Chapter 436: The Strange Door

Bai Luochu was in a state of shock, either from being embraced by Pei Qingfeng or from the wave of spirit qi. She regained her composure after a while and felt obliged to say, “I’m fine, how about you? Are you injured?”

Pei Qingfeng felt elated from Bai Luochu’s gesture of concern and he felt that all his sacrifices were worth it. However, he realized that there was no time to celebrate and he merely shook his head in reply.

Lu Wenshu and Pei Rumo were speechless at what they saw. After all, neither of them had the right to criticize Pei Qingfeng.

Bai Luochu quietly slipped out of Pei Qingfeng’s arms and took a few steps after regaining her composure. She said, “Let’s go and take a look. If we were to wait for these goons to open the door, we’ll die of old age before they accomplish anything!”

Bai Luochu emanated a cool vibe around her as she unhurriedly walked towards the entrance of the ruins. 

Despite her being smaller in stature, she carried herself with an air of confidence and strength comparable to the experts from the other factions. Not to mention, she also had the suave Pei Qingfeng following behind her. Everyone who was blown away looked at the two of them in awe, as though it was a great accomplishment to be able to walk to the door.

Bai Luochu felt around the grooves that formed the pattern on the door.

“Aren’t you afraid that they will figure out what you are trying to do?” Pei Qingfeng whispered to her.

Bai Luochu replied, “I don’t have the time to worry about that! Do you think that I’m willing to reveal all my cards now? I have no choice! These weak fools are completely useless and we won’t be able to enter the ruins even if we waste the entire day. There has to be some secret we haven’t discovered yet!”

Pei Qingfeng could feel a sense of resentment in Bai Luochu’s voice and he helplessly shook his head. He told himself that she definitely had her reasons and the only thing he could do was to protect her silently. He quietly retreated behind Bai Luochu and stood guard.

There really seems to be a pattern on the door...

The door was caked with years of mud and rust, but after wiping it away with her sleeves, Bai Luochu was finally able to roughly see a pattern on the door.

Despite her efforts, her sleeves turned completely black and only managed to reveal a small portion of the pattern.

Pei Qingfeng could no longer stand the sight of Bai Luochu working so hard and he quickly circulated his spirit qi to unleash a blast of purifying magic at the door. Bai Luochu was shocked and she spun her head around to look at Pei Qingfeng.

Pei Qingfeng nodded his head at her.

Bai Luochu was shocked that he knew such an archaic form of magic as he was supposed to be the imperial prince of the Cloud Water Nation. How did he learn such ancient skills? I’m pretty sure the imperial palace doesn’t have the ability to impart them to their members… Despite having some suspicions, Bai Luochu wasn’t able to dwell on them as she reached out to knock on the door. After hearing the reverberations coming from the ancient structure, a smile formed on her face.

Those who were watching quickly started to mock her. “Is she retarded? Does she think that the door will open itself just because she knocked on it?!”

“To think that she seemed so confident when she walked towards the door… Seems like she was just putting on airs!”

However, the elder remained silent and he decided to cautiously observe her every move. She isn’t as simple as she seems...

Even Hua Sen could not comprehend Bai Luochu’s actions… Was he wrong to think that she would be able to open the door?

Pei Qingfeng wanted to put a stop to the relentless chatter, but before he could do anything, Bai Luochu stopped him.

“Who cares about those annoying flies. Just ignore them for now. The most important thing right now is to open the entrance to the ruins. After knocking on the door, I managed to figure out the reason behind its ability to deflect spirit qi!” Bai Luochu said to Pei Qingfeng as she tugged on his sleeves.

“It seems a little strange to me… What did you find out about it?” Pei Qingfeng revealed a curious expression as he waited for Bai Luochu’s explanation.

Bai Luochu furrowed her brows, barely listening to the endless chatter behind her. She even drowned out Pei Qingfeng’s voice.

“Of course I wasn’t expecting anyone to open the door for me. I wanted to feel the material of the door by knocking on it! Even though I had a guess in mind, I wasn’t able to confirm it till just now. There is a nameless mountain between the borders of the Bitter Cold North and the Desolate Region. The door is made from a precious material found in the mountains and this material will cause even the strongest cultivators to go crazy over it!” She paused for a moment as she was in a state of denial. After all, it was a waste to craft a giant door entirely out of such precious materials! The person who made this is truly wasteful...

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