Chapter 416: Lu Wenshu Can’t Sit Still

“Nevermind. I was just chasing the spy away. I won’t speak like that again.” Seeing that the person observing them in the dark was already gone, Bai Luochu’s attitude returned to normal.

Pei Qingfeng seemed a little disappointed but he didn’t say anything else. He felt that it wasn’t time to force her in case she became uncomfortable around him.

As for Lu Wenshu’s junior brother, he flew at back top speed to make a report.

“Senior Brother, I am back.” He stood outside the door and greeted Lu Wenshu, waiting for the order to enter the room.

Lu Wenshu had just completed his cultivation session. After all, his injury after almost experiencing cultivation deviation wasn’t something he could recover from in a day or two. He naturally had to use all the time he could to cultivate.

“Come in.” Lu Wenshu arranged his clothes and became anxious to listen to his junior brother’s report.

“Senior Brother, you might get angry at what I am about to say next, but you must mind your health. If you suffer a hidden injury because of what I say, it won’t be worth it.”

Lu Wenshu merely nodded to indicate his understanding.

“This disciple managed to find out that Divine Physician Bai didn’t consume your antidote. Not just that, there is a man taking good care of her. He seems very close to her and he even said something about toeing the line of life and death together. Something about how taking care of her is his duty.”

Lu Wenshu fell deep into thoughts after hearing his junior’s report. According to what he said, the man was definitely Pei Qingfeng. However, shouldn’t Pei Qingfeng be entertaining the mysterious group of people in the imperial capital? Why did he appear in the Desolate Region? The Desolate Region isn’t a place he can come and go as he please. Today, the Desolate Region has already been demarcated as a battlefield and if I remember correctly, an imperial prince will be sentenced to death if he is found meddling in someone else’s battlefield…

As he thought about the consequences of Pei Qingfeng’s actions, he laughed. “I was racking my brains so hard to find a way to deal with you. Now that you are here, you are delivering yourself to the gates of hell.” Pei Qingfeng’s decision to sneak into the battlefield and Pei Rumo’s intention to conceal his presence was now a trump card he could use against them. However, it seemed as though Pei Rumo had hidden Pei Qingfeng’s existence really well. How am I supposed to expose him?

Lu Wenshu deliberated for a long time and finally relayed an order to his junior brother, “Go and do something for me. We’ll add some fuel to the fire and burn the two princes of the Cloud Water Nation while we’re at it.”

After interacting with Lu Wenshu for such a long time, he knew that his senior brother was plotting against someone when an expression like that appeared on his face. He hurriedly replied, “This disciple will definitely do as you say.”

“Send a report to the soldiers of the Cloud Water Nation at the borders. I will personally write the report and you only need to hand it over to them. However, you need to keep in mind that the troops are all insidious and crafty beings. You need to place the report in the commander’s tent and avoid detection. Are you sure you are able to do it? If you are, I will allow you to go alone. If you can’t, I’ll get someone else to do it for you.”

His junior brother was afraid that Lu Wenshu would no longer trust him if he backed down and he hastily assured Lu Wenshu, “Of course I am able to do it. I have been following Senior Brother for such a long time and you should be aware of my prowess.”

Lu Wenshu nodded in delight. He quickly went over to the desk and wrote out his fake report for the army. When the ink finally dried out, he passed the report to his junior brother, “Here. You have to deliver it to the commander’s tent. If you mess up, you can forget about living a comfortable life in the sect.”

“Yes, this disciple understands.” After he received the report, he turned to leave the room. However, he seemed to have thought of something and returned to the room.

Lu Wenshu thought that his junior brother was regretting his decision and he said with indifference, “What? Are you chickening out now? If you are, leave the report and get out.” After he spoke, he raised his hand to grab the report.

“That’s not it. However, this disciple has something I don’t know if I should say.” After bracing himself, Lu Wenshu’s junior brother replied.

Lu Wenshu’s eyebrows jumped. He mused, “If I tell you to shut up, are you going to keep quiet and leave? If you have something to tell me, just speak. Stop beating about the bush.” He even compared his junior brother to Bai Luochu. Bai Luochu never hesitated when it came to something she wanted to say. She would speak her mind even if it meant offending some people. She never bothered with all those useless etiquette or other nonsense. Seems like none of them can compare to Bai Luochu…

Lu Wenshu’s junior brother was shocked. He never thought that Lu Wenshu would be so direct. However, it was too late to back down and he could only brace himself as he told Lu Wenshu whatever he wanted to say. “This disciple thinks that Divine Physician Bai’s behavior is unacceptable. As a lady, she doesn’t keep herself in check. She interacts with so many men and it is obvious she isn’t a virtuous young lady. She even seems a little fickle. Senior Brother, please do not fall for a woman like this.”

The instant the words left his mouth, Lu Wenshu’s expression changed. Even the air around him seemed to dip below freezing point. A deep voice reverberated in his junior brother’s mind, “What did you just say? What do you mean fickle?” A black light flashed through Lu Wenshu’s eyes and his face was as black as a thundercloud. Even the blind would be able to discern that Lu Wenshu was extremely enraged.

Lu Wenshu waved his arm and the doors to his room slammed shut. He reached out and grabbed his junior brother by the throat. Unable to speak. His junior brother revealed an agonized expression.

Lu Wenshu slowly raised his hand as his junior brother got dragged higher and higher into the air. When he saw that his junior brother’s head had turned completely red, Lu Wenshu gritted his teeth and said, “What the f*ck did you just say? Why don’t you repeat yourself?”

“Senior… Senior Brother… This disciple understands! I was wrong… Please, mercy…”

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