Chapter 413: Freedom Brings Joy

Once the words left Bai Luochu’s mouth, the entire room fell silent. It was so quiet one could hear their breaths and the chirping of birds outside the room.

After a long time, Pei Qingfeng finally broke the silence. His words were not directed at Bai Luochu, and instead, he chided Pei Rumo. “What were we thinking? Why did we think we would be able to convince her to eat the antidote?”

Pei Rumo started to laugh as well, “Haha, that’s true. We forgot that she is someone who doesn’t change her mind after making a decision.”

Bai Luochu heard the two of them playing the same tune and she was shocked speechless. Her obstinate personality hadn’t changed since a long time ago. Since there was no one able to stop her, she didn’t bother changing it. Even though Bai Luochu felt that recovering without the use of Lu Wenshu’s antidote was the safest way, it was obvious that the two princes didn’t think so. She felt that she had to find a way to convince them.

“Why don’t the two of you listen to what I have to say?”

They were originally optimistic about solving the issue with Bai Luochu’s eyes. However, they never expected her to be so adamant about not using Lu Wenshu’s antidote. They could only allow her to explain herself.

Seeing that the both of them were willing to listen to her explanation, Bai Luochu didn’t waste any more time. “Even though you feel that we are wasting time and delaying the journey, in my opinion, this is the best course of action.”

“There are too many things we are unsure about in the Desolate Region. It won’t benefit us if we are to kill our way over recklessly. Taking a step back, we should slowly consider our options. If I’m correct, we have only explored a small part of the ruins. Even if we are able to avoid the traps, the huge army behind us won’t be able to. Moreover, cultivators like us should be standing on the frontlines if we are to do battle with the other factions in the Desolate Region. The only thing the army can do is to cower behind us. As such, we are not the ones slowing them down.”

“This is also a one in a million chance for myself. Ever since I’ve left the Bestial Battle Arena, I have been moving about alone. My relatives plotted against me in the general’s residence and the Phoenix King Valley had their eyes on me the moment I left the residence. I had to face their attacks head-on and never had the time to rest. In my opinion, I should slow down the pace now since I am blind. I can use the time to consolidate my spirit energy and calm my mind. This is a good thing…”

The room fell into silence after the words left Bai Luochu’s mouth. After all, Bai Luochu spoke of the true thoughts in her heart and the two princes couldn’t find fault in her words.

After a very long time, Pei Qingfeng sighed helplessly, “Since you’ve made such a convincing argument, we can’t possibly force you to eat the antidote… This is fine as well. It’s just several  more days, I can just take it as though I’m spending more time with you.”

Pei Rumo’s eyes widened when he heard what Pei Qingfeng said. “She’s messing about and you’re going along with it?!” He felt that his second brother was a little too tactless. Why is he agreeing with her?

“What can we do about it? Should we knock her unconscious and force the antidote down her throat? Instead of using a method that will cause us both to feel uncomfortable, we should let her do whatever she likes. There isn’t much going on in the Desolate Region these few days anyway.” Pei Qingfeng casually said.

Pei Rumo turned to look at Bai Luochu before looking at Pei Qingfeng. He felt that the two of them were pretty similar when it came to their tactics of enraging him. He felt that with a little more practice, the two of them could probably anger him to death. It was too bad he didn’t know how to deal with them. He could only agree. 

He shook his head silently, “Emperor Father has already given me his reply. He said that we can decide after Luo Chu’s eyes heal. The only thing left to do is to hide the matter from the troops. However, it won’t be easy. Since you have already decided, I can’t change your mind. I’ll think of a way to pacify the soldiers at the border region. If I can’t think of a way to calm them down, you can’t blame me. If they come knocking on our door, don’t think of throwing all the blame to me.”

“Of course. Your First Highness can relax. We are not ungrateful beings. I am already very happy that you are keeping my injury a secret from the soldiers. However…” Even though it seemed like she was very thankful to Pei Rumo, she appeared to be hesitant about something.

“Just speak your mind. I have already consented to your willful behavior. As long as your request isn’t too excessive, I will accept it.”

Bai Luochu no longer stood on ceremony. “Please send a message to the troops at the border region. ‘There are many other factions other than us in the Desolate Region. In order to keep the morale of the army stable, please do not believe any reports unless they are sent by me’.”

Even though it was a simple matter for Pei Rumo to send out her message to the troops, he became a little doubtful about the meaning behind her words. Instead of keeping his questions bottled up, he simply asked Bai Luochu, “Why do we need to tell them that? I can do as you say, but I don’t understand the meaning behind your words.”

Bai Luochu’s eyebrows jumped. However, she quickly came up with a random reason. “We have to be prepared in case anything happens. After all, keeping the morale of the troops high is the most important factor.”

Pei Rumo slowly nodded and he got ready to relay her message to the troops. Before leaving, he said, “I still have to mix around with my soldiers and generals. I won’t be able to look after you for the time being. If there is anything you need, get Pei Qingfeng to do it.”

Even though Pei Rumo was reluctant to let Pei Qingfeng take care of Bai Luochu, he came to a compromise. Helping her keep her condition a secret from the army was the best thing he could do for her now. 

“I thank Your First Highness for the concern.”

“Your First Highness, please be at ease. I will definitely take good care of Luoluo. I won’t allow any harm to befall her.” Even though he was elated in his heart, he knew that it wasn’t time to gloat openly in front of Pei Rumo. At this critical juncture, he felt that he should work together with his elder brother to take care of Bai Luochu.

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