Chapter 412: Anxious

He thought of speaking to Bai Luochu when she came out of her room to breathe some fresh air. However, she didn’t appear even after the sun disappeared beneath the horizon. In fact, it wasn’t because she didn’t want to meet him. Instead, Pei Qingfeng had already expected him to guard outside her door for the entire day. Instead of wasting time arguing with Pei Rumo, Pei Qingfeng brought Bai Luochu out from the back. Just like that, Pei Rumo wasted his entire day.

In the next two days, Pei Rumo tried his best to find time to interact with Bai Luochu as Pei Qingfeng used all his efforts to obstruct him. Seeing that he wasn’t able to win with his meagre abilities, Pei Rumo decided to use his ultimate attack. He shifted Pei Qingfeng’s attention to Bai Luochu’s eyes and successfully ended the conflict between the both of them. After all, curing her eyes was of utmost priority.

“Didn’t she say that her eyes will recover after seven days? How many days has it been? Even if her vision hasn’t fully recovered, she should at least be able to make out some distinct figures…Why does it seem like her condition isn’t improving at all?” Pei Qingfeng arrived at the Desolate Region after Bai Luochu’s eyes were damaged. He could only bug Pei Rumo for an explanation.

Pei Rumo started to panic as well, “I have no idea what is going on. She guaranteed that her eyes would recover after seven days. I thought that with her outstanding medical skills, she would be certain of the recovery time. I didn’t think too much about it.”

“What else do you know? You seem to be clueless about everything! Why are you even competing with me to take care of Luoluo, you incompetent fool?!” The more Pei Rumo expressed his confusion, the angrier Pei Qingfeng became.

“Why are you so anxious? I’m sure there is a way to cure her eyes. Right now, we have to cure Luo Chu’s eyes at all costs. We will gain nothing from quarrelling with each other here.” Pei Rumo said calmly.

“Look like you have already thought of a plan. Hurry up and spill it. As long as it works, I will follow your instructions.” Seeing as Pei Rumo was extremely confident in himself, Pei Qingfeng thought that he had a solution to their problem.

“It’s very simple. We can try Lu Wenshu’s antidote. Her eyes were affected by the poison mist and Lu Wenshu said that this is the antidote for the poison. As long as she eats the medicine, she should be cured. However, Luo Chu refuses to eat it. Why don’t we try to persuade her to eat it?”

“Easy for you to say…” Pei Qingfeng disagreed with his plan. After thinking for some time, he said, “Since Luoluo isn’t willing to eat the antidote, there is definitely something wrong with it. What if there is something wrong with the ‘antidote’? You can’t ask her to consume some unknown pill even if you are anxious for her well-being. If something happens to her, will you take responsibility?”

“There is nothing wrong with this antidote!” Pei Rumo started to panic when he saw that Pei Qingfeng was doubting the only method they had to cure Bai Luochu. “Luo Chu said it before. The antidote in this bottle will be able to cure the poison. She is unwilling to consume the medicine as it is specially made to counter the poison affecting her eyes.  She suspects that Lu Wenshu has ulterior motives for giving her this medicine. With her expertise in medicine, she can smell better than a dog when it comes to spirit herbs. How can the antidote be fake?”

“What are you waiting for?! Let’s go and persuade her to eat it!” Pei Qingfeng dragged Pei Rumo along as he made his way to Bai Luochu’s room. 

Bai Luochu had barely opened her eyes from her morning cultivation session when she started growing doubtful. The two stone lions guarding her door weren't present. Are they finally gone for good? Just as she was about to exhale a sigh of relief, Pei Qingfeng barged through the door with Pei Rumo in tow.

“Luoluo, how are your eyes? Can you see?” Pei Qingfeng saw the dull look in her eyes and he was sure of his conjecture. As much as he didn’t want to believe it, she was still blind.

“I can’t see. What is the problem? Are there any movements in the ruins?” Bai Luochu felt that something was up when the two of them charged into her room, guns blazing.

She never expected for everything to be fine. “There isn’t anything wrong with the ruins. You’re the only problem we have right now. Didn’t you say that you will recover after seven days? Even if you can’t see clearly, you should be slowly regaining your vision, right?”

Bai Luochu knew that the two of them were worried for her but she couldn’t help but grow annoyed at them. She was very clear on the condition of her body. She didn’t need the two of them to barge into her room early in the morning to interrogate her on her injury.

Even though she was getting a little impatient, she still explained herself to them, “My eyes will definitely heal. I won’t be a liability to the both of you and if you are tired of taking care of me, go back and do your own stuff.”

Pei Qingfeng and Pei Rumo turned to look at each other after hearing what she said. They saw the helpless look in each other’s eyes and they knew that they had successfully angered Bai Luochu. After a long time, Pei Rumo decided to speak first. “Luo Chu, we aren’t blaming you for holding us back. However, there is a saying that goes, ‘A physician can’t cure himself’. We are worried about the condition of your eyes. If your diagnosis is wrong, things might go south really quickly… We were thinking…”

Before Pei Rumo could finish his sentence, Bai Luochu interrupted him, “What? What are your thoughts? Why not tell me about them? If they are reasonable, I might just accept…”

“We were thinking that you should consume Lu Wenshu’s antidote. The earlier your eyes heal, the better. We won’t need to worry about you all the time. Being blind all the time isn’t good for you anyway.” Pei Rumo continued.

Bai Luochu’s expression changed and she violently objected, “No way! Even though his antidote is real, his intentions are bad. Instead of taking the risk, I would rather wait a few more days. Moreover, if I consume his antidote, I will owe him a favour. If he uses this as an excuse for me to do some outrageous acts for him, won’t it be bad?!”

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