Chapter 438: A Change of Strategy

Initially, Pei Qingfeng was in disbelief as it never crossed his mind that Bai Luochu would be the type of person to believe in myths. However, when he recalled the dragon-like roar that emanated from behind the door, he suddenly felt his blood surging.

After suppressing her anxiety, Bai Luochu turned to face Pei Qingfeng and asked, “So, do you know anything about dragons?” She seemed a little surprised when she saw the agitated expression on his face.

Even though he felt unsure of the myth he heard, he decided to tell her everything he knew.

“The pattern on the door does vaguely look like a dragon, but I do not know if they look like the dragons that I have heard of from myths and legends. Those dragons are shrouded in mystery and not much is known about them. It is possible that the dragon pattern on the entrance is a totem used to bless the Desolate Region with rain. However, I doubt that the totem is useful, seeing the cracks in the land of the Desolate Region…”

Bai Luochu nodded silently and sat in front of the door as she fell deep in thought.

The dragon that Bai Luochu heard of was different from the one in Pei Qingfeng’s story. During her time at the Thousand Brilliance Temple, she found an ancient book in the library archives. The cover of the book was decorated with legendary beasts and one of them was a dragon. In the book, it was said that there once lived a man with overwhelming strength. He managed to form a pact with a dragon and took it in as a pet.

What if dragons really existed… Bai Luochu chuckled to herself as she shook her head. It didn’t matter if dragons really existed. With her current level of cultivation, she wasn’t strong enough to form a pact with a baby dragon even if she tried. Whatever the case, I should remain hopeful. Everyone can have dreams, right?

“What does the myth have to do with opening the door to the ruins?” Pei Qingfeng asked out of curiosity.

Bai Luochu remained silent for a moment and stared at the diagram of the dragon on the door. She suddenly cried out, “I think I know how to open the door!”

Because the door is a spiritual artifact, we need to open it by infusing spirit qi!

However, which part of the door do we need to inject our spirit qi into?

As she ran her hands over the life-like dragon pattern on the surface of the entrance, Bai Luochu came to a sudden realization. This has to be it! As soon as the thought appeared in her mind, she felt a slight indentation on the door.

What’s this?! She thought to herself, but the answer soon presented itself. The part where the door sunk in was precisely where the eye of the dragon was located.

“Don’t you think something is missing here?” Bai Luochu jested and tried to lead Pei Qingfeng to the solution. Even though she managed to find the indented spot in the entrance, she was unable to figure out the shape of the dragon. Since Pei Qingfeng is a prince, he probably knows more about dragons than me!

Pei Qingfeng carefully stared at the spot Bai Luochu’s hand was on and he quickly reached over to feel it. “You’re right! There is something missing here!”

“What’s wrong?” Bai Luochu asked as a crafty light flashed through her eyes.

“Normally, craftsmen would be very cautious when working on the eyes of a dragon painting or carving. The eyes of a dragon can be said to be the essence and source of its power. They might even use precious gems in place of stone to fill in the eyes in order to give the carving ‘power’. How is it possible for a master craftsman who is able to smelt Mystical Frosted Iron to be so careless when crafting the door? This makes no sense” 

“Oh...” Bai Luochu said as she rubbed her chin. She finally understood the weird feeling she felt when looking at the door. Pei Qingfeng was unaware that his grumbling helped Bai Luochu to figure out a way to open the door.

“Your Second Highness, please step back.” Bai Luochu warned. She knew that if she used her spirit qi to strike the door, she would face an intense backlash. She didn’t want Pei Qingfeng to get hurt and she quickly chased him away. If anything were to happen to her, he wouldn’t be caught up in it.

Pei Qingfeng obediently obliged and stepped back.

Bai Luochu prepared to take a strike after making sure that no one was around her.

Fearing that her spirit qi would rebound in a shockwave, she gathered some in her hand before slowly bringing it to the eye of the dragon.

Something strange happened and the eye did not seem to absorb her spirit qi no matter how hard she tried.

Is my spirit qi not strong enough?! I guess there is only one way to find out. Bai Luochu no longer thought about the consequences and she increased the circulation of her spirit qi.

Despite her best efforts, nothing happened...

“Could I be wrong?” she muttered to herself as the door didn’t even budge.

In the next second, the sky changed. Dark clouds gathered and blotted out the sun, as though wanting to prove Bai Luochu wrong.

“Why has the sky suddenly turned dark?” One of the men standing behind Bai Luochu raised his head and looked up at the sky, only to be greeted with a face full of rainwater. It was just sunny a moment ago, what is going on?!

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