Chapter 423: Life Is Like a Dream

"I think so too. Alright, stop bothering with the smell. Hurry up and tell me about the situation at the ruins." Bai Luochu made use of Pei Rumo to change the topic back to the ruins.

On the other side, Lu Wenshu had just arrived back in his campsite and the effects of the Three Day Intoxication had yet to fade. Slumping into his bed, Lu Wenshu fell into a deep slumber. The time he spent with Bai Luochu flashed through his mind and he swam about in his happy memories.

"Master, what is the meaning of this? Why do I need to approach the evil dao witch? If we wish to kill her, we can just send out all our elites to hunt her down. Why do I have to do it?" Back then, Lu Wenshu was young and impetuous. He felt that killing Bai Luochu after gaining her trust was a waste of time and more importantly, he felt that his master was pimping him off.

"Hahaha, Wenshu, don't be anxious. If you think about it carefully, you will be able to understand that your position of the Chief Disciple will be unshakable the moment you accomplish this task. Furthermore, you are merely faking your feelings for her. There isn’t much for you to lose out on anyway… I heard that the evil dao witch is a little beauty.”

After the carrot came the stick. Lu Wenshu’s master decided to lay out the threats before promising him some benefits in order to bait him into accepting the mission. “If you’re successful, you can have half of the temple’s inheritance. If you’re still unwilling… think of the beautiful female disciples we just recruited. Maybe they can be of use…”

Lu Wenshu’s heart shook for a second and he finally agreed.

Skip to the time Lu Wenshu met Bai Luochu for the first time...

At that time, Bai Luochu was comprehending the dao on the back mountain of the Thousand Brilliance Temple. She failed to sense that Lu Wenshu was approaching her and he managed to hide himself in the bushes nearby. ‘Blockhead Beauty’, that was the name Lu Wenshu gave Bai Luochu before they even met.

It was unknown if Bai Luochu had succeeded in the comprehension of dao or if she had sensed Lu Wenshu's presence. Her eyes snapped open and they seemed like stars, sparkling in the night sky. Lu Wenshu felt as though a seed was breaking out of the soil in his heart.

"I see..." The young Bai Luochu smiled and revealed a look of enlightenment. Lu Wenshu was still having a headache on how to start a conversation with Bai Luoshu, but she gave him an opportunity.

"Those who can’t see the path have clouded minds. Those who assume, are not perfect. The people who don’t fall, are those who contributed. Those who boast, are those who have the last…” Before Bai Luochu finished her statement, another voice appeared.

"Only men who don't contend, are the ones that can contest for the world." Lu Wenshu spoke and walked out from behind a tree.

When Bai Luochu first saw Lu Wenshu, a flash of doubt appeared in her eyes. She didn’t understand the reason behind Lu Wenshu’s appearance. That didn’t stop her from approaching him. Her eyes lit up and she asked, "Do you know about the Book of Dao too?"

Lu Wenshu noticed that Bai Luochu was interested in him and immediately replied, "Of course. How can someone who is comprehending the dao be ignorant about it? That’s not all I know. If you want, I can tell you everything I know.”

In the past, Bai Luochu was a fool who only knew to cultivate and comprehend the dao. After hearing what Lu Wenshu suggested, she immediately nodded and agreed.

After listening for an afternoon, Lu Wenshu felt that his mouth was so dry his tongue was about to crack. When he asked for a drink, Bai Luochu handed him a flask of liquor.

"Pfff! What is this? It burns!" Lu Wenshu had never drank liquor before and he immediately spat everything out.

When Bai Luochu saw Lu Wenshu spat out her treasure, she felt heartbroken and hugged her liquor flash. "Don't be so ignorant! This is the peach blossom brew that I personally made! How can you hate on something so delicious?! What a waste..." Bai Luochu took a swig and let out  a satisfied sigh.

Lu Wenshu never thought that the young beauty before him was an alcoholic. She drank liquor as if it was water.

Lu Wenshu was so thirsty he quickly bade farewell to Bai Luochu, "I shall take my leave. If I don't return after coming out for a long time, I will be scolded by my Master."

"Are you going to come here again? I enjoy comprehending the dao with you." Bai Luochu looked at Lu Wenshu with eyes filled with sincerity.

"If I am free, I will naturally come again. However, you have to prepare some tea for me when I return. Otherwise, I won’t come back." Lu Wenshu spoke seriously.

Bai Luochu nodded, "Alright, I will prepare all the tea in the world. The only thing you need to do is to come back."

After setting the date for their next meeting, the two of them parted ways. The thoughts of a young man and a young woman were too difficult to control and they were like yin and yang, attracting each other the moment they met.


"I am actually... the evil dao witch… Doesn’t this affect the way you see me?" Bai Luochu couldn't help but say to Lu Wenshu. She was afraid that their relationship would change if he knew her true identity. Instead of having him leave when he found out about her true identity in the future, Bai Luochu would rather come clean at the very start of their relationship.

"I know." Lu Wenshu replied and held Bai Luochu's hand. "I always knew you were the evil dao witch. So what? We will definitely be able to stand against the world. Ah Chu, are you willing to trust me?”

That single statement of his caused the barrier around Bai Luochu’s heart to crumble. Even though he approached her due to his master’s order, he threw everything to the back of his mind as his feelings for her became real.

But when Lu Wenshu finally brought her back to his sect, everything changed. The conviction she had that they would be able to overcome all obstacles to be together shattered.

"How dare an evil dao witch covet my disciple? Without your evil techniques to rapidly gain strength, you’re not worthy of being my disciple’s wife!”

At that very moment, Bai Luochu realized the barriers she had to face. It was also the first time she found out that Lu Wenshu was the chief disciple of one of the Three Great Immortal Sects. Even though they were attracted to each other, they resembled yin and yang. She was the darkness, and he was the light.

In the end, love prevailed and Bai Luochu made the ultimate mistake. She sold her temple out for love...

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