Chapter 439: The Changes in Heavens and Earth

“It’s not just the sky that is darkening, the wind is also getting stronger and stronger!” The gale-like wind continuously buffeted everyone and whipped dust and dirt into the air. Those who were not quick enough to dodge the maelstrom ended up with a mouth full of dirt.

Pei Qingfeng was only a few paces away from Bai Luochu and he was being ravaged by the gale-like winds and sandstorm. However, weirdly enough, although the sand and dirt in the ruins were easily carried away by the wind, the sand surrounding Bai Luochu settled on the ground, unaffected by the whirlwind that swirled around her.

Bai Luochu seemed to be enveloped by an enchanted sphere that allowed her to remain unaffected by the surrounding chaos.   

Without warning, streaks of lightning lit up the dark sky and the blasts of thunder could be heard. As if the sky opened up, rain covered the earth.

The members of the other factions started to use their spirit qi to create a protective barrier to shield themselves from the ferocious downpour.

The relentless rain coupled with the clamor behind her caused Bai Luochu to turn her head. She was taken aback by the sight that greeted her, but she quickly regained her composure as she told herself that she had no time or energy to deal with the chaos.

Suddenly, she felt the eye of the dragon beginning to absorb her spirit qi. 

She slowly began to understand what was going on, recalling what she had read from an ancient text. She once read about the type of dragon that was carved into the door and it was a type of water dragon that lived in the deep sea. This type of dragon could control not only fire and water, but was also able to command the wind and rain. Looking at the state of the scorched earth in the Desolate Region, Bai Luochu thought to herself, even the most powerful water dragon will not be able to revitalize the grounds surrounding the ruins. Much less a mere carving of a water dragon after absorbing some spirit qi. But, it soon dawned upon her that the relentless rain and gale-like winds were summoned by the carvings, causing her to feel a spark of joy. It seemed as though she was getting close to the precious treasure behind the entrance of the ruins.

However, the joy she felt was soon replaced by a jolt of pain. The rate at which the dragon eye absorbed her spirit qi had increased exponentially. Initially, the spirit qi it sucked could be compared to that of a tiny trickle. Now, it was sucking in her spirit qi like a black hole.

Bai Luochu felt her inner reserves of spirit qi depleting at an extraordinary rate, to the point where it was almost completely gone. But, she doggedly stared at the dragon carving, not wanting to give up so easily. I never would have thought that opening the door would take up so much spirit qi! Whatever! I have to open it! After making her decision, Bai Luochu pressed her hand closer to the dragon’s eye.

However, the door still failed to open and despite her best attempts, Bai Luochu failed to unlock the entrance of the ruins..

Impossible! Bai Luochu had a special way of circulating her spirit qi and it was impossible for anyone or anything to absorb her spirit qi. It didn’t matter if the other party was a cultivator several times more powerful than her, or a spiritual artifact born from the world. She always thought that her spirit qi was always under her control. However, she failed to take into account that a spell had been cast on the door and it would absorb her spirit qi, whether she liked it or not.

Pei Qingfeng noticed that Bai Luochu was struggling and was ready to go to her aid. He wanted to take her place to supply the door with spirit qi, but he realized that his path was blocked by an invisible barrier. 

Pei Qingfeng wanted to break his way through but he felt like he was punching a ball of cotton as he struck the barrier.

Pei Qingfeng helplessly pounded at the barrier and shouted, “Luoluo! Are you alright!? Your face looks pale and weak! Just stop if you can’t take it!” Seeing that all colour had been drained from Bai Luochu’s face, Pei Qingfeng felt a burst of pain in his heart.

“I can’t stop!” Bai Luochu replied to him, clenching her jaw as she spoke.

Pei Qingfeng pounded harder at the barrier, thinking that Bai Luochu was putting on a strong front in order to keep him away.

“Please lower the barrier around you! Even if you don’t want to give up, let me transfer some of my spirit qi to you! You can’t do it all by yourself!” Pei Qingfeng screamed anxiously.

Bai Luochu already gave up resisting the suction of the door and she helplessly shook her head. “I didn’t put up the barrier... Once the door starts absorbing my spirit qi, it won’t stop. It seems like I have failed. The only thing I can do now is to allow it to suck me dry. As soon as I am out of spirit qi, the barrier should disappear. I might need to trouble you to support me when that happens.

Even though Pei Rumo was standing quite a distance away from the two of them, he was able to see that Bai Luochu was struggling. He decided to brave the rain as he ran towards her, but he was stopped by the barrier as well.

“What the hell is going on here?! I thought we had it under control!!” Pei Rumo yelled. When it came to stuff in the cultivation world, Pei Qingfeng knew more than him. Seeing as even his Second Brother was helpless before the barrier, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Pei Qingfeng shook his head and he repeated whatever she said to him before adding his thoughts, “Let’s not act rashly. We should just wait and see.”

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