Chapter 409: Secretly Hurt

After Pei Rumo was chased away, he jumped onto his horse and went straight for the lakeside he brought her to before they left for the ruins.

When he arrived, Pei Rumo stood there silently as he stared into space. It was as though he turned into part of the scenery as a desolate back stood silently in the middle of the Desolate Region. If not for his eye-catching black clothes being in contrast with the dull yellow sand in the Desolate Region, no one would think that he came from outside the region.

Even though Pei Rumo looked calm on the surface, waves as high as the heavens were raging about in his heart. “Is there really no place for me in her heart?”

Pei Rumo closed his eyes, concealing the pain welling up inside of him. It was clear that he was devastated when he heard that Bai Luochu chose Pei Qingfeng over him.

However, he knew that they both couldn’t be blamed for her actions. Back then, he was adamant about using her as a weapon to deal with Pei Wuchen. To achieve his goal, he ignored her feelings and their relationship became one built on mutual benefits. Afterwards, he unknowingly fell in love with Bai Luochu. No matter who it was, it would be difficult for them to accept such a drastic change in treatment. Of course, the once hurt Bai Luochu would never believe that Pei Rumo was treating her nicely out of true love. It was already incredible that she didn’t distance herself from him.

“Luo Chu, I regret my actions... I regret it so much. I regret making use of you at the start to achieve my goal. If I could go back in time… none of them will get the chance to confess to you before me… ” Pei Rumo mumbled to himself as he looked at the scenery in front of him.

Alas, not even the unrivaled Divine Physician Bai could refine a pill for regret. It was impossible for time to rewind for him either. Taking a step back, if Pei Rumo didn’t harbor the intentions of making use of her, Pei Qingfeng wouldn’t have found the chance to step in. After all, he was the first one to save her from the Bestial Battle Arena.

Am I really inferior to Pei Qingfeng?!

He indeed possessed a colder personality when compared to Pei Qingfeng. However, it was because he had yet to realize his feelings for her. Now that he had discovered his love for her, his personality underwent a great change.

Was it because of his appearance? The Cloud Water Nation’s Third Prince, Pei Wuchen, treated girls gently. With his identity as an imperial prince and the last disciple of the Phoenix King Valley Master, he gained the adoration of many young ladies in the capital. As for Pei Qingfeng, he had outstanding looks. He treated everyone with respect and he had been the dream lover of many young ladies in the capital city.

As for himself… He knew that his character wasn’t as good as Pei Wuchen who was able to draw people to his side easily. Even though he gained a tough image for fighting in so many wars, only a tiny group of people appreciated his manliness. With the giant scar on his face, his appearance could be said to be worse than Pei Wuchen and Pei Qingfeng. The only advantage he had over them was his achievements in the imperial court.

Pei Rumo let out a deep sigh. He was sure that out of the three of them, he was the person who had the least chance of success. Even though Bai Luochu was betrothed to Pei Wuchen, no one knew if he would develop feelings for her one day.

Pei Rumo arrived before the lake and looked at his reflection in it. If not for the scar on his face, his appearance wouldn’t lose out to his brothers in the slightest. He started to mumble softly, “Are looks so important?” Previously, Pei Rumo felt proud of the battlescar on his face. Now, he was starting to doubt himself. He wondered if he should apply some scar removing elixir on his face.

Pei Rumo shook his head and lightly laughed, “I must be going crazy… Why am I thinking about using those goods only imperial concubines would use? Forget it. If she doesn’t choose me in the end, there is nothing I can do. I shouldn’t change myself and hide my true personality.”

If she wasn’t able to accept this part of him, their relationship was bound to fail in the long run.


Bai Luochu continued to cultivate when Pei Rumo had left. She was consolidating her cultivation base to ensure the stability of her foundation. She improved too rapidly in the past few months and even though she wasn’t considered a genius in this life, it was undeniable that she only started cultivating recently. Her cultivation reached such a level after a few months of training and many people were definitely waiting to see her embarrass herself. The only thing she could do was to become strong enough to slap those people in the face.

Pei Qingfeng was starting to get bored and he reached over to start making a list of things he should do.

Bai Luochu stopped cultivating after the sun dipped past the horizon. By this time, Pei Qingfeng had filled up two entire pages of notes. Only after double checking and making sure that he hadn’t missed out anything did he place down his brush. He waited for Bai Luochu to call for him.

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