Chapter 441: Open at Last

When Bai Luochu finished talking, Pei Qingfeng looked at the dragon totem on the door and noticed that the original cavity had now been filled up by a bundle of spirit qi. A shining ball of spirit qi radiated golden light and gave the dragon life-like appearance.

Just as Pei Qingfeng was preparing to ask a question, he realized the dragon's eye had moved. With the dragon's eye as the core, a golden light constantly extended along the dragon totem's pattern. In just a flash the entire dragon had been revealed.

At the same moment, a dragon's roar echoed again. The upper portion of the ruins appeared with the divine dragon's shadow. If people who didn't know what was happening was here, they would definitely think that a divine dragon had appeared.

"It is actually a dragon!" The first to exclaim was the knowledgeable elder earlier. After all, he was already old and it was truly a blessing for him to see a dragon when he was still alive. He felt that even if he died right now, he would have no regrets.

It was better not to mention the other young fellows who were acting as though they have never seen the outside world. They were staring at the shadow of the divine dragon as they stood rooted to their spots. They stared at it unblinkingly and one wouldn’t be able to associate these country-bumpkin looking brats to members of prestigious sects. In fact, even the princes seemed like wooden chicken as they stared at the entrance of the ruins.

Despite that, Pei QIngfeng and Pei Rumo snapped out of it quickly. They knew that there was something more important for them to do. Bai Luochu was ready to enter the ruins at any time and they no longer had the luxury of time on their side.

"Are you ready? The entrance is about to open. Now that I am in a weakened state, you will need to carry me in." Bai Luochu turned to the side and said to Pei Qingfeng.

Pei Qingfeng widened his eyes and looked at her, “What’s wrong with you! Look at the state you’re in! Why don’t you give up? No matter how many treasures there are inside, your body is the most important treasure!”

Bai Luochu responded with light laughter, "What is the problem? We are already at the crossroads of fate and there is no harm going all out! Even if there are many treasures in the ruins, we won’t be gunning for any of them. I only want the Field Pearl Flower and nothing else matters. Do you understand? If your Second Highness wants to fight with everyone else for the other treasures, we will walk our separate ways.”

Pei Qingfeng knew that there wasn’t a chance of changing her mind now that she was determined to enter the ruins. Even if he used all his might to stop her from entering, she would probably find a way to sneak past him. However, he also learned one thing from this brief exchange. She trusted him more than anything…

"Can I go out now?" The instant Lu Wenshu saw the shadow of the divine dragon above the ruins, he knew that Bai Luochu managed to unlock the entrance. He took two steps forward and glared at Hua Sen with an expression darker than a thundercloud.

Seeing that there was no chance of stopping his senior brother, Hua Sen had no choice but to stop down. He brought along the rest of the disciples and followed behind Lu Wenshu.

"Where did martial nephew Lu go previously? I didn’t see you and the members of your sect..." The elder who spoke to him before eyed him with suspicion.

Lu Wenshu bowed slightly and replied, "Recently, I have been feeling ill at ease during my cultivation sessions and nearly experienced cultivation deviation. I secluded myself in order to find inner peace and I barely managed to escape from a sorry fate. Due to the delay, I wasn’t able to work together with everyone. I, Lu Wenshu, am at fault and I sincerely apologize.”

Lu Wenshu's explanation didn’t give anyone leverage against him but according to the elder, Lu Wenshu probably had something to do with the dragon appearing in the air above them.

It was fortunate that the elder didn't allow Bai Luochu to know his thoughts, otherwise, with Bai Luochu's temper, she would probably erupt with anger. After all, she had gone through all the trouble and sacrificed all her spirit qi that she had accumulated with difficulty, only to open something Lu Wenshu planted. Speaking of which, Lu Wenshu was someone she hated to the bones and it wasn’t hard to imagine that Bai Luochu would slap them both into nothingness. Luckily for them, she was no longer the evil dao witch with overwhelming strength.

"It has been too long since the dragon made its appearance. Why isn’t anything else happening? How long do we have to wait? The longer we wait, the lesser our advantage!" Pei Qingfeng looked at the unmoving divine dragon's shadow and muttered to himself.

Bai Luochu didn't know what was going on and could only shake her head in confusion. They couldn’t do anything but wait silently.

No one knew if Pei Qingfeng’s grumbling woke the dragon, but it started to move after the complaints left his lips. The divine dragon's shadow that was originally hovering in the sky dove downwards and circled the ruins. A clear roar emerged from its mouth, shattering whatever semblance of serenity in the atmosphere.


No one expected the door to open all of a sudden and they weren’t able to react immediately. Too bad for them, Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng were prepared to move in at the slightest notice.

The second a crack opened in the entrance, Bai Luochu grabbed Pei Qingfeng’s sleeves tightly and whispered in his ear, “Go!”

Pei Qingfeng wasted no time and he grabbed Bai Luochu before rushing into the ruins.

The instant Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng entered the ruins, Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu barged their way in. After seeing the four of them entering the ruins, everyone came to their senses and rushing into the ruins like water out of a broken dam.

Bai Luochu’s prediction was spot on. There were countless treasures lying on the path but they didn’t stop to pick up anything. Instead, Pei Qingfeng charged through the ruins with Bai Luochu in his arms.

Pei Rumo and Lu Wenshu weren't so lucky. Despite the fact that they weren’t aiming for the treasures, the people behind weren’t willing to listen to reason and they fired off attacks without end. Even though all they wanted to do was to protect Bai Luochu, the angry mob behind them didn’t allow them to do as they wished. In the end, they had no choice but to turn and fight.

As Pei Qingfeng and Bai Luochu didn’t stop for any treasures, they didn’t activate the traps along the way and they quickly entered an empty spot in the ruins.

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