rumo naturally understood what Lu Wenshu meant and immediately replied, "They rushed inside too quickly just now and I wasn't able to catch up to them. I was forced to deal with all these people and traps in the ruins. Isn’t Young Master Lu very capable? Why are you left behind?”

When Lu Wenshu heard Pei Rumo's reply, his face had changed. It wasn’t because of Pei Rumo’s mocking, but it was because he had lost track of Bai Luochu. If this was anywhere else, it wouldn’t be an issue. However, this wasn’t any ordinary ruins. Even he wasn’t sure if he could escape unscathed, let alone Bai Luochu who was already drained of her spirit qi! 

"Don't worry. Pei Qingfeng is following her and should be able to protect her." Pei Rumo spoke while ending another person's life.

Lu Wenshu had never felt so grateful for Pei Qingfeng's existence until now. But he had to quickly catch up to them and he quickly thought of another proposal. "Let's work together and kill our way out. The earlier we do so, the safer Luo Chu will be." Lu Wenshu said this entirely to express his sincerity. He faced the other direction and killed everyone trying to push their way further into the ruins.

Pei Rumo didn't want to be outdone and immediately vented his anger on the people in front of him. Soon enough, the densely packed hallway turned empty.

The duo didn't hesitate and rushed out of the encirclement and into that empty space. 


Lu Wenshu felt that Pei Rumo was messing about and he immediately retorted, "Did you think it through? There are a total of 16 doors here and if we take the same path, it will be harder for either of us to find Luo Chu! You should know that she is after an extraordinary treasure and her chances of obtaining it alone is slim to none!”

Pei Rumo fell into silence after the reply. Lu Wenshu was right, he acted rather rudely, "I didn't consider it thoroughly and was rude to Young Master Lu. I even disregarded Young Master Lu's kindness, please forgive me."

Lu Wenshu felt too embarrassed to say anything else and he quietly observed the doors before him. Lu Wenshu knew if Bai Luochu wanted to enter a place, she would use her spiritual energy to scout it out. However, he wasn’t confident in his ability to do the same.

Spiritual energy was related to the soul. Bai Luochu's soul was tough and her spiritual energy scaled accordingly. As for Lu Wenshu, his spiritual energy was lacking compared to hers. He was aware of this ever since he met her in the past. He knew that his spiritual energy and understanding of the Book of Changes would never catch up to her no matter how hard he tried. Since he wasn’t able to scout out the paths ahead, he wouldn’t be able to guess the path she took. In the end, Lu Wenshu couldn’t do anything.

Without a choice, Lu Wenshu said to Pei Rumo, "If Your First Highness doesn't mind, please pick a path. I will choose another path to look for Luo Chu. If you’re afraid I will go back on my word, we can change the order. I’ll pick the path and you can choose next. After all, we probably won’t be able to change our choice after we enter the door.”

Seeing no problems with it, Pei Rumo agreed. He turned to pick a path and Lu Wenshu chose a different one before heading down it.

As the others entered the room one after another, they made their decision before pushing their movement skills to the limit.

As for Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng, they were slowly advancing down their path. They walked slowly and had stuck their backs together. Since they knew that danger was everywhere, none of them dared to relax.

From the time they entered, a narrow and unending path appeared before them. They had no choice but to walk in a single file. Only after walking down a hundred steps did the path start to widen. "Wait a moment." Bai Luochu turned and said to Pei Qingfeng.

Pei Qingfeng was afraid that something happened to her and he quickly stopped. He appeared beside her and asked, "What’s wrong?" When he realized that she wasn’t in trouble, a lightbulb lit up in his mind. This lass is probably scheming against those people behind us...

"Look here! The path widens out and since there are no traps behind us, those people at the back will definitely charge their way through! Since there are so many treasures ahead of us, this is the perfect place to set up an ambush.”

Pei Qingfeng slowly examined the path and he realized that it was really as she described. He quickly nodded his head.

"I didn't think that the honorable Divine Physician Bai would act so ruthlessly against her enemies… I find myself developing a newfound respect for you…”

Bai Luochu had no idea if Pei Qingfeng was being sarcastic and she didn’t bother replying. She wasn’t someone good with words anyway. The more she said, the more mistakes she would make. Right now, nothing else mattered other than the ambush.

Bai Luochu never expected everything to play out so smoothly. It was as if the heavens were helping her as everyone behind her had been falling into her traps all this while.

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