Chapter 421: Lu Wenshu’s Delusion

Lu Wenshu looked up at his junior with gloomy eyes and spoke with a pensive tone, "I remembered that I have mentioned that you shouldn't ask about things that you are not supposed to know. Just do what you are required to. Master has already asked me to handle the matters in the Desolate Region and you do not need to worry."

Hua Sen wished he could slap himself twice while he thought about why he was actually not learning from his mistakes. I am always speaking out of turn… Moreover, I’m always doing so when Senior Brother isn’t in a good mood.

"Senior, please forgive me. This junior had forgotten about it, I shall leave now." Hua Sen vaguely understood what Lu Wenshu was going to do but this was truly a serious matter and he didn't know if he should secretly report it to his master.

"Just wait, soon enough, I will move all of you away from Ah Chu's side." Lu Wenshu looked into the distance and revealed an eerie smile. After speaking, he immediately headed to the distant ruins.

At this moment, Bai Luochu, Pei Rumo, and Pei Qingfeng were still discussing what they should do next.

"Now that my eyes have recovered. If something really happens, I will also be able to offer some assistance. Hence, I am thinking of scouting out the ruins in order to prepare for the campaign.”

Pei Rumo and Pei Qingfeng nodded repeatedly in response and felt that what Bai Luochu said was very reasonable. But before the duo could continue the discussion, they felt an intense vibration on the ground. Even the decorations in Bai Luochu's room shattered. After several seconds, the world seemed to return to normal as all the shaking stopped suddenly.

"What is going on?" Bai Luochu asked. In regards to this sudden vibration, the duo also had a suspicious expression plastered on their face. But in just a short moment, Pei Rumo's subordinate came over to report.

"Your First Highness, things aren’t good. There is a commotion over at the ruins, all of the factions are gathering there right now. There are some evil factions and righteous factions in the mix… Will we be heading there as well?”

Pei Rumo took a glance at Pei Qingfeng and Bai Luochu. Looking at the serious expression on their face, Pei Rumo passed down his order, "Qingfeng will follow me, Luo Chu will stay and wait here." Pei Rumo had asked for Bai Luochu to remain here for a reason. Bai Luochu's eyes had just recovered and if she encountered another accident, be it him or Pei Qingfeng, none of them would be able to accept it.

Bai Luochu actually agreed and wasn't as stubborn as she would be normally. Pei Rumo thought that Bai Luochu finally knew to cherish her life. But in fact, Bai Luochu had already guessed that this was Lu Wenshu's plot and she was planning to wait for Lu Wenshu here.

Lu Wenshu stood at the side of the ruins and made use of the broken walls of the ruins to conceal himself.

He had a rather disdainful expression when he saw the arriving party. He watched these people and felt that they were simply an unruly crowd on a wild goose chase. He had merely done something small and had forced all of them to appear. It was truly ridiculous.

Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo had also arrived and when Lu Wenshu saw them, his eyes lit up as he was thinking about the great chance he would get to meet with Bai Luochu privately. Too bad for him, he eventually noticed that Bai Luochu wasn't here. As such, Lu Wenshu made another move and created another commotion at the ruins before heading for the Pleasant Arrival Inn.

As for Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo, they were preparing to conduct a detailed investigation.

"We will split up. It will be a little faster." Pei Qingfeng was preparing to leave right after making his suggestion.

Pei Rumo didn't agree with Pei Qingfeng's method and immediately refused, "No, this place is filled with dangers. Previously, if it wasn't for Luo Chu's knowledge of the arrays and mechanisms, I would have died here. You don’t even know the area… How can I allow you to run about yourself?”

"Pei Rumo, when have you concerned yourself about my well-being? Did the sun rise from the west today?" Pei Qingfeng heard Pei Rumo's response and snapped with dissatisfaction.

"Because I don't wish to see Luo Chu sad." Pei Rumo was unwilling to admit it but did it in the end. "Do you understand? I refuse to allow something to happen to you as it will make Luo Chu sad! If not for her, I would rather you die right this moment…”

"Fine… However I have no idea what gave you the idea that Luoluo would become sad if I were to meet with an accident." Pei Qingfeng revealed a blank expression and he was clearly oblivious to the fact that Bai Luochu had feelings for him. Unable to hold himself back, Pei Rumo snapped at him. "Don’t you realize that Luo Chu treats you differently from the other princes?! If it’s possible, I rather be the target of her affection…”

Pei Rumo noticed the clueless look on Pei Qingfeng’s face after his explanation and decided to ignore him. “What’s the difference between the two of you and two wooden blocks?! Whatever, I’m no longer going to speak to you about Luo Chu’s feelings. Follow me to investigate the ruins.”

In the Pleasant Arrival Inn, Bai Luochu sat calmly in her room as she waited for Lu Wenshu’s arrival.

As a gust of wind blew through her hair, she noticed another presence behind her.

"I didn't know that Young Master Lu was coming and failed to give you a proper welcome. Will Young Master Lu please forgive me?" Bai Luochu was obviously not interested in Lu Wenshu’s arrival as she sat lazily in her room without turning around. Without a doubt, she already knew that he was coming.

When Lu Wenshu saw Bai Luochu's expression, he knew that she had already been waiting for a long time. He immediately spoke and exposed Bai Luochu's cheap trick, "Haven’t you been waiting for some time already?”

After hearing Lu Wenshu's response, Bai Luochu opened her eyes. Even though they seemed to sparkle like stars, the look in them was unfathomable.

"It is better for Young Master Lu to conduct yourself with dignity. Are we very close with each other? I feel that it’s inappropriate for Young Master Lu to address me intimately. I merely gave a casual greeting and you actually think that I care about you?" Bai Luochu raised her brows slightly and carefully observed Lu Wenshu's expression. After noticing the change in Lu Wenshu's expression, she immediately said, "Will Young Master Lu stop living in your delusion? Why do you think that I still have feelings for you?”

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