Chapter 422: Alone

Bai Luochu's tone changed and the aura she emitted seemed to freeze the room. Even the haughty Lu Wenshu seemed a little dispirited when facing her. 

"Ah Chu, what do you want from me? I’m at fault for betraying you in the past. However, I know my mistakes! Didn’t I say that I will compensate you for all the wrong I did to you? Why are you still pushing me away? I will treat you well and give you everything you want!"

Bai Luochu immediately replied, "What do I want? How about you tell me what you want?! Let’s put the matter about us aside for now. Didn’t you send an anonymous letter to the troops at the border region? Why would you do something like that? Do you want me to lose my reputation in front of all the soldiers or do you want Pei Qingfeng to be sentenced to death by the old emperor?”

"I just didn’t want Pei Qingfeng to remain by your side! Ah Chu, you are mine! I don't wish to see any other men by your side." Lu Wenshu was rather agitated when he was speaking and he grabbed Bai Luochu’s wrist before pulling her into his embrace. How was it possible for her to allow him to do as he wished? She stabbed out with her poison needles and warned, “Young Master Lu, you had better think before you act. This is the Three Day Intoxication, the fastest-acting poison I have in my arsenal. If Young Master Lu doesn't wish to develop hallucinations and live in a lifetime of illusions, you better force the poison out of your body.”

Bai Luochu used the time when Lu Wenshu was forcing out the poison to break free from Lu Wenshu's grasp. Even though he forced the poison out as quickly as he could, a trace of it remained in his body and he could feel his world spinning slightly.

Lu Wenshu shook his head and tried his hardest to remain sober. “Ah Chu, you weren’t like this in the past…”

"Everyone will change. In my previous life, I betrayed my temple for you. All my brothers and sisters in the temple suffered because of me! What did I get in exchange? You betrayed me! Everyone in this world can hate me and betray me, anyone but you. You dealt the final blow and stabbed the sword through my chest. You caused the destruction of the Thousand Brilliance Temple and the death of all my fellow disciples! Even if I am the evil dao witch hated by all, I suffered retribution in my previous life! If you’re not satisfied with that, go and question the heavens! Don’t pretend that your feelings for me still exist… We all know you’re going to betray me again. Let me tell you right now, your appearance disgusts me. In this world, I will no longer believe in love!”

Two drops of tears rolled down her cheeks and eventually dripped onto the ground.

Lu Wenshu took a step forward and reached out to wipe the tear stains off her cheeks. However, Bai Luochu turned away before he could do so.

"Young Master Lu, please conduct yourself with dignity. If there is nothing else, please leave. It’s not good for a young man and woman to remain in the same room. This world is vast. You and I shall go our separate ways and never see each other again. The mountains are tall and the rivers are long. Our next meeting shall be postponed indefinitely." Bai Luochu waved her hands and sent Lu Wenshu away.

Lu Wenshu heard Bai Luochu's words and immediately said, "Luochu, I really want to return back to the time we were in love..." 

Turning to look at her, Lu Wenshu discovered that her face remained emotionless and he finally turned to leave.


Ying Lan originally wanted to report something to Bai Luochu, but when he reached the entrance, he heard the commotion inside. He instantly concealed his presence and stood by the side. Now that Lu Wenshu had left, he entered the room only to be met with a distraught Bai Luochu. Her eyes were red and tears seemed to be rolling about in them. Without a second thought, Ying Lan blew up as he thought that Lu Wenshu had bullied her. His face distorted and he wanted to charge out to settle the score with Lu Wenshu.

"Come back." Bai Luochu saw Ying Lan's fuming expression and understood that Ying Lan was definitely going to pick a fight with Lu Wenshu, "Are you people going to stop? Can you calm down for a moment? He didn't do anything to me, I merely recalled the foolish things I did in my past life…”

Bai Luochu wasn't a person who cried easily. It seemed like she minded her previous life experiences a lot... Ying Lan quickly gave up on looking for Lu Wenshu and he asked, "What was he here for? He’s behaving like a resentful spirit that doesn’t want to leave you…” With the intense hatred he had for Lu Wenshu, he felt that he was becoming more annoying by the second.

"Who knows? He wanted to continue the relationship we had in my past life but he is probably doing it after being ordered to by his sect." Bai Luochu's mouth twitched and spoke with disdain.

"Mistress, I have information related to the ruins. Are you interested in listening to it? You probably guessed it already but I’m here to verify your thoughts." Ying Lan reported.

"Is the commotion at the ruins related to Lu Wenshu?" Bai Luochu asked in return.

Ying Lan wasn't surprised and a smile appeared on his face, “Nothing can escape Mistress’ eye. He must be a retard to think his plan will succeed…”

"I’m sure Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo will be returning at any moment. You should leave in case they notice anything strange…”

In response, Ying Lan immediately returned to his room.

She was right. Soon after Ying Lan left, Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo returned to the inn. When Pei Qingfeng stepped into her room, he sniffed the air like a curious hound.

"What’s with the smell? Luoluo, did you use a different type of incense today?”

Bai Luochu was shocked by Pei Qingfeng's question. She didn't think that Pei Qingfeng would be able to notice anything wrong. After all, Lu Wenshu had only been there for a short moment.

“Why don’t I smell anything? Did someone smash your nose in when we were out scouting earlier?!”

When the words left Pei Rumo’s lips, Bai Luochu could see the hint of light circling around his head. It was as though he was an angel who saved her from Pei Qingfeng’s unending questioning.

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