Chapter 415: Putting on a Show

“Senior Brother, I went to check up on the ruins and didn’t notice anyone in the vicinity. The ongoing sandstorm is getting heavier and the tracks left behind have already been covered up.”

“No one has been snooping around the ruins? What is going on? Even those people from the Cloud Water Nation didn’t approach the ruins?” Lu Wenshu felt that the news was pretty incredible.

His junior brother braced himself for a scolding and said, “That… that is indeed the case. I will never dare to slack off when Senior Brother has given the order. I carried out your instructions with utmost care and if I lied to you, you may punish me as you deem fit.”

Lu Wenshu had always trusted this junior brother of his. Otherwise, he wouldn’t hand over so many important tasks for him to handle. Ignoring the report for now, Lu Wenshu felt a headache coming because of another matter. He couldn’t understand the reason behind Bai Luochu’s indifference to the whole matter. If it was the Bai Luochu of the past, she would have leveled the ruins after suffering a tiny setback from it. Of course, with her current abilities, she didn’t have the power to level the ruins. At the very least, she should be investigating the ruins, right?! Why are there no movements on their side? Could it be… could it be that she didn’t take the antidote?

Li Wenshu couldn’t help but panic slightly, “Let me ask you another question. It’s about someone called Luo Chu in the Cloud Water Nation group. Did she meet with any accidents these few days?” According to Lu Wenshu’s understanding of Bai Luochu, she should feel extremely grateful for the timely delivery of medicine and she would consume it immediately. It didn’t make sense for her to not make a move…

The junior was stunned for a second. After racking his brains, he recalled the person Lu Wenshu was asking about. He quickly started to explain, “Senior Brother, are you talking about Divine Physician Bai whom I delivered medicine to?”

It was Lu Wenshu’s turn to be stunned. After all, he was afraid they would become suspicious that he was showing so much concern for a random person he had only recently been acquainted with. If they dug up everything about her, he was afraid they might find out about her reincarnation. However, his desire to know Bai Luochu’s condition outweighed everything and he quickly regained his senses. “Yes, is there any news about her?”

His junior brother’s expression became a little ugly and Lu Wenshu instantly guessed the outcome. He wasn’t willing to accept it and he continued asking, “Just tell me everything you know. As long as there is any news about her, let me know immediately. I won’t take my anger out on you as long as you report truthfully.”

Hearing his senior brother’s promise, he started to stutter, “Sen… Senior Brother, didn’t you ask me to give her the spirit medicine the other day? The person I gave it to didn’t seem like he was going to feed her the medicine. Instead, he seems to be dragging it out, wasting Senior Brother’s efforts.”

Lu Wenshu fell backwards into his chair as his legs lost all strength. He mumbled to himself, “She still hates me… She hates me for betraying her…”

When his junior brother heard him, thoughts ran wild in his heart. Who is he talking about? Did Senior Brother get together with another woman after the evil dao witch’s death? If that is the case, his weird behavior and care for her is totally reasonable.

However, before his thoughts ran completely wild, Lu Wenshu’s next sentence dragged him back to reality.

“Immediately head over to the inn now. If there are any movements on their side, head back and inform me. Do you understand?” Lu Wenshu never felt so helpless in his life.

As for his junior brother, he disappeared in a flash. He left Lu Wenshu alone in the room to drown in his sorrows.

Just like that, Lu Wenshu’s junior brother spent the entire night looking at Bai Luochu’s room. When day finally broke, Pei Qingfeng’s figure slowly appeared at the door.

“This is weird. I haven’t seen anyone like him in the Desolate Region before. He seems to be very familiar with Divine Physician Bai...:” As he wasn’t familiar with Pei Qingfeng, he could only continue to observe from a distance.

After a short while, Pei Qingfeng entered Bai Luochu’s room. Sounds of conversation slowly drifted out of the room.

“Are you feeling better?” Pei Qingfeng asked with concern.

Bai Luochu nodded her head and softly replied, “Much better. It must have been tiring for you to take care of me for the past few days. Thank you….”

Pei Qingfeng noticed that something was different about the way she spoke to him but he didn’t read too much into it. He merely carried on the conversation.

“Our relationship is formed after going through life and death situations together. In the past, you took care of me when I was heavily wounded in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, I’m just returning the favor now.”

Pei Qingfeng’s logic was infallible and Bai Luochu thought that he made sense. She didn’t think too much about it but the same couldn’t be said for Lu Wenshu’s junior brother. The words seemed to have another meaning when he heard it.

“Oh god! She took care of a man even though they are not husband and wife… Right now, their places are swapped and he is taking care of her! This seems a little off…” I have to tell my Senior Brother about this! I cannot allow him to sink deeper into this fox’s clutches!

Bai Luochu’s voice suddenly became tender and charming as she said, “You can’t say that… In any case, it’s my duty to take care of you. After all, we endured the storms of life together…”

Pei Qingfeng instantly felt goosebumps all over his body. What is wrong with her? She is acting so weird today… He quickly opened his mouth to interject, “What’s wrong with you today? Why are you acting like this?”

Bai Luochu rolled her eyes at Pei Qingfeng and felt a little relieved that the person observing her in the dark had already been scared away by her previous performance. If he heard what Pei Qingfeng said, all her efforts would have gone down the drain.

“What do you want?! Do you have a problem with me when I speak nicely to you? Your taste is really unique… You really like me to scream and shout at you, don’t you? Weirdo…”

“Nonsense!” Pei Qingfeng denied her strong accusation. “With your usual stubborn and hard attitude, I can’t get used to the sudden change. Why don’t you…” Pei Qingfeng’s eyes rolled around and the scoundrel in him was released. “Why don’t you speak to me like this everyday? I’ll get used to it really quickly.”

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