Chapter 418: Anonymous Note

Pei Rumo hurriedly agreed as he was feeling rather jumpy at the moment. Seeing that their Commander in Chief had nodded his head, the troops rushed out of the room.

“Ai… What in the world is going on? Our Master has never been distracted when talking about work related matters before. What happened to him?” The moment they left the room, one of them asked. 

Everyone else shook their head helplessly. “He is probably distracted as none of us thinks like him. After all, he usually consults his two deputy generals and his military advisor when out on missions. Now that there is only the blind Divine Physician Bai as his deputy general, he can only rely on himself. After all, she hasn't recovered yet. No matter how good his brain is, he can’t do the work of four people by himself. It’s no wonder he is tired.”

One of them felt a little resentful and he quipped, “I told you bringing a woman to the army will drag us down. None of you believed me at the time.”

“Stop. Now that we are already halfway through the mission, there is no need to speak of such things. If not for Divine Physician Bai, the person lying on the bed could be His First Highness. Everyone makes mistakes. Since Divine Physician Bai is sent by His Majesty, she definitely has her strong points.”

As they chatted on, they eventually arrived at their rooms. Just like that, the voices disappeared and a quiet night passed.

When dawn broke, the commander whom Bai Luochu saved finally arrived at the Pleasant Arrival Inn. After pacing around for quite some time, he couldn’t decide if he wanted to go in or not. He didn’t make his decision until the sun rose high into the sky. He tightened his grip on the note and creases formed on the paper. Finally, he mustered his courage and knocked on the doors.

“Knock knock.” The loud knocks broke the silence of the inn and attracted everyone’s attention.

“Who is it?” Qin Feng’s lazy voice resounded through the air as he slowly opened the door.

Seeing the person standing in front of him, Qin Feng was stunned. “Who are you and what are you here for? Are you looking for someone? This inn is already full. If you are here to look for a place to stay, please look for somewhere else.” As soon as the final words left his mouth, Qin Feng prepared to slam the door shut.

The commander reached out and stopped Qin Feng from closing the door. “Please wait. I am here to look for someone. Is there a young man wearing luxurious black robes staying in this inn? Can brother please look for him and tell him that his subordinate is here to meet him?”

Qin Feng instantly knew that the person before him was looking for Pei Rumo. After sizing the man up, Qin Feng realized that his clothes were somewhat similar to what Pei Rumo wore. He started to relax and said, “Wait for me here. I will announce your arrival. However, I don’t know if the person you are looking for will be willing to meet you.” After speaking, Qin Feng ran towards Pei Rumo’s courtyard.

Pei Rumo was in a dilemma at the moment. Based on Bai Luochu’s medical experience, her eyes should be healed by now. Just as he was thinking of what to do next, Qin Feng rushed into his room.

“Your First Highness, someone came to the inn saying that he is your subordinate. He is apparently in a rush to report to you. His clothes seem pretty similar to yours and I allowed him to wait in the front of the inn. Please let me know if you wish to meet him. If you don’t, I shall pass on your message so that he doesn’t need to wait in vain.”

A frown formed on Pei Rumo’s face. Why is someone looking for me now? Did something happen at the border region? A trace of anxiety appeared at the bottom of his heart. If his worst fears were to come true, he would be faced with a complete sh*tstorm. He didn’t even settle the matter with Bai Luochu’s eyes and the main body of his army was facing trouble…

“Innkeeper, you’ve worked hard. I shall head out to meet my subordinate.” Pei Rumo left the room immediately after speaking. Qin Feng hastily tried to keep up with Pei Rumo thinking that he could be of some use if the First Prince ran into some problems.

When he arrived at the front of the inn, Pei Rumo was stunned for a moment. He never expected to meet one of the commanders under him. Without thinking too much about it, he immediately questioned, “Did something happen at the border region? Why are you here?!”

Seeing the anxious Pei Rumo, the commander shook his head. “Nothing happened at the border region. However… We received an anonymous note saying something about how Divine Physician Bai is now blind. Moreover… His Second Highness sneaked into the Desolate Region without letting His Majesty know. This subordinate is here to verify the validity of the news. Your First Highness can rest assured. Only the hundred-men commanders know of this matter. None of the soldiers got wind of this information yet. The morale of the army won’t be affected…”

What’s the difference?! Pei Rumo felt a headache coming. He originally thought that he would be able to hide Bai Luochu’s injury and Pei Qingfeng’s appearance from everyone. Who would have thought that someone would send an anonymous letter to his troops, exposing his secrets? Without a choice, he could only bring the commander to meet with Bai Luochu. He wanted her to personally tell him the truth.

In her room, Bai Luochu had just woken up. Thinking about how she managed to catch a glimpse of moonlight the night before, Bai Luochu felt that her vision was returning. She wanted to wake up early to confirm her guess.

Before her excitement of regaining her sight could fade, Pei Rumo appeared.

“Your First Highness… What are you doing here so early in the morning?” Seeing that Pei Rumo was charging over with such urgency, Bai Luochu couldn't help but ask.

Turning to face Bai Luochu, Pei Rumo even thought that she had felt his presence by using her spiritual energy. However, when he realized that she was staring at him with her huge round eyes, his heart jumped. “You can see again?”

Bai Luochu nodded her head. “Of course I can. I got back a little of my vision last night. When I woke up this morning, I was completely healed. It’s about time anyway. Why are you in such a rush?”

“Someone wrote an anonymous letter to the troops at the border region saying something about how you went blind and Pei Qingfeng sneaked into the battlefield without permission. Only the commanders saw it and they were able to keep it from the rest of the soldiers. Now that your eyes are fine, help me reassure them.”

A plot formed in her head the moment she heard Pei Rumo’s story. I knew it. With Lu Wenshu’s personality, how can he sit still when he notices Pei Qingfeng’s presence? Hahaha it seems like this is his plan.

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