Chapter 430: Finally Coming Out of Seclusion

Ying Lan chuckled abashedly , “Mistress please don’t tease me, I had to be careful.”

“I understand that you mean well and I already feel very lucky to be able to reincarnate. Even if I meet any obstacles along the way, I will clear them all.” Bai Luochu muttered as she noticed Ying Lan’s embarrassment.

Ying Lan respectfully said,  “If there are no more instructions, I will take my leave.” After speaking, he made an obeisant, turned around and left. 

Bai Luochu wordlessly waited for Ying Lan to leave before lying on the bed. She recalled the time she spent in the ruins and felt that she merely scraped the tip of the iceberg. If her guess was right, it would truly be a terrifying fact. A simple trip into the ruins caused her to go blind for several days, how was she going to face the rest of the dangers and hidden traps within? However, after thinking about it, she felt that it was reasonable for the ruins to possess such powerful defence. How could a precious herb like the Field Pearl Flower be left undefended?

That being said, the thing that Bai Luochu despised most about the ruins, was that someone was always watching her every move. How many more tricks does Lu Wenshu have up his sleeves? This was a question that Bai Luochu struggled to answer. Getting bored of her thoughts, Bai Luochu shook her head and decided not to think about them any longer. She emptied her mind and got ready for bed.

As the thoughts in her mind started to settle down, Bai Luochu slipped into a slumber. After a while, she awoke up revitalized and told herself that it was time to start training.

The days eventually passed and the day where Lu Wenshu emerged from seclusion arrived. Even though there were some people who thought that he was going to come out with a bang, reality proved otherwise. After a day of waiting, the door finally squeaked open.

The moment the doors opened, Lu Wenshu met with his junior brother.

“Welcome back.” Lu Wenshu’s junior brother said as he bowed.

“No need for formalities.” Lu Wenshu waved his junior brother away, “It must have been tough for you all this while. Anyway, are there any matters that require my attention?”

"Thanks to your blessings, there were no major issues. There were only minor scuffles where the fellow disciples gained some experience on the battlefield." 

Lu Wenshu nodded and prepared to leave. However, before he left, his junior brother unexpectedly called out to him.

“Senior brother! Can I ask you something? It has been bothering me for quite some time now.” Lu Wenshu’s junior brother cried out with trepidation in his voice.

Lu Wenshu’s secluded cultivation session allowed him to achieve inner peace and he calmly awaited his junior brother’s question.

“Just speak your mind.” Lu Wenshu replied, with an expression that was serene and calm, like the water in an old well.

“Is it worth it for you to head over to the ruins now?” He softly muttered.

Though the words were spoken softly, it felt as though a knife had stabbed into Lu Wenshu.

Lu Wenshu asked himself if Bai Luochu actually appeared in front of him again, could he give up everything for her? He asked himself this question in her previous life, but he didn’t manage to find an answer even when the disciples of the Thousand Brilliance Temple left.

It seems like I got my answer when I saw her in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. In the instant he looked into her eyes, he realized that he was willing to give up anything to be by her side. He didn’t care if she had a different face. All he cared about was her.

Instead of replying the question, Lu Wenshu asked one of his own. "Do you know the pain of heartache?"

The disciple was stunned first, but replied, "I imagine that the pain would be unbearable."

"Have you ever experienced it before?" 

It seems like nothing else matters to Senior Brother.

Lu Wenshu’s heart seemed to have opened up after speaking to his junior brother about his secret "It really hurts. I tried to fill this hole in my heart for several years but it seems like even the passing of time can’t heal my wound. If there is an elixir that can repair my heart, I will use all my effort to look for it.”

The disciple fell silent after hearing what Lu Wenshu said. He never thought that his arrogant senior brother would be hiding his true feelings under a mask of gentle kindness. This was the first time he saw such a complicated look in his senior brother’s eyes. It was a look filled with pain and affection.

Although Lu Wenshu had violated the sect rules, he felt a deep sense of respect for his senior brother.

"Senior brother, rest assured, I am still here. I will gather some disciples and we shall head to the ruins together. The rest of them can stay here to prepare for the battle. You just do what you need to. I shall take care of all the miscellaneous matters." He reassured Lu Wenshu.

Lu Wenshu cracked a smile as he heard what his junior brother said. He reached out to pat his junior brother’s shoulder. "Thank you, you must be careful when you enter the ruins, don’t split up and get lost. There are other factions in the Desolate Region as well and they are probably on a mission to kill us all.” He left a piece of advice for his junior brother before he turned to leave.

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