Chapter 432: Feigning Civility

Bai Luochu rolled her eyes at Pei Qingfeng and felt that he was pretty hilarious. Seeing how quickly he pushed the blame to others, his princely image in Bai Luochu’s heart started to diminish.

When Pei Rumo looked at the interaction between the two of them, he hastily tried to stop them. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Someone is coming over to look for trouble.” He raised his chin and gestured towards the incoming Lu Wenshu.

Initially, Lu Wenshu was thinking that he should approach the three of them as naturally as he could. Now that they had discovered his presence, he couldn’t be bothered hiding any longer. “Have you been well? Is Divine Physician Bai’s eyes healed?” There was no way for any of them to find fault with his words. His greeting wasn’t overly warm but it allowed him to pull his distance closer to them.

Bai Luochu laughed coldly in her heart after hearing his ‘greeting’. Seeing that Lu Wenshu was showing concern for her eyes the moment they met, Bai Luochu almost spat in his face. If not for the unique smelling incense in her room and Ying Lan’s questioning, she might even think that she was hallucinating when Lu Wenshu broke into her room.

However, she couldn’t expose him in front of Pei Rumo and Pei Qingfeng as she was afraid they would immediately fight him to the death over the incident. She could only feign civility as she returned Lu Wenshu’s greeting, “I thank Young Master Lu for the concern. My eyes are fine now.”

When Pei Qingfeng saw how Lu Wenshu was trying to get Bai Luochu’s attention, he cautiously made his way in between them. After blocking Lu Wenshu’s vision, he spoke up, “Young Master Lu can rest assured. You don’t need to bother about Luoluo’s injury. Even if she can’t see, I will take good care of her.” His intentions were clear. My Luoluo is perfectly fine without you by her side, f*ck off.

Lu Wenshu could only laugh awkwardly. The perfect image he tried to build cracked.

Even though Pei Rumo wanted to continue embarrassing Lu Wenshu, his personality wasn’t as unrestrained as Pei Qingfeng. His words weren’t as sharp and his mind didn’t move as quickly. In the end, he thought for half a day before uttering out a casual greeting. “This little one is doing very well. Please do not worry about my well-being.”

Lu Wenshu discovered that there was no point in continuing the conversation and he quickly found an excuse to leave. He decided to activate the ruins after arriving at some deserted location.

“There are still some sect members absent… Let me go and welcome them.” Lu Wenshu snickered as he got ready to leave.

No one expected Bai Luochu to break the awkward silence after Lu Wenshu’s announcement. “Young Master Lu, please be on your way.” She gestured for him to leave and she raised her head to reveal a knowing smile. She didn’t break eye contact as she stared at Lu Wenshu the entire time.

Lu Wenshu never thought that he would be able to hide his thoughts from her and he wasn’t surprised. Even though she already knew his plan, he shot her an indifferent glance as though he wasn’t affected by it. His indifferent look caused Bai Luochu some shock as she became a little uncomfortable…

Speaking of uncomfortable, Pei Qingfeng was feeling even worse when he looked at the two of them staring at each other. When Lu Wenshu finally left, he couldn’t hold himself back as he grumbled in a low voice, “What’s there to look at? Are you not afraid of hurting your eyes?”

“Are you talking about me?!” Bai Luochu turned to Pei Qingfeng and asked with an incredulous expression on her face.

“No! Of course not! Why will I yell at you?” He adamantly refused but his denial seemed to turn him into a child throwing a tantrum.

If he admitted to it, he knew that she would not be happy. Now that he denied everything, Bai Luochu wasn’t able to find fault with him. After all, she would rather use her energy to defend against Lu Wenshu’s actions in the dark.

Seeing as no one was paying attention to him other than Bai Luochu, Lu Wenshu quickly found a spot where no one would be able to notice him. After making sure that no one would be able to interrupt him, he started to activate the ruins.

No one knew what he was doing other than Bai Luochu.

His hand formed various symbols as he gathered spirit qi between his palms. The ball of spirit qi slowly became bigger and bigger, but just as he was about to lose control over it, it started to shrink.

If anyone else were to notice what happened to the ball of spirit qi, they would definitely think that Lu Wenshu’s cultivation level wasn’t strong enough to sustain his spirit qi consumption. However, Bai Luochu would know that even though the ball of spirit qi shrunk, the power became much purer than before. Now that the ball of spirit qi in Lu Wenshu’s hand had reached the size of an egg, it emitted a milky white radiance.

It was at this point that Bai Luochu realized the reason behind Lu Wenshu’s lack of action for the past few days. It was obvious that he went into secluded cultivation as no one else would be able to replicate what he was doing.

Despite his constant cultivation, Lu Wenshu didn’t find activating the ruins easy. His face was pale and his body started to shake. He seemed like he was going to faint any minute now.

Bai Luochu didn’t pity him in the slightest. After all, the pain he was feeling now was nothing compared to the pain she felt in her previous life when he betrayed her. Bai Luochu looked at him as though she was watching a monkey perform in a circus. She was really interested to see if he could really open the ruins.

In the next second, Bai Luochu realized that the ball of spirit qi in his hand shrunk into the size of a chess piece. The color of his spirit qi was pure white and it was emitting a faintly discernible golden glow. It’s happening…

She was right. As soon as the thought appeared in her head, Lu Wenshu shot the ball of spirit qi towards the ruins.

 “What is that?!” The elder who spoke to Lu Wenshu previously was the first to notice the abnormality. After all, it was stupid to assume that a ball of spirit qi emitting golden light would go unnoticed.

However, it wasn’t long before the earth started emitting rumbling sounds.

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