Chapter 434: Forcing Their Way In

Lu Wenshu nodded his head without a second thought and said, “What’s done is done. I already used so much of my strength to activate the ruins and it will be a waste to not enter.”

Lu Wenshu might seem relaxed, but Hua Sen was worried that Lu Wenshu was not in his peak condition and suggested, “Senior Brother, why don’t you take a break outside? The rest of us will sneak in undetected, what do you think?”

Lu Wenshu quietly nodded as he began to meditate. Hua Sen motioned for the rest of the disciples to shield Lu Wenshu from the view of the other factions as he realised that Lu Wenshu meditating would arouse suspicions. After assuring himself that no one was able to notice the abnormality, he calmed himself down. 

However, unbeknownst to them, Bai Luochu was watching Lu Wenshu intently. She wanted to see if he would reveal the locations of the precious hidden treasures and her heart sank when she noticed that even a powerhouse like Lu Wenshu became drained when he activated the ruins. She knew that she had to be more cautious as the ruins wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

Bai Luochu unconsciously furrowed her brows and shook her head as she reflected on the situation. Pei Qingfeng noticed her weird actions and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with your eyes? If you’re feeling weak, you can return to the inn. I will gather the precious treasures for you.”

Bai Luochu furiously shook her head and replied, “It is better to rely on myself. I was merely shocked for a moment as I didn’t know how to navigate the massive ruins.”

Pei Qingfeng laughed helplessly. How could I forget? She’s not one to give up easily! “I’ll follow you.” 

Bai Luochu’s heart fluttered slightly as she quietly observed the situation that unfolded before her.

As they were talking, the people who had fallen over were gradually beginning to stand up.

Pei Rumo scanned the surroundings and said in a hushed voice, “People from different sects and countries are present… This isn’t going to be easy…”

“As the saying goes, ‘The fisherman benefits the most when the clam and piper fights’. We’ll wait here patiently and let the others fight amongst themselves. We should stay away from the battle if no one provokes us.”

This was the first time Bai Luochu had shown her ambition and ingenuity to the both of them. Although Pei Qingfeng and the others were secretly shocked, they did not question her. After all, her father was the previous great general. It was natural for his daughter to possess such strength and composure.

Lu Wenshu’s fellow disciples protected him as he continued to meditate. Bai Luochu’s intentions were clear. Since the ruins had just been activated, she wouldn’t charge in blindly. She would only reap the benefits after everyone was tired after fighting with each other.

The battle was already starting...

“Men! Remain calm!” The elder who spoke to Lu Wenshu at the start yelled at the others. He didn’t want their strength to diminish before the final battle and he hastily tried to stop the fellow members of his sect from fighting with others.

The cacophony eventually died down. Despite the fact that the elder was from another sect, everyone present didn’t mind listening to what he had to say.

The elder nodded his head before continuing, “Fighting amongst each other is useless! Why don’t we all work together?”

“If we do what you say, how do you suggest we split the benefits?” One of the disciples from another faction asked. Everyone present was waiting for the elder’s reply as no one wanted to be cannon fodder for the others.

After living for so many years, the elder could be considered to be an old fox. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to convince them without benefits and he quickly replied, “The ruins is a mysterious place. We can’t open the entrance using brute force. We should all condense our spirit qi before throwing out our most powerful attack at the entrance. If that doesn’t work, we can combine our power and strike as one.”

Everyone present thought that the elder’s words made sense and one of them spoke up, “I shall make the first strike."

The man focused his spirit qi and struck the entrance. A loud ‘clang’ rang out and the dust on the ground scattered all around. After the dust settled, he realised that he didn’t even make a dent.

Upon seeing this, everyone decided to give it a try. “Let’s strike the entrance together! It will definitely open!”

As soon as the clamor died down, everyone started to gather their spirit qi. The blast caused a resounding explosion, but the entrance didn’t even budge. It seemed like the ruins wasn’t somewhere they could enter as they pleased.

The person who felt the most ashamed was the elder who suggested the idea. Unable to face the embarrassment any further, he took a step forward, wanting to redeem himself.

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