Chapter 41: Entering the Residence in a Disguise

In the early morning, two days later... After Bai Luochu had finished her cultivation session, she put on a disguise as a man and changed her soft smoked gauze robe into male clothes made of sackcloth. She then carefully tied up her hair and after bundling it up, she secured it with a jade hairpin.

No matter what, she still looked too immature. Adding on the fact that she came into conflict too many times with Su Luoqing, she probably wouldn't be able to enter the Su Residence with her usual appearance.

Unlike before, she didn’t possess the items she needed to disguise herself as her makeup was managed by Zi Su. Bai Luochu assumed that Zi Su wouldn’t have the ability to turn a woman into a man. After some thought, Bai Luochu had no choice but to look for an average looking mask to wear on her face.

The people in this world held a lot of respect for physicians and there were plenty of experts in the world who didn’t care about material wealth. Right now, she was going to rescue Su Luoqing. Thinking about it, the Su Clan had no choice but to treat her as an eccentric and self-righteous expert.

“Young Lady Luo Chu, the carriage has been prepared. His Highness has been waiting for quite some time, will you please follow this subordinate?” The guard commander’s voice came through the closed door.

“Wait a moment. I need to grab some stuff.” When Bai Luochu heard a voice asking her to hurry up, she quickly took the silver needles and the antidote for the diagnosis and treatment. They had all been prepared in advance. She placed them inside a simple-looking medicine box before heading out.

Before she left, she turned back and didn’t forget to bring a ball of silk yarn with her. After all, she was disguised as a man and Su Luoqing was a woman from a noble clan. Bai Luochu couldn’t come into direct contact with Su Luoqing’s body.

Bai Luochu followed the guard commander and hurried out of the residence, only to see a luxurious carriage parked outside. This carriage was of a similar style and structure as the carriage she had ridden from the Bestial Battle Arena.  

Bai Luochu didn’t hesitate and immediately boarded the carriage. She opened the curtain and sat in the middle of the carriage as though she was the owner.

Pei Rumo was already used to Bai Luochu’s rude behavior and when he saw her disguise, he was shocked. His brows arched upwards slightly and he immediately understood the reason behind it. He knew that Bai Luochu was a crafty and shrewd individual. He didn’t bother trying to pry further into her business as he ordered for the coachman to steer the carriage towards the Su Residence.

Pei Rumo silently sized up Bai Luochu. This was a young lady who had yet to reach adulthood. After removing her female clothing and changing into a robe made for men, she looked like a refined expert. Of course, the mask played a part.

Pei Rumo felt a little strange as Bai Luochu was still so young. What in the world did she go through for her to possess such a mysterious air around her?

The authoritative nobles in the capital of the Cloud Water nation were all situated in the same area. Hence, the Su Residence was just two streets away from the First Prince's residence. Since they had gone out early in the morning, the streets were empty and were only filled with sparse mist. In less than ten minutes, the carriage arrived at the entrance of the Su Residence.

There was already someone waiting at the entrance and it was a middle-aged man. He was wearing luxurious clothes and was a little fat. He was none other than Lord Su.

Pei Rumo must have sent a notice of visit to the Su Residence after Bai Luochu had agreed to provide treatment to Su Luoqing. As for the pretext? Bai Luochu guessed that Pei Rumo must have told Lord Su that he had met an eccentric divine physician by chance. He must have also said that he had spent a lot of effort to invite this divine physician into the capital city for several days. When the divine physician arrived, he would also personally bring the physician to diagnose Su Luoqing’s condition.

When Bai Luochu thought about it, she couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. She originally thought that her scheme was planned out thoroughly. It seemed like Pei Rumo was also very proficient at scheming as well as he used her plan to sell the Su Clan a favor.

As such, she and Pei Rumo played this round of chess perfectly as they made use of each other to obtain their goals.

Wasn’t it supposed to be like this?

Bai Luochu already knew that the First Prince wasn’t an ordinary man and she was even more certain of her judgment right now. She reminded herself to be more careful and if she had any schemes in the future, she couldn’t underestimate Pei Rumo’s capability.

After forming her conclusion, Bai Luochu’s heart calmed down as she followed Pei Rumo off the carriage.

“Lord Su is truly considerate for waiting at the entrance at dawn.” Pei Rumo immediately exchanged greetings with Lord Su.

Lord Su was also a man with extensive experience as he immediately replied, “I simply did what I was supposed to do. First Prince spent so much effort to treat my daughter... Furthermore, since the divine physician traveled here personally, this official simply fulfilled his duties by coming outside to welcome you.”

As Lord Su spoke, he didn’t forget to bow towards Pei Rumo and Bai Luochu.

In response, Bai Luochu returned the greeting before standing back up. “Lord Su is very courteous.”

As Bai Luochu was wearing a mask, Lord Su couldn’t see her expression. The only thing he could see were her emotionless eyes. There wasn’t any trace of flattery in them. The physician in front of him truly didn’t seem as though he was here to take advantage of the situation. Lord Su couldn’t help but lament as this physician was an extraordinary expert. 

Since this was the case, he didn’t mind Bai Luochu’s arrogant and rude behavior. Lord Su quickly led them to the inner courtyard and into Su Luoqing’s chamber.

Once inside the door, Bai Luochu caught a whiff of a stench. There was also a dejected aura surrounding the area. Bai Luochu let out a cold snort and saw that the Su Clan was truly trying every medicine and physician in this crisis. They even hired those so-called divine physicians to prescribe their rubbish medication. Bai Luochu originally wanted Su Luoqing to suffer for a few days, right now, they almost killed her with their ‘treatment’.

Bai Luochu didn’t want Su Luoqing to die. She immediately took out the ball of silk yarn to help Su Luoqing examine her pulse. Once Bai Luochu measured her pulse, she immediately frowned.

At first, Bai Luochu simply had to pretend to provide treatment using the needles and feed Su Luoqing the antidote when no one was looking. Right now, after Su Luoqing had been treated by all those quack physicians, not only did Bai Luochu have to feed Su Luoqing the antidote, she even had to use the silver needles to force all the toxins out of her body. Later on, she even had to give a prescription meant for nursing the body.

Since things had already come to this stage, Bai Luochu had no choice but to offer a full treatment. She immediately spoke to Lord Su, “When I am conducting my treatment, I do not wish for anyone else to be around. I hope that Lord Su can send away everyone and leave only me and Young Lady Su inside the room.”

“This… your honor is a man, while my daughter has yet to marry. Such an arrangement isn’t appropriate, right?” Lord Su seemed to be placed in a difficult position.

“If that is the case, why not let Madam Su watch from the side. In my eyes, there is no difference between men and women. She is simply one of my patients. I do not wish for my medical skills to be stolen by anyone. That was the reason I proposed such an outrageous request. I hope for Lord Su’s forgiveness.” As Bai Luochu explained, she bowed.

When Lord Su saw that Bai Luochu had already taken a step back, he nodded and approved of her request. He knew that all the divine physicians had their unique skills they had to hide from others.

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