Chapter 433: At Long Last, The Ruins Appear

“The ruins are moving!” A voice cried out. Everyone turned simultaneously and noticed something strange.

A portion of the ruins sank into the ground!

The constant tremors caused those who were close to the ruins to lose their balance and fall to the ground. As for those who were more prepared, they used their spirit qi to stabilize themselves.

However, even those who used their spirit qi to prevent themselves from falling were too naive and they overestimated their own power. The tremors caused by the ruins were too powerful for them to handle and they too, succumbed to their fate of falling over.

Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo seemed unaffected due to their high level of cultivation, but the same couldn’t be said for Bai Luochu.

When the two of them noticed that she was struggling to stay standing, they extended a hand to grab her.

Bai Luochu firmly grabbed onto both of their sleeves. If I just grab onto one, one of them might fall over due to overexhaustion… When they finally transferred their spirit qi to her, she finally managed to gain a firm footing on the ground.

The unfolding scene was painful for Lu Wenshu to watch. He told himself that he should be the one that Bai Luochu relied on! It was too bad that activating the ruins had sapped his spirit qi to the point where he needed to hold onto a rock to support himself. Although his heart was dying to help Bai Luochu, his body was unable to do so.

People started falling one after another, but the onslaught of tremors never seemed to end.  

Everyone who was struggling to stand questioned their fate. They felt as though they were chess pieces scattered around the ruins, unsure of what their next move would be. 

After what seemed like an eternity, the ruins finished its rearrangement with a resounding boom. A ear splitting, dragon-like roar emanated from the depths of the ruins.

“What’s with the roar?” Bai Luochu asked as she released her grip on their sleeves.

Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo seemed to be intimidated by the loud roar as it didn’t occur to them how terrifyingly powerful the being hidden in the ruins was. Crap...

“I thought dragons were just a myth?” Pei Qingfeng said as he rubbed his chin.

Pei Rumo nodded in agreement and said, “That’s right. Even though we refer to His Majesty as ‘Dragon Emperor’, it is only to instill a sense of awe and wonder among the people. If dragons really exist in the ruins… the whole continent will be in danger!”

Bai Luochu learned of dragons through myths. However, after hearing Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo’s discussion and seeing the nervous whispers of the people from other factions, she began to wonder if the roar really came from a dragon.

As soon as the deafening roar ended, Lu Wenshu's fellow disciples hurried over. His junior brother looked at Lu Wenshu’s pale face and he asked with great concern, “Senior Brother, are you alright?! I don’t think things are going as planned!" A faint feeling of fear appeared in his heart when he heard the dragon roar coming from the depths of the ruins.

Lu Wenshu nodded with a smile and said, “It’s going according to plan. However, I overestimated myself. Although I had enough spirit qi, I was unable to control it properly.”

Looking at Bai Luochu who was leaning on the shoulders of two other men, Lu Wenshu’s junior brother felt a burst of dissatisfaction in his heart. After all, Lu Wenshu did everything for her.

“Hua Sen, stop looking at her. I still have orders for you to carry out.” Lu Wenshu said as he noticed the dissatisfaction on his junior brother’s face and he felt that he had to quickly make a move. Otherwise, his junior brother might waste all his years of hard work.

Although observing the actions of one’s “enemies” was important, listening to the orders of his senior brother was of greater importance… Hua Sen turned and looked away.

“When they finally figure out how to open the entrance to the ruins, do not be the first to charge in. Follow behind them and conserve your energy. And...” Lu Wenshu paused and fell into silence, only continuing his speech after thinking of a plan. He ordered, “We are not here to grab as much treasure as we can. In places like these, your greed will cause your demise! Remember, your purpose is to get to the main hall as fast as you can. Understood?” 

Hua Sen quietly nodded and asked, “Senior brother, given your current state, do you still want to go into the ruins?”

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